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  1. Circling over UF and FSU recruits, sure. UCF, meh. Not like we lose a recruiting battle to those guys very often.
  2. Exactly. And be able to sign off on his DC choice.
  3. D Adjustments

    Need to go back and look, but I think Auggie and Nico were pulled a lot of the 2nd half.
  4. CCS and Coaching Openings

    Strong comes in at #28
  5. CCS and Coaching Openings More Kelly hearsay
  6. CFP Rankings Mike Leach rants against CFP committee
  7. CCS and Coaching Openings
  8. CFP Rankings

    Nah, win over a top 15 and then top 20 team would get us up there. Just need to take care of business. We control our destiny.
  9. CCS and Coaching Openings
  10. If this were 2015 many would have agreed Flowers would be the main factor if the O is looking anemic. The thing is, we now have the body of 2015 and 2016 to go by. A body that shows that Flowers can be a fringe Heisman candidate when playing to his strengths. I think most believe it's less likely that a Sr Flowers has regressed, or never was capable, and more likely the O is now less oriented to his strengths and/or being less efficiently run.
  11. You serious Clark? I know you're trying to keep a balance here, but the playcalling has been suspect all season and the shift in playcalling is what most would point to as the main difference tonight. Playing to strengths and putting players in position to succeed.
  12. I'm not sure Strong gets that excited when we score a touchdown...
  13. Flowers is the caliber of athlete that you can build an offense around. We have done the opposite and tried to force him into an offense he doesn't have the strengths for. Not just that, we have specifically asked him not to use his strengths. Picture if he had slid or gone down at the first possibility of contact in many of these long runs. Reminds me of the touch rule in the spring game where we say that's basically taking away a big part of his game and doesn't reflect what would happen in a live game. For those saying that he was never a good passer, just look at the ratings last year. That's using a passing game plan that is built around his strengths. You'll see that only half or less of the long throw highlights are to Adams, so we know he was throwing to MVS and Mccants last year. I don't buy the Adams and Mack being gone is the primary reason our O is struggling and we would have seen similar results with the GCO argument. If we were seeing this type of action out of Flowers and still struggling I would buy it. Strong has taken a risk by not leaving the offense built around Flowers, we'll see how it turns out.
  14. Did I read it right that he only got two carries?
  15. Interesting article.