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  1. As someone who carries numerous scars from sports figures leaving my teams in hostile circumstances(Shaquille O'neal, Dwight Howard, Carl Crawford, Marty St Louis, CWT etc etc) I've always said that even though I appreciate all of the contributions each of them made, before I would accept any of these folks back into the circle of kum-ba-ya, they would have to make somewhat of an amends for their past transgressions. To this day, Shaq, and potentially CWT are the only two that have made a decent effort to rekindle old flames. I loved all of the things CWT's most passionate loyalists loved about him, and I also relate to those who have been disenchanted with some of his actions while leaving USF and the turncoat-juice-soaked carpet ride he has been on since leaving, but if he's seriously willing to make some concessions, I'm open to listening. If he really wants to seal the deal, he should bring Odell Haggins with him so we know we can have a fill-in coach in case Willie expertly maneuvers the bus around the concessions he made and leaves for another "dream job." Seriously though, he would have to make some serious admissions and concessions, but he has my attention at this point. With that being said, it's not lost on me that we still need to figure-out if he has squandered some of the juice he had in the recruiting world. I don't see how his behavior the last few years can help top-level recruits confidently purchase a bus ticket when the driver may leave them next to an empty retention pond halfway to the scheduled destination. Once again, I'm listening, but he has more work to do.
  2. Apology fully accepted! Now, if we can get an apology from his English professor, we can really make some progress.
  3. I agree. The reason it hurts so badly right now is because it's an old wound opening up again. Skip To My Lose is the one who caused the wound, but Charlie Chokleman has been picking at that wound so hard that it has opened up again, and he's not going to stop picking at it until someone puts oven mitts on his hands and sends him away
  4. Studstill celebrated when he allowed the QB to get the first down a few plays back. I'll bet he danced a jig when UCONN scored right there
  5. There is so much painful hilarity in this statement, especially since my life experience confirms everything you said
  6. If you can watch an entire game coached by CCS, you should be able to swim with sharks no problem
  7. Bring your own breakfast next time SMU! There will be no sunny side-up goose eggs served in this house.
  8. We're shutting them down so far in the third quarter! If we could combine that with also not being shutout ourselves, the mathematics of this situation would look much better
  9. CWT was not a ladder climber and then literally in the next sentence "Everyone understands that the AAC is a stepping stone conference." stepping stones and ladders are literally synonymous
  10. Put me down for CJL too. We've seen him go all-in on trying to build something special long-term, but CWT is just a ladder-climber. He'd probably get the team back to being halfway decent, and leave for a bad team in a good conference. CWT is about to embark on a career rebuilding tour just like CCS is attempting and failing at, so let's not sign-up for another does of what we're already getting
  11. Those pants most definitely need to go. They look like some old pants they threw on just to wear until their actual pants are finished being washed
  12. So since losing one game is going to destroy the kid's confidence no matter whether he plays or not, what do you suggest we do? Forfeit the rest of the game so he doesn't get his feelings hurt, or should we try to work out an immediate transfer to SMU so he can celebrate being on the winning team?
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