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  1. This cost doesn't include game tickets correct?
  2. Was wondering if anyone here had some information regarding the First Pitch Social for baseball. Last year there were around 5 or 6 friday games you could get tickets then pay a sum of money to get unlimited beers and whatnot till the 7th inning? I haven't heard anything about that this year?
  3. Its $42.70 / share. And considering I have a decent chunk of money saved for retirement that I never put a cent into I'd say that's pretty good. And dividends checks every quarter are nice. Its a private stock that they give to employees and sell to employees. http://www.publixstockholder.com/stock-and-dividend-information
  4. Charlie Strong is here. Taking notes on a team that tries hard
  5. beefy620

    Gasparilla Bowl Game Thread

    Of your car isn't there after the game...Stepps Towing! Stepps Towing, proud sponsors of the gasparilla Bowl
  6. beefy620

    Gasparilla Bowl Game Thread

    Sterling 2.0 **** this guy and **** strong for choosing
  7. beefy620

    Gasparilla Bowl Game Thread

    I'm only laughing so I don't cry
  8. beefy620

    Gasparilla Bowl Game Thread

    I'm loving this leavitt emote thing
  9. beefy620

    Justin Burke to call plays

    This is a good line of reasoning. On paper, and in my brain I'm not really in agreement with the move, but lets see what happens.
  10. A pass to a running back even though he was in the slot