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  1. LOL this fool woulda kicked the PAT instead of trying for 2 hahah
  2. I take that back I guess my rep called about 45min ago. I appreciate the feedback/help here.
  3. Dah fuk. I have no email from USF except friday. I called my rep and emailed him friday. I've had zero response from USF in regards to this. Not your problem but **** this is pretty ******.
  4. Thanks John. Do I have to talk to the ticket rep to defer or can I do it online somewhere? I've contacted my rep with a couple different methods to no avail so far.
  5. If it weren't for this forum and a couple other friends I'd have no idea whats going on. First information from USF I've heard about all this was Friday at 430pm. Does anyone know if the 'renew by Feb' thing is still in effect for next year i.e. if I roll over my payments to next year its the same price as this year?
  6. I'm not sure how to find it, but I'm think I remember one of the PDFs related to that crappy merrill lynch/schlitz bull logo thing has like 100 different logos in it. Pretty sure someone even posted it in this forum.
  7. FWIW, My friend a former USF player posted about this on FB on Jan 27th. It would seem there was at least a week and a half notice on this one.
  8. I dunno man. I was thinking this. But the more I see the more I think he's terrible
  9. I didn't see targeting, but surely looked defenseless receiver
  10. Who is or knows the group with the flamingo Hats?! Can we be friends?!
  11. Didn't see this before I started mine........I'm drunk.......but everyone not here can suck an egg
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