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  1. 2 hours ago, BullyPulpit said:

    I have 5 tickets that i bought from BDYZR that I ended up not needing. Selling them on here at cost, $17.50 each, Section 240 Row AA, Seats 3-7. You can buy 1, 2, 3, or 5. I don't want to get stuck with a single ticket if I can avoid it. They are also listed on StubHub as the cheapest listing there, but I would rather them go to a Bulls fan on here, so please respond quickly if you are interested. Bring a friend, bring a co-worker, bring someone! 

    Posted on my Facebook! hopefully someone takes em'

  2. 27 minutes ago, usfbullrider said:

    The outside zone run has been our Achilles last few seasons something WI has turned into an artform.  This could be a barnburner based on that.  I don't see us improving that much to stop WI.  Sorry to be a Debbie downer.  Barn Burner but we have so much on offense to keep up I think we win 50 something to 45 crazy as that sounds.

    We used to do that week in and week out. 

  3. 29 minutes ago, IBulleve said:

    Wisconsin offense vs USF defense 

    Jonathan Taylor ran for 831 yards in Wisconsin’s last 4 games (207 ypg) and Wisc went 2-2, including an OT win against Purdue. He had 6 & 9.7 YPC respectively against Michigan and Penn State 

    The key to beating Wisc isn’t stopping JT. Anyone who thinks we are going to “stop” JT is crazy. There isn’t a team in the country that can go into a game against Wisc and confidently say they are going to shutdown this guy. 

    The key is to make sure that when they do pass, we don’t allow chunk plays and easy conversions on 3rd down. JT is going to get his, but we absolutely can NOT allow their pass game to get into any sort of rhythm. When you get Wisc in 3rd and 5 or longer, you absolutely have to make a stop. I think we will get after Coan and force him into a mistake or three. 

    USF offense vs Wisconsin defense 

    On the other side of the ball, we have to limit the pre snap penalties. I think we all expect some highs and lows with a Week 1 game in a new system. The key here will be limiting the false starts, illegal motions, etc that put you behind the chains. Pre snap penalties lead to short drives, which in turn leads to a tired defense. That’s a recipe for disaster against these guys. 

    I expect KB to focus on the short pass game (motion to option routes, screens, etc) early in the game to establish a rhythm. We have enough talent to force missed tackles and find chunk plays without putting too much pressure on the OL. I truly think BB and co. will have a field day here. 

    Special Teams

    This is where the game will be decided IMO. Wisconsin will have a new kicker, while USF seems sold on using a 2 kicker system (insert a wait, wut? emoji). I don’t expect Horne to be the KR, but there’s still plenty of talent here for this to be a game changer for us. 

    My official prediction is 37-34 Bulls with Wisconsin missing a game tying FG at the buzzer. 


    Bulls win, go crazy folks 

    Rush the field like it's 07'?!?!

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  4. 29 minutes ago, Friscobull said:

    I think most of us just want to win big games again and regain some excitement about the future of the team.  Not really concerned about the crowd or lack thereof, they really don’t deserve a decent crowd with the way they quit on the season last year.  I am excited about the off season moves and only care what happens on the field, if they beat UW in front of 30k or less i would be absolutely thrilled and winning big games will solve the the attendance thing going forward or at least help it tremendously.

    I think it will take a year or 2 but if we win next Friday it will help attendance and bring back that that we were known for!

  5. On 8/19/2019 at 3:44 PM, Jim Johnson said:

    What gives you this confidence... this defense that allowed 250 yards per game on the ground last season against a possible Heisman running back who averaged more than 200 on the ground himself ???

    i am picturing a warm knife going through butter...

    To me, I think our offense can keep up... I have no real confidence (yet) in our defense.

    Because I've attended the practices with a another organization and I'm currently seeing what this team is about. Sure we won't actually know what this team is till the game but they got something good going on here.  

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