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  1. I think its only the biggest game if/when we win.
  2. Senior Day Attendance

    I'm having weird deja vu reading this thread...also I'm drunk
  3. So...are there still tickets to this game?
  4. Wish the D would stop dicking around
  5. Found our themed shirt for our 'new tradition'
  6. Houston Game Video

    First time re-watching that 4th and 24. I was trying not to blame the defense for the loss, and there were tons of other factors that led to the loss but wow that one play is pretty **** bad.
  7. I was shocked about the turnout, not super hot, not super early or late, we're ranked. After the game though, I get why people might not show up to this.
  8. Why Did We Lose?

    Wasn't there 2 or 3 instances we went for it in easy FG range on 4th down, during the game. Clock managment and play calling on the last set of down. Ridiculous 50yd Kick off return and subsequent 4th and 24 conversion. And the insane number of first down plays we had that went for negative yardage.
  9. You know they're going for a FG why the **** are we snapping the ball with 18s o the clock
  10. Offense

    This offense makes me wanna puke
  11. If that's only running into the kicker then Im about to run into lots of people in the stadium