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  1. 7 hours ago, CousinRicky said:

    Just some stats I saw for people 20 - 45 said that they represent 30% of cases, 20% hospitalized and 12% of ICU cases.  

    I have some doubt about all this isolation myself.  If other viruses calm down when warmer weather arrives, I would think part of that is because people start to go outdoors more.  All this staying indoors will prevent that part, if that is indeed part of the lowering of cases, from happening.

    Critical cases are now down to 5% actually. 3 weeks ago it was around 18%.

  2. 2 minutes ago, brybull1970 said:

    This really is the expectation we should have:

    • Year 1: Results less important - just do two things: coach up the players better than the prior regime and don't do anything dumb
    • Year 2: Show significant improvement from the first year, particular from this coach's recruits; should expect a record at or above .500
    • Year 3: Competing for a conference championship
    • Year 4+: Don't go backwards


    THIS! But we might do it faster.

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