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  1. YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!
  2. Football

    They still have to sit out a year.
  3. Football

    Looks like CCS and company didn't like what they saw on the DL this spring. We've been actively shopping for DL help pretty much since the spring game. We're definitely thin at DT after this season so I understand the philosophy.
  4. So if we go back and reverse his good decisions he would've done worse. That's a bold claim....
  5. Would buy. @Bradwe're going to need you to throw a few back tonight so you can have some drunken recall.
  6. Not to mention almost unlimited resources for his program thanks to uncle Phil. Not that it should need it but for reference Leavitt is making 1.15 million/yr as his DC that would've been almost half of Taggart's assistant pool at USF.
  7. I wonder if BJ ever considered the CFL?
  8. I'm glad #LetThatBoyCook Island, once a very lonley place, is now a booming metropolis.
  9. I think Flowers can be a Julian Edleman type player at the next level. We all know how dangerous he is in space so slot seems like a natural fit to me....
  10. I incorrectly thought the penalties came in a different order (Holdling [where QF got hurt], Flase start, illegal man) but after going back and checking you're right on the sequence on this set of downs. I was going off memory but should've checked. However we're going to have to agree to disagree that we were "shut down". As neither one of us is changing the other's mind here.
  11. Kean threw an ill advised pick from our 1 yard line (which we were backed up to thanks to 3 consecutive penalties by Marcus Norman) and we committed a stupid dead ball personal foul that put temple on the 1 yard line. Thomas plunged in from the 1 on the next play. Kean threw up an ill advised prayer that was a give away. We then commit a stupid penalty on the kick off that pins us inside the 5. Was temple opportunistic? Yes, but we did everything in our power to give them those two scores. I think a healthy Flowers does more with these two possessions given his history when games are on the line. We'll never know for sure but I don't think it's a stretch considering we were nearing 400yds of offense before Kean came in and the offense melted down.
  12. You mean the part where we had 370yds of offense and the score was 37-30 and we had the ball? Because that's where the game was before those two possessions. We then had two drives that resulted in negative yardage and giving Temple 9 points with Brett Kean....
  13. Yup, two possessions. Two possessions in which Temple turned us over.....Two possessions where the offense went for negative yards.