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  1. I came in thinking it was Cade. But all 4 have a chance. Like the broadcast said, a very good problem CJS has this offseason.
  2. They haven't made a decision but people are saying it's going to be Cade. He's proving that he's going to get it lol
  3. Agree. I understand they said he's going to have rust because of not playing last year but man, he has a bunch of it.
  4. How tall is Brown (#7 on white).. dude is towering haha
  5. Shaky start for Williams. He could run tho. I understand that bad throw because they won't let you run. Would have been a big gain. So far green taking care
  6. 2021 USF Spring Game Catch an early look at the Bulls in this year's USF Spring Game! Kick off is set for 12:00pm.
  7. Statement says "involved staff member" has been put on administrative leave .. aka Tom
  8. FGCU must feel mighty confident with what’s happening in baseball against us. Haven’t paid attention with our records with other sports but I think they’ve beaten us in some other stuff already this year..
  9. Are we shocked we most likely will be in the UConn region again? Either way, I've seen FGCU play three times already this year. They're scary. Hopefully we don't get tabbed with them. We will see..
  10. Sucks to see Cincy get by SMU too. Would have been a good matchup against them tomorrow. Oh well
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