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  1. BullAdrian

    Craig Watts

    He was 4* DB Leavitt tried to recruit 2 years ago.. I have been wondering why he didn't play enough this season.. What happened?
  2. Why not Wichita St just give up ball to USF in all of their possession? Because they can win that game by USF's turnovers anyway.
  3. BullAdrian

    Signing Day

    Didn't he just sign recently? Due to his school had a power outage?
  4. BullAdrian

    $1 million dollar gift to football center

    I guessed it was Skip Holtz.
  5. BullAdrian

    RUMOR: USF 2.0

    If Taggart has left for FSU, I wonder how Judson, Bruch and other I cant remember name would feel after they've flipped to Oregon from USF?
  6. BullAdrian

    What can we expect from Oladokun next year?

    I feel good about his passing accuracy and mobility but we will see how good he can make the decisions during the play. His dad isn't going to be like LaVar. LOL
  7. BullAdrian

    D Adjustments

    They were pulled out after UCF's third TDs in 1st quarter.
  8. BullAdrian

    OCS vs IPF

    IPF.. Not forget what we had in RJS when we were in Big East. UCF had the attendance issues until last Friday. Recruiting is the key to keep our team winning and get an invitation to the power conference. They obviously rather to be inside for practice than hot outside.
  9. BullAdrian

    Did Not See This

    Sad.. Why did JK post it as he knew it was a rolling dice gesture.. I'd be shocked if he didn't know..
  10. BullAdrian

    Charlie Strong needs to go!

    I think we made right call to be aggressive blitz in late of game to make some yards loss or quick TD for UCF so we will have some time on our offense.. The referees missed the illegal block on Fullwood (I think) where Anderson's TD caught from the screen play. But our special team lost our game!!! We will lose lot of seniors and I'm concerned with the potential lack of speed next year.. We will be probably end up 6-6.. I hope I'm wrong!
  11. BullAdrian


    I think we had McAfee and Abraham/Reeves moved to LBs and Fullwood on S after 1st quarter.
  12. BullAdrian

    AAC Games 11/18

    I hope our speed DL can mess up their offense sync and their QB has to make decision faster to keep ball or hand off.
  13. BullAdrian

    AAC Games 11/18

    UCF player just mocked the bullfighting with the towel on their sidelines after the score.
  14. Do you guys remember how was next game after we struggled against FAU in 2007?
  15. I was at the game and very disappointed with our attendances.. They should show up and show our appreciation. I wonder if it affected to our seniors' performance? But I believe they have prepared to contain QF very well.