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  1. Ole Miss Replacement HC

    Bruce Feldman with a great article breaking down where Ole Miss could realistically look after the 2017 season https://www.si.com/college-football/2017/07/21/ole-miss-coach-candidates-hugh-freeze
  2. Ole Miss Replacement HC

    If Indiana has a good year maybe they reach out to Tom Allen....
  3. Ole Miss Replacement HC

    I think Ole Miss is far too toxic right now for Strong to give it serious consideration. He has a good thing at USF and if he can win these next two seasons he will have his pick of P5 jobs. Not to mention what he just went through at Texas where there were murmurs of under the radar racial stuff between Strong and some boosters. I'd imagine that would be worse at Ole Miss.... Les Miles is a name that makes some sense as I'm sure he'd really like to get back into the SEC and into a position to trip up LSU at any given opportunity. If a job like UF or Tennessee opens up then I'll be worried.
  4. Isaiah Bellamy DT QB '18

    We were looking at him at DE/TE and were slow playing him. I imagine he wasn't much of a priority for us after Yates, Laing, and Boyles verbals and with us recruiting some more natural TE's.
  5. USF Football Preseason Favorites

    We were the hunted in the East last season too.... Hopefully the guys are hungry to close the deal.
  6. USF & Tailgate Guys announce partnership

    This is to tailgating as going on a cruise is to traveling/vacationing. There's definitely a market for it but it's not for me.....
  7. This team is loaded and has a favorable schedule.
  8. These could be the salute to service helmets...
  9. Welcome BrewerDrew

    I was thinking maybe a gose? Sour and salty
  10. Welcome BrewerDrew

    Welcome BrewerDrew. Your name begs a question I will ask of my veteran Bullpenners....If the TBP was a beer what kind of beer would it be?
  11. Stony Brook

    I think this was the game where he was also on camera laughing while executing the TO debacle.....
  12. I don't think we saw McCants used to his full potential last season when he was outside. He would be a big time problem in the slot: He's too fast to try to cover him with a LB He's built like a RB and hard to tackle He has the speed to stretch the defense He's athletic enough to make people miss in space and strong enough to run through arm tackles by DB's He has the probably the best hands on the team I think you use the taller guys outside (MVS, Dukes, Salomon, Bronson) that can use their size speed combo's to really stretch the field and go up and get the football which opens a ton of real estate for McCants to get the ball and wreak havoc after the catch.
  13. Honestly, this is the first time in a long time I wouldn't be surprised if none of the freshmen receive meaningful snaps. I doubt Bell or Smart will make an impact as returners because we have so many athletes at RB, WR, and in the secondary that either of those two would have to be truly special to burn their red shirts just to return kicks or punts. Most spots besides DB, WR, and RB require kids to get some time in the strength and conditioning program before they're ready to get on the field and we're deep enough at those early impact spots where I think everybody red shirts.
  14. Stony Brook

    Good thing I never said that....You asked how many times he was arrested and you got your answer. Now you appear to be either mixing up your beefs or trying to move the goalpost. Either way, carry on......
  15. Stony Brook

    Read the article. K. THX. Byyyeeeeeee