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  1. Work at 330am so hoping I wake up to a miracle and a Game 3 start time. So let’s go 2:45am with a positive tweet/outcome!
  2. Can only feel good for 5 minutes (both last night and now tonight) to see the momentum disappear. Plenty of time left; but momentum in full UT
  3. Eh got too greedy there. Should of played along to get Eaton to second and him staying at third. Oh well. I’ll take 2!
  4. As a worker who works in television, this whole camera angle going behind home plate is annoying the **** out of me. Can we just get a normal shot this whole time....
  5. 8 innings late Cantu. At least we have momentum for tomorrow
  6. Positive is we have 1 2 3 coming up T8. But come on, swinging all 3 pitches..?
  7. Didn’t Pena do this during AAC Tourney too? Showboat and drop it in the midfield? I know someone did for sure
  8. 90 pitches in, maybe one more inning in him if we can extend the ABs in the 7th then maybe the 8th and 9th pick on the closers
  9. All 7 balls in that AB for Eaton. Swung at 4 of them. Not watching the ball at all today. All batters not just him…
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