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  1. 1 minute ago, Brad said:

    At first I wanted to ignore them because, well, they've been wrong so much.  But they seemed so confident.  Add that to JK’s complete omission of JL, it seems they must have known a helluva lot more than Bulls fans.  Reading Grothe’s tweets it seems he was to leave with the feeling of Leavitt or Larry.  We’ll see.  

    Grothe had a meeting with MK Friday... remember that!

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  2. 1 minute ago, Jonesy Bull said:

    So ill ask again.  How do you know this as Fact.  Simple question.  Or do u think that it is only CJL because that is where all the speculation is.

    Im not trying to give you a hard time.  I just would be dissapointed with MK if he is putting all his eggs in one basket.  He doesnt strike me as the type that would not be looking at all options before making a decision.

    Maybe CJL just blew him out of the water and thats it.  Suppose that is possible.

    I have credible sources.

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