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  1. Question will be, will UT keep USF or UTEP for their Nonconference home game if this happens
  2. Bored here at work and looked at the Cancelled games on September 12th. Here are teams looking for opponents still: UConn, UNLV, UNM, Fresno St., Colorado St, Iowa St., WKU, Hawaii, Northern Illinois, BYU, Ball St., Central Michigan, Virginia Tech, Syracuse
  3. Friends who live on Clemson campus are hearing the same thing so it's spreading. I will text my news bud again tonight to see if they got anything in the news room before the 11pm news.
  4. Just talked to a friend who works at a news station up here, there starting to hear stuff on the Clemson campus. Sounds like it could be a soonish thing.
  5. Yeah after the last hour of everything, I have a feeling he's out of the running.
  6. Should we start tracking planes coming from Tampa --> Greenville / Greenville --> Tampa?
  7. I came on here just to say this when I went on tonight to look at next season's schedule
  8. Originally from Largo and moved to Savannah, GA in '14 so I started to follow Georgia Southern. Mom is from Nebraska so we have been UNL fans forever. Currently living in Greenville, SC so I should be going for Clemson, but I refuse to haha. I did a few semesters at Liberty too so I've been following them since '10. So this whole Cure Bowl I am very torn about
  9. Anyone know where those seats are located? Planning to take a day trip from Greenville, SC for the game but just going through the regular TicketMaster site [seeing some resales from $31 up behind the visitor side]. Want to be a part of the USF group and not by GT fans haha.
  10. It's either the CBI or CIT that used Facebook Live for their games last year. I forgot what one it was.
  11. Cougs giving us the chance with the fouls. We just do not know what making a free throw is
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