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  1. Heading out Spartanburg area Saturday morning. Go Bulls
  2. It's in Section 117 Row 25 and we'll be at the Dunn Rd tailgate party around noon.
  3. Can meet at the game. Email me at gobulls222@yahoo.com
  4. I like it, agree date would be nice.  I will take 4 even at the $24 price if you decide to go ahead with it Let me know how to get them from you. I like the idea of a shirt not everyone will be wearing  those are the ones people come up to you and want to know where you got it.  Thanks for doing this.  If you get the price down I will take more. Thanks again for your effort in doing this
  5. I am interested in finding out who might be going to the Rutgers or Syracuse game and where people were staying if they were not traveling with the athletic association.
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