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  1. I plan to screen recording it to see if it works that way. 😆
  2. TM9 > UCF Gabriel - Hands down.. Why UCF is better team is because they do not give the defense time to adjust or assign. I keep myself wondering if Scott and Weiss have common sense about our offense.
  3. We still have a chance.. Remember Maryland vs Miami in 1984. 😄
  4. #1 OSU lost next weekend if I remember correctly.
  5. I wonder if our commits have already seen that new lockers before our currently players?
  6. stupid timeout... it's oblivious he was down at 1 and we are giving UCF defense a little rest
  7. After UCF's quick short TD from mid field, Is wearing UCF defense our strategy?
  8. UCF's key play of this TD drive was USF's 3-man rush. Let's see if they have learned the lesson yet.
  9. We did not try to make a 1st down.. We are trying to lose a game. lol
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