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  1. Gentleman I have to apologize. Apparently I got turned around we went into the east club entrance. Ill own up to my mistake. My bad lol Go Bulls
  2. I sit in 218. I'm pretty sure I know my directions.
  3. Then they moved everything from the North end zone to the south end zone. That picture was taken from the north west end zone
  4. I took the picture myself in the south end zone
  5. Definitely in the south end zone. Bull are we maybe you need to visit Ray Jay before opening your mouth.
  6. I didn't see this posted anywhere. I did the golf thing at Ray Jay a few weeks ago and notice the pirate ship moved from the north end zone to the south. I know they probably did this for the national championship game to add seat to the north zone, but it looks like it's staying in the south end zone. Does anyone have any insight on this?
  7. Question. Why on ESPN for our score they have S. Florida vs UCF...why not USF vs UCF? Do we not go by USF anymore?
  8. I got this from our family christmas gift exchange. Go Bulls!
  9. We are standing in front of gate 1 and we ran into 6 USF fans....there were only 4 of us greeting the team as they got off the bus... Yes it's freezing up here windy rainy and no sun. Go Bulls!!!
  10. I was planning on getting to the stadium around 3 30 myself...The only way I would be able to get to your tailgate would to park first. Is there any way I can meet you somewhere to get it before hand??? I'm free most of the morning and early afternoon if your available... Go Bulls!!!
  11. Yes I am looking for a parking pass....How much? Go Bulls!!!
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