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  1. Mmmm sub dome...can we rename the Sun Dome the "Publix Sub Dome" ? Free cubanitos and chicken tender subs to the first 300 in the door?
  2. Thats what we're looking to do this year, have 8 on my account, and another 6 or so trying to move with us. Noon games on the other side were impossible, so **** hot
  3. Yeah we moved a couple years ago, when they closed the family section. It does look pretty empty over there
  4. Just got my renewal notice in my email for USF season tickets. Going to buy them either way but did the cost go up again this year or am I having a senior moment?
  5. Also no bathrooms anywhere
  6. Lot F is pass only were going to D if interested
  7. Tifton is clear just passed through @ 8:45-9:00am
  8. Bowls

    You guys failed to mention the best part of these tickets....FREE DIPPING SAUCE w/ the purchase of an "Adult Dinner"
  9. I want a "Charlie So Strong" pin if this goes official lol
  10. I called in sick today so i could monitor the message boards...well that, and Im sick lol
  11. I'd also hazard a guess he really didn't go there for the money, though money is nice. He has a much easier route to a title, better facilities, and a much more rabid fan base, and maybe he likes the challenge of resurrecting a team. The guy surely doesn't 'need' more money it just helps make decisions easier. I know I would struggle with a decision to move across county to Oregon for a pay raise, but a 50% or whatever pay raise would be hard to turn down. And yes I have turned down jobs for more money because I like where I'm at but toss enough dollar signs and I would reconsider too.
  12. Yeah that would really hurt it for me...every time I see a report Linking Schiano to USF I kind of puke up in my mouth just a little
  13. For the sweet love of all things that are good in the world let us not hire Greg Schiano, I'm not sure I could watch a Greg Schiano coached USF.
  14. I Heard Tommy Tubberville is available!!!!!
  15. Any idea how their O-Line and D-Line sizes compare to other teams we've played. I know generally SEC teams are quite large, but I've also read that SC's Oline and Dline while large is kinda crap.