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  1. Beat me to the we have now lost all of our post minutes to transfer (Santos and Guerrero).
  2. Thanks for getting a response....i was wondering what happened to him
  3. Why isn't Manderson dressed?
  4. Does anybody know why Isaiah isn't playing? He put in good minutes first half against South Carolina and has not touched the court since.
  5. 55m55 minutes ag Jeff Odom ‏@jeffodom I'm told there was no type of disciplinary action or anything looming for #USF's Jahmal McMurray. He simply wanted out and was granted it.
  6. Rumor with donors in the sun dome with more money than me is that McMurray was tipped off that Antigua is out.
  7. That is all the buzz with the 20 of us at the Sun Dome
  8. Welcome to the board! Even as one of many teams in the state there is alot more blue chip talent to recruit in the state of Florida. Then you can jump on your boat and do some fishing after recruiting. Also helps that C. Strong has family and a house in Lakeland FL
  9. Just saw that when I searched
  10. Lane Kiffin could be motivated to come work with his bro-in-law David Reaves......
  11. Their last game was a shootout with zero defense. I think we pull this one out by winning the paint/boards. Sad that I can't just come to the game against Elon, drink a bunch of beer, and be confident that we will cruise to an easy victory.
  12. Malik Fitts is in the boot...why is Geno not playing? Tulio's motor is great and Bibby looks good handling the ball.
  13. Thank you Brad. Glad to be part of the forum!
  14. MBB will at least be more athletic than last year....See you guys at the game!