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  1. He supposedly went and spoke to the team at halftime, and they came-out looking much better in the second half, so hopefully, everyone who held animosity toward him for not repping us on Thursday Night Football will forgive him going forward.
  2. I mirror almost everyone else's sentiments. I never expected a victory today, I just wanted to see improvement over last week, and wanted to see the team play hard no matter what the score was. I felt like the Bulls fulfilled my wishes. It is blatantly obvious that Timmy needs to start. If CJS decides otherwise, he deserves all of the heat that comes his way. Even though the defense looked abysmal in the first half, those guys kept playing until the very last play. The Bulls showed me enough this game to where I'm not just looking for improvement, I'm actually excited to start conference play in a few weeks. Being that we weren't totally embarrassed against UF, if we continue to develop over the next two weeks, we can actually become somewhat of a troublemaker in our conference. We're not going to be world beaters or anything, but we just might make a little bit of noise within the AAC by the end of the year. When considering our trajectory of recent years and where our program is as a whole, all of this is welcome news. Even in defeat, it's a good day to be a Bull.
  3. It would've been nice if they'd have taken at-least a three second break from talking about the Gator QBs to pay a bit of attention to USF's QB situation becoming crystal clear
  4. I like Marsh being in right here. Timmy proved everything he needed to prove, and at this point, it's all about solidifying whether Fortin is even the second stringer
  5. They've only created reasons to bring-up Tim Tebow twice during this game. I'm considering that a win
  6. Hell yes defense! They're not the most talented defense, but they're flat-out not giving-up.
  7. Yep. I saw that too. Was holding him on both the front and the back of the jersey
  8. Keeping getting after them Bulls! Let's see a few stops on defense and ride the momentum into next week. I'll be so proud of our guys if they look respectable for the rest of this game.
  9. They're overpraising Jones for being patient there. It's not hard to be patient when you just lolly-gag around the backfield and no one on the defense pressures you for seven seconds
  10. Halftime sh**posting(because at this point....why not?) I can't imagine the smell in that stadium right now because not only is our defense stinking it up, but there's probably at-least a few hundred iguana fans who just camped out in the stadium and didn't shower after cheering for the Cowboys in RayJay on Thursday My goal today was for us to do better against the Iguanas than FAU did.(It was 35-14) It looks like I'm going to have to give that lofty dream up. I guess the theme of the season is "there's levels to this isht." We get slaughtered by P5 teams the first two weeks. The Iguanas feast on cupcakes the first two weeks then get slaughtered by Alabama the following week, and hopefully, we slaughter FAMU next week. My highlight of the first half was I got sick of seeing shots of Fortin staring toward the sidelines with his mouth open. Then, they flashed to the sidelines and CJS had the same look on his face. It's weird to say that we're getting housed 35-3, but still somehow look kind-of sort-of better from the offensive side of the ball. Oh, well...at-least the Florida fans had to sit through our cringe-inducing pregame show.
  11. You're kind of brushing on what I'm worried about. Making bold statements without any substance at this time makes this OCS announcement look like a damage control statement. I'm happy to at-least hear that there is potential dialogue in that area, but I can't help but wonder if this will just be a carrot they dangle in-front of our noses to string us along for an indefinite amount of time. Yes, I'm kind of jaded by how the Rays issue has dragged-on, but experience is the best teacher and I'm going to need to hear some concrete details before I get too emotionally invested in OCS dialogue, especially considering that a politician got the ball rolling.
  12. Sure, I'll take a victory lap around your corpse. Here are the facts You got so worked-up over big meanies on this board that you started an over-emotional thread to air your grievances. When dissenting viewpoints were given, you got more offended and claimed authority based-on being a self-appointed guru of New Age Philosophy. You strained your back by moving the goal posts repeatedly(and you didn't even use proper form by lifting with your legs) You argued passionately against everyone who offered dissent, and then, made a fool of yourself by hypocritically accusing people of being "butthurt" and "in their feelings." This was obviously projection on your part, which is even obvious to your spiritual adviser....Drake. You felt it was perfectly fine for you to be so triggered by the Big Meanies here, but everyone else is the issue when they disagree. Textbook hypocrisy If I were you(And thank His Holiness, Eckhart Tolle that I'm not) I wouldn't take debate tactics you learn from Twitter to heart. Just saying "butthurt" and "you're in your feelings" every time you start losing an argument doesn't really accomplish anything. Thanks for providing everyone with unintentional comedy though. In that way, you're a genius in providing happiness by unintentionally making yourself the object of ridicule.
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