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  1. Holy crap i want one of these. Honestly I think war flamingo is funny and I get a kick outta seeing the flamingo hats, blowup flamingos and the like at games. I get it was a spoof on auburn. Isn't 'War Flamingo' in essence how traditions should start. A few people do something, not forced, kind of an organic thing that started on its own. Then years later people are still doing it? I'm not saying we should hang our hat on this but that's how traditions start. Kind of like the cowbell deal with the rays?
  2. Where, I have friends who love that stuff
  3. Is there whiteclaw in Raymond James...#askingforafriend
  4. he is correct, apparently bearcats smell like popcorn, one of my friends used to handle them while she lived down here in tampa, and for the longest time a google search would net her pic with a bearcat on her shoulder. Those are really weird looking creatures.
  5. Can this be our official song when we take the field from now on? LOL I'm having a good time with this.
  6. LOL there's gotta be something in here to use
  7. If McCloud Starts and is good, I feel like we have endless T-Shirt and Sign opportunities. Highlander : There can be only one StarFox: 'Do a barrel roll' or some such nonsense. Any other good McClouds out there that I am forgetting.
  8. Sitting in Section 228, doesn't seem like a lot of us are in that section? Also, anyone finalize Tailgating plans we have 15 or so people, looking to get boisterous in the AM
  9. Youre a **** jinx. If you're tailgating, come on over i'm sure we can donate you a good wisconsin beer
  10. One friend was up there on a business trip and shipped some down, i have a friend that lives 30 minutes outside Wi and he mailed me some, and i think we have a 3rd guy coming to the the tailgate bringing more.
  11. I meant to ask about this earlier in the week.
  12. We'll have some New Glarus at our tailgate. Was a must to get some of those suds sent our way for the game
  13. Most other grocery stores in town I cringe at their produce, bakery and meat departments. Also having been a butcher at a publix for a number of years I honestly don't trust many other meat departments out there. Publix chicken tenders are the best. I'm sure there are other comparable or even better stores in other states, but as long as I'm in Tampa Publix is my main squeeze.
  14. Well I have a bakers dozen headed up, and we're looking into tailgating options. If anyone has some ideas let me know.
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