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  1. BullAdrian

    UCF being UCF

    UCF with PED in 2nd half
  2. BullAdrian

    UCF being UCF

    Also the chop block penalty against UCF
  3. BullAdrian

    4th and short.

    Our HB dive play does not work very well without E. Mack. We need to recruit some power RBs.
  4. BullAdrian

    Ucf Refs

    UCF AD Danny White is smart as he offers them the Disney season passes.
  5. I think our defense can match with UCF offense better than any team in our AAC conference but I don't think our offense can keep up.. We slowed them down last year after 1st Quarter. If we take some balls away, we have a chance.
  6. Why are we keeping to tackle their shoulder instead of legs? Our coaches suck
  7. Can I take my helmet off on purpose during the play so we can have the substitutes?
  8. OMG. We don't know how to draw a defense pass interfrece
  9. I think NCAA will take a look and fix the rules after this season. They actually have many timeouts as they want to. Just do the fake injury to slow down the offense tempo and have their defense substitutes. UCF keep taking advantage with the rules. It sucks that CCS doesn't want to speed up our offense.
  10. we are supposed to wait for 4th quarter? lol
  11. What purpose to move the chain within 2 seconds? lol
  12. We let them score on purpose like every game. lol