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  1. BullAdrian

    Blake Barnett

    I think our pass blocking is just average. The problem is that we don't play a short quick pass such as slant, out or in routes. We keep throwing a deep ball to WR by the sideline or at Wilcox at middle.
  2. BullAdrian

    Week 7 AAC Games and CFB in General

    False start costs 10 seconds is dumb idea.. I thought its for injury on offense players only.
  3. It seems that our offense gets worse.. Does Elijah Mack make a big difference for our backup RB?
  4. BullAdrian

    Anybody remember Jon Lejiste?

    Yes on shoulder which hit his jaw under the mask like Tyson's big punch.
  5. Is Cronk really slow or UMass just lost their fastest DB Rodgers due to targeting?
  6. Be careful with our blitz with their screen play
  7. ECU WR Proehl, his father who caught a winning TD against Shaun King's Bucs in the NFC championship game.
  8. I think Wilcox is out due to the his leg injury after we had an illegal receiver on the screen play.
  9. 3 and out.. not enough gas for our defense
  10. Our coaches don't watch the film of opponents before the game at all.. They only study their plays during 1st half to make the adjustments for 2nd half. Lol