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  1. RT @World_Wide_Wob: Towns looking for Harden’s airball lol #PettyWarz https://t.co/szyqecDEeA

  2. RT @davidsirota: Let’s all take a moment to remember we live in a country where a president’s feud with a porn star gets way more media att…

  3. RT @iam__kellyjoe: RT for j Cole Like for drake. https://t.co/KKw7Hk6AjB

  4. RT @brianklaas: A man with no scientific expertise who has previously denied climate change science is now in charge of NASA. What a disgra…

  5. This guy.. https://t.co/Bh5A9ElGoX

  6. RT @TBTimes_Bulls: .@USFWBB has received a non-binding commitment from 5-7 Miami Country Day junior G Maria Alvarez, a 3-star prospect per…

  7. RT @verge: Broadband advisor picked by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai arrested on fraud charges https://t.co/lM2vtCd7q7 https://t.co/U5WQXj1QND

  8. RT @sportingnews: Bryce Harper just hit a homer... WITH A BROKEN BAT! https://t.co/JFnJjuf71I

  9. RT @jonathanalter: Comey in passing gave Democrats their 2018 midterm message: “Vote your values”. It covers Trump, health care, and everyt…

  10. @ZacharyTSteele @blphil16 @BillSimmons Who’s Trevor Booker?

  11. RT @StampedeSBN: I hope every single @USFBaseball batter pimps the **** out of each hit, walk, fly out, groundout, tomorrow. https://t.co/g…

  12. Wow https://t.co/33kmKHoCo6

  13. RT @TheViewFromLL2: From the OIG report, it does seem like the conclusion that McCabe lacked candor in various interviews is well supported…

  14. Just don’t use Facebook people! https://t.co/Qh0aTuU3Dg

  15. RT @ESPNChiCubs: Baez the first Cub since A. Soriano in 2008 to have consecutive multi HR games