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  1. beefy620

    USF vs UF Continues

    And looks like I am, lol did the deep google search i guess we signed for two meeting there initially? Way back in 2002. That seems odd for that timeframe. Oh well guess my opinion is now all rosy.
  2. beefy620

    USF vs UF Continues

    Unless I am completely miss-remembering things. We played in the Swamp in 2010, and it was a home/home series so the game was owed back in Tampa?
  3. beefy620

    USF vs UF Continues

    That is my guess as well, which makes this new marginally less exciting, but exciting nonetheless
  4. beefy620

    USF vs UF Continues

    I'll ask here too. Isn't the return game from our initial series still owed? Was this part of the negotiations or is this game still technically owed, and floating in the Nether? Either way, Harlan has been doing a great job with the scheduling.
  5. Thanks just completed mine. Made sure to Strongly agree with swimming pool and then wrong a 3 part essay as to why we should have one. But seriously, I didn't realize a lot of college stadiums have so much 'indoor' areas. Also, I mentioned the brick campaign like they had for the other athletic buildings.
  6. I'm not bracketology or basketball guru, but dont they usually try to split conference-mates up into different brackets? In this case only two AAC teams how hard would that have been?
  7. Yeah i've got close to 80lbs on ya, (mostly muscle, some beers). I really need a D-Line jersey. I figured even the smaller sizes would fit a normal human not wearing shoulder pads. Well I guess i'll hang it up somewhere next to the badass ones we wore vs. Miami way back when. Not complaining tho, I'll take what amounts to free swag any day of the week
  8. I'm tempted to try mine on...but not sure how 911 would respond to a request for the jaws of life to get it off.
  9. Was able to finally pick up my Jersey today does anyone want to trade cuz even if I wanted to there is no way I would fit into this Jersey number 29 with an American Athletic patch on it
  10. Yeah nothing has been charged to my card or anything. They're just getting my info to get the ball rolling. It sounded like fielded a large number of calls today.
  11. That is correct I just renewed, and the only reason my seats are 'cheaper' than last year is i opted to roll over the missed game to this year, but yeah the season ticket package seem to be almost exactly the same price.
  12. My favorite feature is the addition of a Live Chat Session, just confirmed I was 1 of the 300 and, there is apparently a lot of calls coming in today to renew. So you better get on it
  13. I talked to teh rep yesterday, they called me this morning and I renewed, there is some sort of Star thing depending on number tickets i assume that goes towards getting free stuffs? Didnt say anything about free jersey though?
  14. Not much to add here other than I don't normally gripe about non John McDaid reffing crews, but these non calls seemed very bizarre especially the missed non call on targeting late in the game
  15. beefy620

    $1 million dollar gift to football center

    Exactly what I was thinking, that phrase has been used multiple times to describe them