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    With other teams out there in the same situation, I really don't understand why we wouldn't try to get our twelfth game back.
  2. Coaches and Players After The Game

    I'm with you on this, and assumed the 2min drill factor was inherent. With 20+ seconds on their 40 with 2 timeouts left, it was hardly a hail mary scenario and the odds of our o scoring in that scenario would probably have been a bit higher than 15%, given last year's record.
  3. Towards the end of the press conference he acknowledged a couple of times who they were playing. I think it was well done, taking accountability first and then just throwing in a bit at the end to keep in mind who they were playing.
  4. Consensus Top 25
  5. Wait, I thought I heard news outlets don't talk up the hometown team? This can't be homerism, must be something else.
  6. Football schedule announcement at...

    8/26 and 9/2 are both Saturdays so no short week there
  7. First report card for new coaching staff...

    I think you're right. I was thinking about it a little more after my last post and came to the same conclusion.
  8. First report card for new coaching staff...

    It's a numbers game, some will pan out and some will not. The fact that there are no 4+ stars to pan out or not is the piece that's somewhat disappointing.
  9. First report card for new coaching staff...

    I think Taggart was able to do a better job when he first came in, even with the team coming off of losing seasons. He had two four stars in his first class.
  10. National Signing Day '17

    I can understand. His approach to recruiting is developing a real and honest relationship with the person. I could see where throwing a party to celebrate might in some way detract from that.
  11. True, no 5*s right out of high school, only the three that were transfers.
  12. Ford and JPP were rated 5* on some services.
  13. Think Darrell Scott was the last 5* we had on the roster. #1 at his position on some services coming out of high school.
  14. 2017 Breakout Stars?

    That's what has me curious about how this new staff is going to shift things around and get what they feel are the best players on the field for the defense they want to run. Who knows, we may see some guys pop where we didn't realize they had it in them.