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  1. I don't really know what to think anymore. I definitely think a win is possible. I'd be happy with seeing the team on an upward trajectory the rest of the season. If we can beat UCF at the end of the season, giving them a second, end of season smackdown, that would make this entire season net-positive. Break their spirits, and send them back down the path of irrelevance.
  2. Ohhhh, today is just too good. The only thing that could have made this better would have been FSU losing as well. And we were so close too...
  3. Anything to minimize the reliance on a chronically troubled o-line. One thing I like about the prospect of option plays, is that it's often relied on by teams that are unable to recruit offensive linemen with size to them. Our guys have put on some significant mass though, despite their often poor blocking. To minimize this, incorporate some o-line blocking principles similar to what Army does. https://www.elevenwarriors.com/college-football/film-study/2017/06/83026/film-study-armys-flexbone-offense-gives-defenses-more-to-worry-about-than-just-the-triple-option Obviously not saying we should transition to an option team or anything like that, but we know that the offensive line seems to be a problem on an almost yearly basis. Is this just an aspect of G5 recruiting we need to come to accept and work around? The service academies know they have a recruiting disadvantage, and they make up for it with the option. If we can't get around the o-line troubles, then just minimize the impact by including more option plays in the playbook. Also, while on the topic, given that option teams often have significantly undersized offensive lines, are there are downsides to running the type of o-line scheme you would see in an option offense, except with players that have significant weight to them? Maybe someone with more knwoeldge could answer that for me.
  4. I think it's easy to think that way after what we saw the first two games, but we have weapons on offense, and there's no denying that. Can't expect the offense to click if the QB isn't clicking. There's no doubt that with Jordan at QB, he can at least produce some momentum, as opposed to the whole system stalling with Blake at the helm. How far Jordan can take the offense against tougher opponents, remains to be seen. I wonder if some option plays could work in our favor. We have struggled to get the run game going, but McCloud has some legs on him, and it could get Cronk seeing more results again. With the o-line being as undependable as it has been, it might not be a bad idea.
  5. I actually feel quite enthusiastic about the rest of the season. I'm not going to go as far as saying we will win the conference, but I think we have the potential for some nice wins. McCloud had his first start, and showed great signs of promise. Offense and defense finally both showed signs of life. I think this year is basically the opposite of last year, a slow and pathetic start with a strong finish. Week by week the play just needs to keep on getting refined and tightened up, with the playbook continuously being tweaked to suit McCloud. I think the bye week came at a great time, and will give KB some time to review the film and tweak the playbook for Jordan. SMU will be a tough test, but a great learning experience nonetheless. BYU is a game that I think will have serious implications for the rest of the season IMO. If we can pull off a win against BYU, then I think we have a serious shot at getting an upset by the time we are against Memphis and UCF.
  6. No need for P6 when we can force one of the other conferences out of the P5.
  7. Very pleased to see FSU lose again. It's one of the things I look forward to the most every week.
  8. I am pleased. This is what we needed to see tonight. Bye week comes at a great time for the start of conference play. I think the game against BYU is also going to be great.
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