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  1. USF officially announced the hires of Hiller and King today on twitter. Hiller will be O-Line Coach and Co-Offensive Coordinator. King will be QB Coach.. They're some hefty guys
  2. adphill2

    Shaun King Joining Staff

    He's actively involved with TeamTampa (pretty sure he was the coach or at least on the coaching staff) which is a major 7v7 team in the Tampa area. He's going to recruit great. The bigger question is whether his experience will translate as a coach for our football team. We'll see on that front but as far as recruiting he'll do fine. He already knows a lot of the kids coming up in the Tampa area already. Even without having the influence of being a a Pro QB we're basically grabbing a guy that is intricately involved in the Tampa area High School football world.. Good get if you ask me.
  3. adphill2

    Shaun King Joining Staff

    King I believe coaches Teamtampa so this would be a good add for recruiting alone.
  4. adphill2

    Coach Danny Hope to step down

    McMurphy says that Shaun King will join the staff in a role not yet determined..
  5. adphill2

    Coach Danny Hope to step down

    Former Bucs QB Shaun King is a candidate for the position per Joey Knight's twitter. Article he posted: http://www.tampabay.com/blogs/bulls/shaun-king-a-candidate-to-join-usf-hope-reportedly-exits/2265043
  6. optimistic me says 10-2 with losses to either FSU or Cincy (brutal away/home/away schedule) and 1 of Navy and Temple. Realistic me says 8-4 with losses to 2 of FSU, Cincy, and Syracuse, and losses to 1 of Navy and Temple and then throw in a loss somewhere with NIU, UCONN, ECU, and Memphis. With that said.... LETS MAKE HISTORY AND GO UNDEFEATED!!
  7. I think this makes since with our speed. I'd like to have the option to switch to 4-3 in clear running situations but 4-2-5 makes since with the recruits we have access to and the talent we've been able to get at DB.
  8. adphill2

    Grade of Recruitment Class

    B+ Great skill position guys that we should see a lot of time early, especially at LB and DB, (Polk, Watts, Mathews, Saloman) needed DL help at DT and needed at least 1 4 yr guy. lost on some OL help we could have used. smaller class but overall got quality guys with very few "diamonds" in the rough types.
  9. adphill2

    Happy NSD!!

    B+ because of size. It would of been nice to have gotten a DT in this round but hopefully 1 of the 3 DEs will fill that role some. Also holding this class back is not getting a 4 year DL prospect. Sucks we lost 2 OL right before signing day but the 3 + Bethel look like great additions. The skill positions look great with Sands, Saloman, Dukes, Polk, Stanley, Watts, Mathews, and all of the other high 3/4 star guys. The skill guys and the speed we're adding is going to be a lot of fun to watch. To be honest we may only see 4-7 of these guys play this year due to how much depth we already have which speaks to how much talent we actually have and how young they are. I think I saw where we only have 6 projected seniors starting this coming fall.. That's amazing after only having 3 this past year? This team will not only be talented but also experienced next year and the year after we should have one of if not our best team ever.
  10. adphill2

    Happy NSD!!

    ahh yeah thanks.. didn't look at the year.
  11. adphill2

    Happy NSD!!

    Jernard Phillips on Twitter looks like he committed to the Bulls any one know anything? is his announcement later or do we not have a spot for him?
  12. adphill2

    Happy NSD!!

    exactly, if you have secure email but I wouldn't think these kids or the schools their at do. And yes you can if it's your personal stuff but I don't know how much is on these LOIs.
  13. adphill2

    Happy NSD!!

    As someone that works with secure documents at the VA.. you can't email personal information (Socials, addresses, family info). Faxing is still secure so that may be the reason.
  14. I've always been interested to see how many guys come to FL for the tax purposes, no state tax. Its got to be a lot. Think about it, he's still getting Tennessee money and pennies from USF and it'll all be at just the federal rate instead of including the state tax too.. I know there are other states that do the same thing but man if I was a coach I'd find a way to coach in Fl whether that's FSU, UF, UM, UCF, USF, somewhere if it's the same amount of pay as another school is willing to spend.. my 2 cents