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  1. 100% agree with this... how many times did Q's legs allow him to make a pass (good or bad) when another QB would have been sacked. Also, "passing" is great, but, give me <good decision, errant pass> over <bad decision, ball on the money but intercepted> pretty much any day of the week. There are a lot worse things a QB can do than throw an incomplete pass. Q also had an uncanny ability to elevate his game in pressure situations. I don't care if he was 1-for-12 passing, when we needed a score, he got it done. If we have a 75% passer that folds under pressure, what good is his completion percentage. Note, I haven't seen enough of any of these QBs to believe that will be the case, but, I also haven't seen enough to trust that it's not going to be the case. Not picking on Kean, but, against Temple in 2016, pressure situation, he threw a pick-6 and got sacked for a safety I think. I don't think that is necessarily who he is as a player, but, it's the sample size we have of meaningful snaps in the last 3 years by anyone other than Q. So many unknowns at the QB position. We'll need to rely on a running game. No, we can't run on every down, but, if we can have success on the ground, the windows open up for passing.
  2. I expect the defense to be well ahead of the offense in the spring. I think we'll see a shift back toward the CJL days when we won games with defense. You just can't bank on having a QF leading your offense year in and year out. The ball control offense we played last year will look much more appealing this year. It comes down to the trenches. Can the OL open up holes to consistently pick up first downs?
  3. It should be noted that Mayfield also had issues with taking the snap under center this week, so, I think NFL scouts are probably getting accustomed to that at this point... QB center exchange is also different when the center is new. Footwork is the real issue.
  4. QB next year - who's your guy.

    Kids are kids, but, hopefully the pressure of living up to Q's legacy will humble him and make him hungry to succeed (this applies to whoever wins the starting job actually).
  5. A Holtz New Era...

    This. I know some here have inside info that Holtz was forced to "clean up" the program which cost us recruits and made the job nearly impossible, but, I watched the games and didn't see anyone on the sidelines other than him making bad in-game decisions. I am fairly certain that he will get another shot at a bigger program and will probably do well, but, it certainly didn't work here and he should have been gone a year sooner.
  6. Turnover chain

    I am udderly impressed with your idea here...
  7. USF realignment "Rumors" "tweets" "etc"

    The reality is, AAC should go to 16 teams... make that the benchmark... show the P5 conferences that 16 is a great number... of course, those who want to move into an expanded P5 conference will love this, AAC commish and those not on P5 radar probably don't want to push any buttons that make the P5 expand.
  8. USF's possibilities to crash the 2019 CFP

    In 2014, Strong's best talent at UL, they had 4 games within 1 score, going 3-1 in those games. Other scores... 49-7, 44-7, 72-0, 27-13, 30-7, 24-10, 34-3, 31-10, 36-9 Combined records of the teams they played 1-score games with... 32-19.
  9. Coaching Dominoes Are Starting To Fall

    Taggart? You're off by a couple decades...
  10. P6

    My guess is that top-10 P5 teams have not played let's just say the top-10 to 15 programs from the G5 in the regular season... so, you may have Alabama beating up on Western Kentucky or Southern Miss, but, that's not the same as say Ohio State playing USF or Boise? There's really no good way to track it except for the bowl games I think... Because Clemson and Bama have been up there the last few years, I took a look at their schedules... Clemson Non-Conf... 2013 - Georgia, south carolina state, citadel, south carolina 2014 - Georgia, south carolina state, Ga State, south carolina 2015 - Wofford, App State, Notre Dame, south carolina 2016 - Auburn, Troy, SC State, SC 2017 - Kent, Auburn, Citadel, south carolina Bama Non-Conf 2013 - VPI, Colorado State, Ga State, Chattanooga 2014 - WVU, FAU, Southern Miss, W Carolina 2015 - Wisc, MTSU, UL Monroe, Charleston Southern 2016 - USC, W Kentucky, Kent, Chattanooga 2017 - FSU, Fresno, Colorado State, Mercer I don't really have time to do more, but, you can see that the "big boys" will play someone else from a P% conference because a loss won't hurt that bad, and, it's usually a big money game. Then, they club baby seals. They won't take on the better G5 teams. Not that South Carolina has been good of late, but, at least Clemson has their annual rivalry game PLUS another decent opponent each year. Bama goes for so-so "big games" out of conference, but, rely on the SEC reputation to keep them at the top of the rankings.
  11. Coaching Dominoes Are Starting To Fall

