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  1. I'm just surprised concussion protocol can take so long, but I can't say I really know a whole lot about it. As of game day, Evan's injury would have been 21 days ago.
  2. Either there is a huge talent drop off, or the guys behind them aren't getting developed the way they need to. Neither scenario is good. We see a similar situation at QB, with KB's unwillingness to put Rygol in. Even when McCloud is performing abysmally, he refuses to put him in, or he does it so late that it's irrelevant. Maybe it's just growing pains, but I can't help but feel it's a trend. Pretty concerning that he feels the backups at these positions are apparently so bad, that he has to modify the scheme away from what has been working, only for it to not work anyways, AND then the backups don't get work in the scheme that has shown success.
  3. Are the tight ends besides Wilcox and Mathis really that bad, that we can't even continue running the scheme that has been working without them?
  4. Coach O must have made them take it down, lol. This is what it was.
  5. I think if Evans is healthy, then we have a chance against UCF. Our offense simply can't move without Evans.
  6. This is great. Almost took the pain away from yesterday. Misery loves company.
  7. They always say he's elusive. The only time he's elusive is when he's running for his life.
  8. You know it's bad when The Oracle is reporting it.
  9. I feel for the guy, he means well, but he just doesn't have the talent or the football IQ.
  10. Hahaha, McCloud becoming a star next season. That's a good one.
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