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  1. Observations from first three games

    First 10 quarters of the season... QF was bottled up, not having a lot of fun... last 2 quarters, he seemed to have felt more freedom and thus started having more fun. It looked like to me that the coaches were telling him to pick a lane, get what he can get, and go down. In the second half last week, he started bouncing around and changing direction a bit to free himself up more. He's always had a knack for avoiding big hits, so, he's going to get down when it's appropriate, but, he wasn't changing direction very much until last game.
  2. Bulletin Board Material

    Yeah, it sucks as a defense to have some dude running at you diving at your knees the whole game. But, let's not let that get in the way of how "great" that guy is. I guess it's legal, but, it's also horses--t to coach and play the game that way.
  3. Quiz: Know the AAC

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 104 seconds  
  4. Quiz:USF - B1G

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 45/100 My Time 119 seconds  
  5. Hurricane Irma

    Also in Winter Garden... I was watching the radar as she went right over the top of us. Downtown Orlando is also a mess, lots of tree damage. We lost some shingles on the house and got a small rip in the pool screen. Very thankful for the limited damage. I went through the 3 storms in 2004 here in this area and they were nothing compared to this.
  6. Calm down, waaaay too much panic.

    Analysis... Didn't get to watch much, but, OL assignments are off the mark right now, which IS mental and easier to clean up than physical issues.
  7. #FreeQuintonFlowers

    Clearly the quotation marks didn't come through as I intended. I know there is a playbook, but, I am wondering if the OL is second-guessing their assignments and not playing fast because they are uncertain of exactly what they are supposed to be doing. We are also asking the big guys to get to the line and be ready to run 50+ plays per game... watch the first 2 plays last week... Play 1 was great, DJ had a lane... We went super-fast for the second play and there was nothing there. It was too early for the guys to be tired, so, maybe there is a little something to them not knowing their assignments well enough to react at a fast pace to string together a full series. There actually is some thinking that goes into trench play. They don't just pick whatever random guy is in front of them and block that guy. That won't open up a lot of holes for the back. The alternative is that our OL is not good enough to open up holes against SJSU and Stonybrook. I don't know if any of them are NFL caliber, but, I suspect that individually, they are all capable of making blocks against those teams, so, something is going on to stop that from happening.
  8. #FreeQuintonFlowers

    I only got to dabble in this game, but, there were at least 6 drops in the SJSU game that I can think of... out of what, 23 attempts by Q? We're over 25% there. Of course drops happen, I am not saying that a few are unacceptable, but, we can't drop a little over 1 out of 4 catch-able balls and expect to be successful. By comparison, last year, the NY Jets had the worst drop % in the NFL and dropped 5.5% of their passes. This is college, it's going to be higher, but, it can't be 25%. I don't think it was that bad in this game, but, the bits that I got to watch, I saw some catches that have to be made. I think most have already seen the issues with the OL. If they can't get that cleaned up, it may be a long year. This could be a product of the "no playbook" mentality and the guys are either missing assignments, or, they are not playing fast enough because they are unsure of what they need to be doing or who they need to be blocking.
  9. Girls of UConn

    Oh good, something more depressing to look forward to than DJ getting tackled behind the LOS
  10. My stomach is in knots!

    I suggest a deep breath. Maybe its that I have a wife and kid now, maybe it's that we are no longer in a power conference, but, even if we get to 11-0, I don't see the kind on anguish that I had in 2007. This doesn't come close to comparing. That week leading into the Rutgers game, I couldn't focus on anything other than USF Football. Sure, we had high hopes for this year, but, it's not real yet... if we get it together, the stars start aligning and we find ourselves in the top-10, then, the real stress starts. This is nothing. We're 2-0 and have IMHO a top-5 QB in all of NCAA Football with regard to putting a team on his back and willing us to win. We all anticipated this season for 9 months, let's not give up on it just yet.
  11. What do you hope to see Saturday?

    Flowers leaving the field after the game 100% healthy. If that happens, I know we have won and live to fight another day.
  12. USF's ONLY path to the playoffs

    For 95% of the world, the season hasn't started yet, and here we are, with one path... What say you if every other team in the nation has at least 4 losses come December? How does this one and ONLY path look then? Nearly everyone still has 12 games to go... maybe we get to at least mid season (and make sure we're taking care of our own business) before we start analyzing the narrow margin we have for sliding in? I am fairly certain we'll be on at least our 3rd interim coach by then... not sure yet if it's because CCS (and his predecessor) has been fired for being a bad coach, or, hired away by another team because he's such a good coach, it's all quite confusing really.
  13. Coaches and Players After The Game

  14. Coaches and Players After The Game

    Not saying he was a bad coach, just don't understand the frustration with CCS when he is officially 1-0 with a 20-point margin of victory.
  15. Coaches and Players After The Game

    I feel like I have entered bizarro world. We're really having this debate huh? Coaching and "chances at a National Title" - we had a better team last year and a chance to be in the playoffs with the FSU game. Taggart got completely out coached by Jimbo. Flowers had very few runs early in that game when our defense needed time to recover. Taggart never cared to put a defense on the field that could stop Temple from playing keep-away from Flowers. We lost those 2 games because of Taggart's shortcomings. I respect him for what he did here, but, let's stop thinking he is the next Nick Saban. We still won by 20, across the country, in the first game under a new coach (who hasn't lost us any games yet at all, much less due to coaching decisions or tendencies). Flowers looked amazing in this game and really has a shot to make some national news and get an invite to the Heisman ceremony (doubt that he will win unless craziness ensues) We have a miniscule chance at the playoffs, we need 2007-like craziness with lots of upsets. if that happens, a 20-pt win is not going to hurt us. If it doesn't, we weren't going to get in anyway. We're talking 2-losses for a lot of teams. WE ARE 2.1 SEASONS AWAY FROM 4 TOTAL WINS... just a reminder