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  1. Why did we not throw deep on 3rd down and long? Take a penalty advantage.. Short pass is annoying me!
  2. I think his hand still hurt from few weeks ago?
  3. Mcloud needs to throw little harder instead of too high arc which allowing defense to catch up. Should save a fake FG for other game. Lol
  4. I think we will win.. Since we are not winless season and I sometime feel like I want us to lose to UConn because I want CCS to be fired. I don't care about the buyout.. So we may find the best HC sooner before others can reach him after the season.
  5. If he's religious guy, he should be unselfish and to resign by himself instead of we fire him and the buyout. We need to start to search the candidates before the positions may be available at UCF. I wonder why CJL was unemployed recently. Is he still expecting that we will have HC available after this season? Lol
  6. What if Taggart and Leavitt are available after this season? Lol
  7. If KB doesn't want to change the offense to fast tempo then we need to hire someone else and hire CJL as HC.
  8. Can we fake an injury or lose the helmet on purpose on every play?
  9. I don't know what is his status. We can walk with a torn ACL.. So, It won't be a big loss for us.. I wanted to see more of KJ10.
  10. McCloud 2 total drives this season so far - missed FG (Wisc) - TD pass
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