    Everyone keeps saying "best team" the reality is that we likely had our best OFFENSE ever last year (2016). The defense on this team was terrible in 2016 and not good in 2017. We were much better, and the stats show that we were somewhat good, but, our LBs were not very good and at the end of the day, that is a huge factor to a defense. I am sick of hearing how this was our best team ever. People get caught up with the offense and forget that the other side of the ball was not great. UCF thrashed our defense in the first half. Houston sustained drives against us. CCS was relatively aggressive at UL, but, he had a defense to back it up. I personally believe that his feeling this year was that talent on defense just wasn't great, so, if he could use the offense to sustain drives and eat up clock, that was better than putting the defense out there to get run down and fatigued. I personally don't buy into the fact that CCS is too conservative overall. I do think he very specifically guarded his defense with a conservative offense this year, but, we also saw huge strides in the defense's productivity with a good coach. Assuming he continues to build talent on that side of the ball, I think CCS gets more aggressive when he doesn't have to worry as much about losing a game with his defense. I for one was more than happy when Texas Tech scored quickly and gave the ball back to Flowers (actually, felt the same about UCF, but, fumble). Back in the CJL days, we all would have much rather had the Houston situation where our defense just had to get a stop to preserve a win. That defense was build for closing games. The one from this year was not.
  12. P6

    Didn't want to start a UCF topic, so, I'll post my thoughts here... I see pictures of Frost hoisting the trophy from the game and read some of his quotes... I think if I were him, after the game, I would have quietly retreated to the locker room and let the players have all of the glory for the win... It seems a bit "look at me" with him out there celebrating with a bunch of guys he just abandoned. I don't know, it's weird that he coached the game, but, I feel like he should have done so with as little attention as possible. That's just me though I guess.
  13. P6

    What would be great is if the AP would vote UCF no. 1 (OK, I can't believe I just typed that, it would be terrible as a Bulls fan, but, awesome as a "burn this mother - to the ground" proponent as it relates to the Power 5 BS). AP gives UCF the national championship while Bama/UGa win the actual championship, still, it would go back to the old days where there could be a split championship. OH... how many of you have heard something to the effect of "they can play with the big-boys" today? I even heard... "even USF may have been able to beat Auburn" from a Miami fan, followed up with "Miami would have lost to UCF this year... maybe even USF". At the end of the day, we (AAC) are still looked at as a younger sibling to humor rather than a force to reckon with.
  14. Looking forward to 2018 and beyond

    I suspect with ESPN's issues over the last 18 months, someone will smell blood in the water and hopefully try to "steal" some content from ESPN by outbidding them... at which point, ESPN will try to cripple the conference by forcing the B12 to expand and take USF/UCF away to make the AAC less attractive to whoever the other network is... win-win for us.
  15. Turnover chain

    I like it for Miami... if you look at their success back in the day, they were the epitome of "swagger"... the chain gives them some of that back. The flip side is, if you're not winning, teams will mock you for it. How do you keep the swagger... win! I think it is a good motivational thing for UM and don't have an issue with it. Much like us, Miami has attendance issues, they need butts in the seats, so, as much "look at me" as many people see, I also see larger crowds and fans feeling "it" with the canes this year. If you look a Richt over the course of his career, I think his demeanor doesn't fit in Miami, but, by doing things like this, he appeals to the spirit of the canes while still keeping his moral compass for the most part. Look at the recruiting class this year, kids like it and that is what is important in college football. BTW, I agreed with Richt on the argument, maybe not the way he went about it, but, it was a huge plat that was allowed by a blatant missed holding call. You could tell Miami was in trouble and he did his best to show some emotion and right the ship. Didn't work.