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  1. 22 minutes ago, BDYZR said:

    Jim Leavitt, FSU assistant
    Let’s address this right up front: The guy who built the Bulls program from scratch got a $2.75 million settlement from USF a year after his 2010 firing. When it was announced, the Tampa Bay Times reported the settlement stipulates that Leavitt cannot apply for any job at USF “in any capacity,” and that if he does, USF “is free to reject and disregard it.”

    To me this says that he COULD get back. Why would they say "cannot apply" AND THEN "is free to reject it"?

    Doesn't mean the University can't offer him a job...

  2. On 11/8/2019 at 8:54 AM, Grateful Dad said:

    Yes, that's an instability but there is instability all over the program.  Some of it is inherent in being a G5 team.  If you get someone good, they bolt for greener pastures (well, we had one who wanted to stay...) - AD, HCs, Coordinators, etc.  And with the portal, maybe players.  Add in the different timelines on starting new coordinators with new systems.  Factor in player turnover and injuries.  Add and new University President and their agenda.

    Right now, we will be not be considered as a prime opportunity for any coaches other than those who are looking to step up and revamp a whole program.  Someone who can build it from the ground up.  Someone who is crazy emotional so that the players are up.  Someone humble enough to have done the team laundry and work out of trailers!  But, those coaches don't exist.

    That sound's like someone we fired...

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