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  1. Don't talk about bae like that!
  2. Google crossfit and rhabdomyolysis.
  3. It's basically from people over exerting themselves to an extreme degree due to not being ready for the intensity of a work out. This can voluntarily happen to people and it does all the time actually. It used to be super rare but in the recent years there has been a rash of it due to the fast rise of crossfit. It's not a one size fits all thing since in order to get it you have to ignore your body to get it and not everybody has the same pain threshold to extreme over exertion. What looks like just a normal case of a tough workout causing somebody to struggle to a coach/trainer can easily escalate to this kind of case due to it being up to the athlete to also know it's limits. Then you add in the competitive/"push yourself bro" environment and it's easy to see where this can happen even under reasonable circumstances.
  4. I would think it would have more to do with Olympic style lifts like snatch. The emergence of the crossfit has way more people doing Olympic style lifts and often time doing them incorrectly. Cleans and snatch can be very dangerous if not done with proper technique even with light weights.....
  5. Willie is handling this in the manner he is because the story ran initially as if the players were forced to train beyond their means when this was confirmed not to be the case by OU players and coaches when they we're actualyl asked. CWT is holding the grudge because the initial article framed the incident in a way that questioned his relationship and concern for his players. It's not something minor to run a story that basically questions a coaches concern for his player's welfare. Alleged abuse of players is a HUGE deal. The reaction and information about the incident and the work outs themselves from current and former players puts the initial coverage of the incident at odds with what appears to have really happened. If coach T was really doing what was alleged at OU and USF you can **** sure bet that some malcontent with an axe to grind would've taken full advantage of the situation to get revenge (Hello slap gate/CJL). Looking at it from the outside it appears to me a beat reporter thought he has some major scandal to break a major story and put it out there without verifying much of the info. Articles about the incident that came out in the days after it initially broke actually used players and those in attendance as sources rather than the through the grapevine info that was used in the initial article. This is a case of a reporter wanting to be first rather than be correct and the party that was damaged by the reporting is naturally miffed.
  6. Let's move past the alternative facts and get to the real issue here Austin, TX Vs Tampa, FL
  7. Only if you like the option of inferior wings.
  8. Fake news Sauced Publix Wings Vs Non-Sauced Publix Wings
  9. http://www.tampabay.com/blogs/bulls/qa-usf-offensive-coordinator-sterlin-gilbert/2313437 Lot's of good stuff in here.
  10. Neither are near big enough to be a space eating NT at the college level straight out of HS. Speed is not the issue for finding a NT for this system it's finding a player that can consistently be an immovable object against double teams and that has nothing to do with speed. Neither of them project to be that kind of guy and it takes a certain kind of athlete to play that role and we currently lack that on the roster. Also, weren't we supposed to Mark your words about how Kean was supposed to step up and be the man at QB a few years ago?
  11. This. Strong made his bones early in his career with the 4-3 under. I'm hoping that's our base and maybe we mix in some 3-3-5 in obvious passing downs. We could possibly transition to a 3-3-5 but we lack that true NT on the roster and you need at least 3 of them for depth purposes. Once we get some of those type of kids in the program maybe we could look at transitioning to the 3-3-5 but right now I don't think it's that great of a fit.....
  12. This is what it boils down to. Both parties benefitted from the relationship. It's time to move on.
  13. "West Virginia DB coach Blue Adams joins the #USF staff replacing Corey Bell, that was quick. Former NFL assistant/player and former Buc" From the USF Rivals Twitter