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  1. I first thought it was a tongue in cheek effort but they have really taken it seriously. Anything they do to help bring attention to the P5 BS is OK in my book. It is simply not right that certain Division 1 teams have zero chance at a NC. I think NCAA Football is the only place that can happen.
  2. Tom Jones mention of Flowers

    Just saw that Ernest Hooper had this in the Times today too: http://www.tampabay.com/news/Ernest-Hooper-The-Most-Intriguing-People-of-Tampa-Bay-for-2017_164080529 The editors yelled at me Sunday. I missed my deadline on this annual column — again. But every year it’s so difficult to craft a list of Tampa Bay’s 10 most intriguing people. There are those who intrigue every year (see Richard Gonzmart, Julie Weintraub), those who piqued our curiosity but fell just short (Elihu and Carolyn Brayboy) and those who may find their way onto this list in 2018 (Jameis Winston, Jeff Eakins) for the right reasons. Or the wrong reasons. I went up to the last minute crafting this year’s list: a mix of well-known and not-so-well-known personalities who made me marvel in admiration — or anguish. Quinton Flowers The University of South Florida quarterback capped off a remarkable career that not only helped revive the program, but played a key role in boosting the career of former coach Willie Taggart, whose meteoric rise took him from USF to Oregon and now Florida State. The historic run of Flowers, 23, is made all the more remarkable by the fact that he lost his father at age 7 and his mother to cancer while a high school junior. His pursuit of an NFL career will lend intrigue in 2018.
  3. Happy New Year...

    Happy New Years to all!
  4. Jones finally gets something right in today's TBT. Nice to see Q get the recognition he deserves. And Tampa Bay’s sports person of the year … USF quarterback Quinton Flowers. The greatest player in the USF history had another spectacular season. He finishes a remarkable career with 37 school records, including total offense for a career and a season, most rushing yards, most passing yards for a season, most touchdown passes for a season and most total touchdowns. More impressive, he was most responsible for leading the Bulls to a 21-4 record over the past seasons, including the only two double-digit-win seasons in school history. He was one of the most thrilling players in college football and will be remembered for a long, long time in these parts.
  5. SI: What Was the Best Game of 2017?

    My goal is to make it back to back years where I attended the #1 game with next year it being a Bulls victory.
  6. Thank you, Brad. I will make a point to see if mine and the Bulls schedule align.
  7. That goes without saying! I use mine on average three times a week.
  8. Merry Christmas Bulls Fans !!!!!!!!

    Second year in a row my wife got me a Bulls shirt. She knows the priorities!
  9. Primarily Lightning and Rays which takes me back to football season. I wish I got more USF basketball where I mainly live. I root for anything USF. Going to travel for some concerts too.
  10. Fingers crossed since I am in town. Go Bulls!
  11. That's the best they could do? Page 6? After an exciting comeback win, the end of Flowers career in a spectacular 4th quarter, and the cap of a very successful season. I am used to us getting snubbed but I would have thought differently today. Our team deserved better.
  12. Signing Day

    I just met his family at Publix in St Petersburg. They were dressed in Bulls gear and buying things for a party. Nice people.
  13. Birmingham bowl plans??

    I will probably do that. Used to go to Selmons at Tyrone Mall.
  14. Birmingham bowl plans??

    Can't go. Irony is I could have driven there from Pensacola but I will be in St Pete on the 23rd. I did contact my season ticket rep and bought two tickets for the Bulls to donate at their discretion. May try to hit a watch party in St Pete.