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  1. Ray Perkins did that with the Bucs.....to show we were tough and could handle the sun. I think that lasted two seasons.
  2. Temple

    Tickets picked up. Glad they are getting used.
  3. USF Banners at Ray Jay

    Something to do when we run up the middle.
  4. USF Banners at Ray Jay

    I like it. More the better.
  5. Thundersticks??

    Much better than the whistles the Rays passed out several years ago.
  6. USF Banners at Ray Jay

    We have new USF banners, wraps, whatever you want to call them around the stadium. They look cool. But they are attached to the railing in front of the Club Section and those of us who sit in the first several rows of those sections are denied the people watching experience. Might as well ask for my seats to be moved to the top of the section to get put of the sun.
  7. Temple

    Stuck in Pensacola and can't make it back to the game. My four seats are 212 Row B with Club Access and a Lot 3 Parking Pass. I will give them away to a BP member but you would have to pick them up from my wife in St Pete. Text me at 813-299-9855.
  8. What USF Item(s) Did Santa Bring You?

    I posted the picture of this shirt last Christmas. So, my wears it tonight for the first time......got lots of compliments in the Cub before the game. Then, at halftime, some guy notices the two "are"s. We hadn't noticed it and the others who liked it didn't either. We felt like idiots! She is going to make an exchange.
  9. I was at the game and feel better about the season than after I did the first two games. Offense was clicking for the most part once QF settled in. Some of the runs were spectacular. Students did a pretty good job filling their section. Wasn't sure why the opening delay. It was only light rain and I didn't see any lightning. Most frustrating part of the game other than the obnoxious drunk in our section was the penalties. Whew.....that was tough to deal with.
  10. Heading over to Tampa for an early birthday dinner and the Bulls game as dessert. Go Bulls!
  11. USF at UConn Cancelled

    I agree with this decision. As I do with the NFL with the Bucs/Miami game. Players well being is more important than a football game.
  12. USF & U Conn discussing game . . .

    Tropical storm winds forecasted in the Tampa area Saturday evening so issue is getting their plane back before that happens. I like the idea of safety before football.
  13. Hurricane Irma

    If they have to fly a long way home it will make them tired for the Illinois game like it did for the Stony Brook game.