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  1. Talking about officiating in that game is kind of embarrassing. ND had 4 starters on defense not dress. They another leave after the first because of injury. They had two more in the two deep not dress. They had true freshmen starting the game and 3rd stringers playing in the 1st Q on defense. At one point they had 6 true freshmen and three RsFreshmen on the field at the same time on Defense. ND players not dressed: Starting Safety Hamilton Starting CB Bracy Starting LB Simon Starting DE Oghoufo Last week Starting LB Liafau Part time starter DT Ademilola
  2. The reason the rule is that way is the defender does not have to hesitate. If he does the punter could take off and run or throw it. Even hesitating would then allow the punter to get a successful punt off. You can’t expect a defender running full speed to have to hesitate to allow the punter time to make up for a mistake his own team made. Once the ball hits the ground it’s a free for all. Kind of like a tipped pass on coverage. I thought it was funny though a ND analyst said the punter, on the third bad snap, should have stood a step or two back when it was obvious the snapper was horr
  3. ND has 11 players sitting out. Nine unavailable and two on the sidelines who won’t play. They have walkons playing in the 1st Q.
  4. You will probably hear this tomorrow morning when it’s official, or maybe later today, but three ND starters on Defense will probably not be playing. And two backups on offense. They are not all Covid-related, that includes injuries too. Right now it’s four for sure and maybe a fifth. And then there is the final Covid test today that could cause more.
  5. There have been two or three ND teams since the 2012 that are better overall. That team had no business going 12-0 in the regular season. That was a 9 win team talent wise. BK did a masterful coaching job that year.
  6. I’m actually from Indiana, ND was my local team growing up in the mid-80’s. I didn’t know they were a national team back then. I went military and actually lived in Tampa and was at MacDill at SOCOM for a short time and was around the Bucs and USF. I’m back home now and close to the ND program.
  7. LOL Might want to investigate a little more before posting silly stuff. The school went online for two weeks because of a threshold agreed upon for initial positives. The last three tests of the 8,000 students had 10, 6 then 3 positives. So 19 total positives since they opened back up for the student population. So no, they aren’t being hit hard by Covid. Ans it’s funny listening to people who don’t sniff the CFP talk about ND losing in it. Alabama lost WORSE to Clemson than ND did in that CFP. The Clemson players and coaches (on record) said ND was better than Bama. And you can go l
  8. Are we counting the USA Network as the national stage?
  9. This makes zero sense. ND hasn’t been hit hard by Covid at all? The players missing are from injuries. And ND’s schedule got easier this year by joining the ACC. It was a top 10 ranked schedule (out of 130), now its barely top 20 (out of 77). ND is 15-1 vs the ACC in the last 16 ACC scheduled games. ND lost three ranked teams and gained only one after the schedule switch.
  10. It’s funny how a lot of players will still say that Dungy was the reason they won that SB and Gruden didn’t do anything and they got worse the more he took over. And Dungy went on to win a SB at Indy and coach a lot o great teams.
  11. No one really cares at ND about the 2011 game. That was an entire program ago for ND. Coming off of Bob Davie, Ty Willingham and Charlie Weis debacles BK had to remake the program. Both teams were bad in 2011. And BK doesn’t run the score up on anybody, not even bitter rivals USC. That’s actually something that drives ND fans crazy, how BK usually gets off the gas pedal too soon.
  12. Interesting enough, since Clark Lea became the DC, ND rarely gives up long pass plays. He runs a lot of 3 Safety sets with one usually playing deep. ND has been top 5 the past few years in pass defense efficiency, and was #1 & #2 the past two years giving up pass plays over 25 yards. But if ND rotates in some of the youngsters (which they have not done the past few years), then their is a much better chance of going deep.
  13. To answer the question the question about the 2 positives and 2 contact traced... ND reported that last week that they had 0 positives for the players & coaches available for the Duke game. Then later reported the 2 and 2. As you all well know there is a large number of players (walkons/scout team) who do not dress or are not available for games. The four players in question were not in contact with the rest of the team and were not part of the “available players” for the game. Thats why they were not included in the 0 positive tests reported before the Duke game.
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