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In our efforts to raise funds for USF Football, the site is giving away a football season full of ad-free surfing at The Bulls Pen.

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The Bulls Pen Ad-free Raffle in support of USF Football

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  1. Ford will be back... That's all I can say as of now.
  2. Charlie strong needs to be suspended Indefinitely.
  3. After the terrible lost that USF suffered Saturday stocks have skyrocketed for paper bag companies. I've collected about 5 paper bags and plan to give some out tailgating at the BYU game.
  4. Just turn off your WiFi and data when the page loads then you'll be able to read it. I do it all the time.
  5. That's fine but focus on the skyline because that's what they usually focus on when pushing out wallpapers.
  6. Tampa Skyline in the background and the U logo.
  7. UCF is about to held scoreless for the 1st qtr and they only have 37 total yards.
  8. As a media member I love Ray Jay. Wonderfully laid out stadium.
  9. Should be a good bell weather for our defense and what we should expect from conference game play this year.
  10. We set a new school record for turnovers which was previously 6 I believe. The record is now 8.
  11. Well, welcome to the pen'! I hope you enjoy far out expectations of USF and some of our most depressing outlooks too! This forum that some call home is extremely bipolar.
  12. That dude is always trying to start crap and he doesn't even realize it. He'll do anything for a story.
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