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Just a quick note to remind you the USF Bulls Fan Fest is this Saturday, August 11th, from 1-4 p.m. at the on campus Yuengling Center.

This is your opportunity to meet the USF 2018-19 teams!

More information on board and calendar (address and RSVP).

Join the Stampede at the Yuengling Center!

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  1. beefy620

    Season Tickets?

    Hey, If anyone wants my empty box...you can have it. Mint Condition PSA Grade 10. I'll even wrap it in a plastic case (garbage bag) for you. If you act now, I'll throw in the outer cardboard shipper for free!
  2. beefy620

    Illinois game 2018

    Dumb Question possibly but which sections of seats is the USF side? I'm rounding up a crew of around 12 or more and we're likely to buy our tickets through ticketmaster for cost reasons. Trying to make sure we pick out the correct sections. Also interested in what other tailgate options are going on. Headed to New Glarus that thursday for tailgate beers, and a lot of other chicago breweries thursday and friday for the same reason. Thanks,
  3. Donated... Scumbag status lifted...for now. Also who is bringing the inflatable Flamingos lol
  4. I've lurked on the board for years...but never donated...cuz i'm a scumbag...would you rather have a donation to this or to fun the server costs and such?
  5. Nice...well i know what i'm doing the rest of this work day
  6. beefy620

    USF License Plate

    yeah i got my new tag a few months ago myself 😕 so another 5 years or whatever till I'll get this one?
  7. Wonder if there is a copy of this study online somewhere. Overall it seems in his tweets it supports the eventual building of a non bounce house type stadium
  8. beefy620

    New unis

    What the hell was going on when I was in High School, Our uniforms were never this fancy
  9. beefy620

    New unis

    I'm still not sure how i feel about these. I like the actual gold color added, and the U on the shoulders and bulls on the pants, but something just seems off about them. I'm more neutral than pos/neg.
  10. beefy620

    New unis

    Half Life 3 Confirmed? George Jenkins....we're getting an On Campus Publix Football Stadium?
  11. beefy620

    Adidas Has Arrived at USF

    You're right, green cardinals just look like parrots.
  12. beefy620

    Illinois game 2018

    https://www.beeradvocate.com/place/city/6/ This is also a helpful guide, generally the top of the list is the higher rated breweries. But i'm gonna pokemon this ****, and collect as many as possible.
  13. beefy620

    Illinois game 2018

    Was just in Chicago this past weekend hitting up the brewery scene, if you need some recommendations I gots em. Going back for this game too just booked the flight.
  14. beefy620

    I want one!

    Holy Crap Nostalgia, was about to ask who you got it from because its the exact model my parents used to have and gave away a few years ago, but I am almost %100 positive we did not replace the rooftop AC when it failed, instead opting to go w/ the window/hatch thing you have. That is badass!
  15. beefy620

    I want one!

    I have seen other teams versions of these, i think 2 yrs ago at the birmingham bowl there was an SC one. It was in fact greater than or equal to legit.