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  1. Thanks Naimolis

    Good for them. Good for us.
  2. Absolutely agree. I class act who doesn't come across as a greedy rich guy. I am rooting for him.
  3. Childs arrested: http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/19014889/south-florida-defensive-back-hassan-childs-arrested-road-rage-incident
  4. They went .500 in the games I saw. Then again, that would be only two.
  5. Countdown to Football: Player #58

    I just ran into Ian in Pensacola. He was wearing a Bulls shirt so I said hello not knowing who he was. We had a very nice talk and he is in the fire suppression business. He looked good.;
  6. Bulls Visit Tulsa in Road Finale

    Threes are killing us.
  7. Bulls Visit Tulsa in Road Finale

    Turned the game on when we were down 15-1. Like the way way we have battled back and are hanging in there.
  8. Doomed

    I would rather be "doomed" than not be mentioned.
  9. Future bull...

    Best wishes to all three of you.
  10. Ticket Timeline for your '17 renewals

    I renewed mine and kicked in an extra seat for the seats for soldiers campaign. I encourage those who can afford it to do so. Good for the Bulls for making this easy to do during the renewal process.
  11. I would prefer a 50% enhanced quality coupon.
  12. In game Bulls vs ECU on ESPNU

    I think we have this.
  13. In game Bulls vs ECU on ESPNU

    I guess they just have to show the possible conference tournament matchups. USF did shock everyone in 1988 or thereabouts and got in. That is the good thing about the conference play and the tournament...never give up.
  14. In game Bulls vs ECU on ESPNU

    We need Radenko Dobras about now.....