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  1. Deatrick Nichols has already had 2 interceptions today, in the first quarter. He has been thriving in this league.
  2. I love Q, but he's acting like a child. So you don't get used in the offense like you want to, it's not the end of the world. It's not even just himself he has to think about, but his daughter as well. Is it really that hard to just show up each week and earn a paycheck? The opportunity might not be ideal right now, but simply leaving means no opportunity. Add onto that how bad this looks for future teams, and how it makes him look like he's not a team player, and it's just plain stupid. Q is a father and a man, not a 19 year old college player throwing a fit and hitting the portal becau
  3. Landry is average, but Parham is a dangerous TE, and Artis-Payne is a beast of a RB.
  4. There's a lot to like about this league. Other than the QB play being iffy at times, the quality has been good.
  5. With how bad the past 2 weeks were, I was surprised the attendance was as high as it was.
  6. Attendance has been good across the league. Tampa's showing today has been the second best so far.
  7. Trestman just reminds me of Charlie Strong, and I hate it.
  8. You have to think he'll learn from this week, but who knows.
  9. It's the Tampa curse. Lame coaches with baffling play calls.
  10. I wouldn't say the Vipers are bad. Houston may very well be the best team in the league, and the Vipers were competitive until the very end, when they shot themselves in the foot. They definitely seem to be improving week by week, but there are still too many inconsistencies on offense that need to be ironed out. This game was entirely winnable.
  11. Despite the loss, I am a fan of the Houston team. June Jones runs a really tight ship, and PJ Walker is one hell of a QB. They are fun to watch.
  12. I don't even think Cornelius is bad. I'd say he had a pretty good game. The issue was the play calling. They abandoned the run and went for 3 passes when they were at like the 1 yard line. Makes zero sense. Flowers should have been in at the end of that drive.
  13. Well, they pissed the game away with that failure in the red zone.
  14. What terrible red zone play calling that just happened. Abandoned the run for 3 terrible throws. Likely blew the game away.
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