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  1. I'm not sure how to find it, but I'm think I remember one of the PDFs related to that crappy merrill lynch/schlitz bull logo thing has like 100 different logos in it. Pretty sure someone even posted it in this forum.
  2. FWIW, My friend a former USF player posted about this on FB on Jan 27th. It would seem there was at least a week and a half notice on this one.
  3. I dunno man. I was thinking this. But the more I see the more I think he's terrible
  4. I didn't see targeting, but surely looked defenseless receiver
  5. Who is or knows the group with the flamingo Hats?! Can we be friends?!
  6. Didn't see this before I started mine........I'm drunk.......but everyone not here can suck an egg
  7. I might be drunk. But screw all of you who aren't here.
  8. Any idea why the escalator was closed for people? Said ADA only?
  9. Can someone please tell me wtf was going on for that extra point
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