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  1. I get so excited when I see cars with Bulls stuff on them up here in Jax. I throw the horns as I pass but usually don't get anything back.
  2. Yes, Yes it is. You can debate why it got there (Wisonsin pushing the return game back) but what we are slated to play is an awful schedule.
  3. Yeah, this is one of the new big things in recruiting. Most big programs have a graphics artist doing these for recruits.
  4. This doesn't surprise me. We lack a healthy contingent of Bulls in the state legislature. Until we get that UF and FSU will continue to try to undermine us through political means.
  5. USF themed handle pads for Trip's walker!
  6. This. Regardless of how he got there the kind of addiction he spiraled into sends the vast majority of people to one of two places, the cemetery or the penitentiary. Just the fact that he pulled out of that and was able to go back to school and finish school is a huge victory. If reading about Voss' story saves just one life, helps just one person turn their life around he will leave behind a greater legacy than most people.....
  7. The fact that she went out of her way to let people know she went to USF before they had a football team tells me all I need to know. The resistance to getting a football team wasn't just internal there were plenty of Alumni who were anti-football before the program started.
  8. Showing that they made a "real effort" to save the league could be nice to have in their back pocket if any of the schools that inevitably get left behind try to get litigious. Baylor was threatening legal action the last time the league almost fell apart so I could see them (OU & UT) wanting to have something on record that the league as a whole the the problem and not just them looking out for themselves.
  9. Not surprised if this is actually true. *puts on tinfoil hat* IMO the whole expansion debacle that just happened was basically a dog & pony show that OU and UT can point to when they leave to say "we tried to make it work but the league couldn't agree on anything so there was nothing we could do." Nether of those two were ever going to play in a conference with "riff raff" like Houston, USF, UCF, Memphis, Cincinnati etc. This who ordeal was just a way for them to have something to point to so they don't look like the bad guys when they inevitably leave for other P5 leagues and inevitably some of the current Big 12 schools get left out in the cold and are no longer P5.
  10. We were out of position and missed tackles and either missed them or went for a "hit" and bounced off of people when we were in position. Pretty much everything with the defense was broken.
  11. You can never have too many pass rushers. Welcome aboard.
  12. Respect Women is one of Strong's core values for his program. We saw what happened when Childs violated a couple of those core values a few weeks back (No drugs, no guns/weapons)....
  13. Andre Hall
  14. I love Dre and he is in my top 3 favorite bulls of all time but Mack is the better NFL prospect by quite a bit. Dre did it all but no part of his skill set was elite/special. He wasn't a freight train power runner, he wasn't a true home run threat that could run away from the defense, He had good but not great change of direction, he was a good but not great receiver out of the backfield etc. Mack on the other hand is special in a few ways. His vision, feet, and change of direction are all special. There's a reason why he had so many long runs in his career. Dre on the other hand was a jack of all trades but master of none. What made Dre great was he could do everything and was very durable. Dre had a higher floor than Mack but Mack has a much higher ceiling. Mack could be a legit starting RB if he can truly develop his game to be a complete player (Pass Blocking, Bounching outside less, Ball security, running with a touch more physicality). Dre's ceiling was always going to be a 2nd or 3rd back on a NFL roster IMO. Mack on the other hand could be a Jamaal Charles type of player if everything goes right and he hits his ceiling.
  15. He's going to really need to work on his route running as well. He ran a pretty limited route tree at USF.