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  1. Nope, LeJiste was on a RB a little later in the game. Nate lit someone up on the first series on a 3rd down... 5:06 here... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49i78o712bI
  2. So... You're a Bears fan... I can respect that, but, to give the dolphins zero respect from 1977 to 1996? Remember your bears in 1985, when they nearly went undefeated? Who was that team that stopped them? 8 AFC East championships during that time and another in 2000. I am looking forward to seeing Nate play for the fins, paired up with Rashad Jones could be a good spot for him. Haven't seen him play much in the last couple of years, but, we all remember that he can be a game changer. I still remember his hit early in the FSU game in 2009 that seemed to set the tone for the defense that entire game (maybe their first series, WR coming across the middle).
  3. I don't really think Temple did anything to slow QF down except play keep away. Where most teams loved to celebrate scoring on our defense quickly, Temple savored their time on the field with our defense. They slowed everything down, they chipped away and held the ball 2/3 of the game. That kept Q off the field and thus "in check". With more time to wear down their defense, I have no doubt that Q would have put up numbers against them to. Surprised more teams didn't try to keep the ball away from us more. Navy fell behind early or they would have done the same I fear. Based on TOP, QF had 277 yards of offense, total we had the ball for 21 min, say QF was on the field for 19 of those with Kean in relief after he got hurt. So, QF produced 14.57 yards/min. Against Memphis (probably his best game, didn't check them all), he had 473 yards of offense, but, in 33 min of possession, giving him 14.33 yards/min. Funny, he produced 16.5 yards/min against FSU, but, that is the game that I felt like CWT coached very poorly in that he didn't let Q run very much in the first half. We got pass happy and turned the ball over a couple of times in the first half and they pulled away. Started running more in the second half and hung in there, but, the damage was already done. I remeber that FSU also dominated Mack early in that game, QF wasn't running, and passes were just a bit off except for the big plays. First half was just ugly.
  4. Oh geez... On BJD... go back and watch some games where he ran a lot, there are clips of him arguing with the sidelines about it, he most certainly would have taken a stand with the coaches. At the same time, Skip was awful, so, I blame no one other than him for the failures of the team during his time. BJD probably won games in spite of the coaching during his time here. On the "new" offense. I am good with less runs by QF, but, he has a knack for picking up 3rd/4th downs with his legs, hope the new staff can see that and give him those carries still to extend drives. I know on 3rd and 4 last year, the play I had the most confidence in was Quinton running for it and making the defense look stupid while doing it.
  5. I hope Adams' time gets him some looks. I think he can help someone out, but, the FA WR class is crazy good. If you're a team looking for a "take the lid off" kind of guy, you can take a chance on someone like Adams, but, you can also go out and sign Kenny Stills, or, Ted Ginn, or, Desean Jackson. Sure, those guys will cost more, but, they are proven commodities. Adams best bet is going to be with a bad team that is looking for young and cheap. Unfortunately, a late round pick by one of those teams doesn't get the best shot most of the time.
  6. I would have never in a million years believed that Hall was faster than Mack... I didn't see him as that type of RB, felt like he had a little more power to him. I agree, if Hall had been drafted in the early rounds, he would have had a lot more opportunity on the field. Kid played well when he had a chance for the Broncos. I hope Mack gets a good shot at it.
  7. I agree, but, he's doing it to everyone. South Carolina couldn't contain him with a month to prep and watch film. The kid has amazing vision.
  8. Bottom line: Tags was never in it for the long-haul here. Burn too many coaches and they will steer kids away from you. Build the relationships and they may recommend diamond-in the rough kind of guys that boost your program. If you don't have a long range plan, you do what Tags did, sell the players, build the team as fast as possible, and cash in. The long-range plan is to have a quality relationship with these coaches who can tell you that "recruit x" is getting looks from the big-boys, but, his mom is sick and he could possibly be swayed to stay home. Or, "I don't know what "so-and-so" is doing over there, but, he has the most athletically gifted guy I have ever seen playing center. Kid likely won't get many looks at that position, but, he may be something for you". Or... Coach, we run the triple-option and I have built my team to do that, but, I have a kid (think Calvin Johnson/GaTech) that can flat out play receiver. Unfortunately, he's not getting any hype because we only throw the ball 4 times per game. As a recruiter, you can't see the every day stuff. The HS coaches can. You need to have that open line of communication, especially as a G5 program, in order to get some under-the-radar steals. Alabama can have all of the 5-stars they want. I would be perfectly happy loaded up with a bunch of George Selvie-ish 2-stars.
  9. Better where it is now. What if Marlon Mack's replacement signed with someone else because he didn't want to RS and thought Mack was coming back. Needs to be after the season and draft declarations are done so kids know their options.
  10. Would be interesting to get his take on all 4 coaches. I suspect Leavitt had a good rapport with the local HS coaches. Someone asked why you involve the coach? Sometimes these guys see things that don't get hype and recruiting attention. Did CJL know that selvie would be a beast, or, did his coach tell Leavitt to take a look at him because his insane raw ability was being wasted at center in high school? Leavitt got a lot of great under the radar guys, those HS coaches can help identify some of them.
  11. I agree with this too. I think 2007 was the better team though if they played head to head. That defense was nasty and the offense was good enough to cause the 2016 defense some serious problems. Others have mentioned it, but, for those not around during that season, the emotions can't be explained. Being in the stands at Auburn and that WVU game, I still get chills thinking about it. I remember telling an Auburn fan that I wish we had this atmosphere (to which he replied, "I wish we had your team"). Then, just a couple weeks later, we were playing WVU in an atmosphere that was every bit as good as Auburn. It was a different feeling. Hopefully 2017 will bring some of that feeling back. All of that said, QF is the most exciting individual player to watch in my opinion in USF history.
  12. The problem with speed to an extent is... What if Adams runs a 4.6? Does that change the fact that in pads, he can't be caught? What if someone else runs a 4.4, but, in pads they don't have break-away speed. Combine numbers get blown up a lot and scouts/drafts show that those numbers play a big role, but, there are also teams out there that look at film. Ideally, he would run fast enough to get everyone's attention, then, his film will help from a speed standpoint. IMO, Adams' speed will not really be a factor. People will know he's fast. But, when you pop on the film, are you going to be concerned about his struggles making a play on a contested pass? Can he make a tough catch in traffic? Can he hold on to the ball after he has it? Everyone is talking about speed, but, those are the things in my mind that is going to determine when/if he is drafted.
  13. Good luck kid. I disagree with most one here. I am not sure about where he will be drafted, but, from day 1, the kid showed some elite vision and patience to let the play develop, then, he has great acceleration to hit the hole. The new offense wasn't great for him to showcase that ability, but, I fully believe he will be very successful. I wish him well, it would be awesome to have a USF RB starting in the NFL if he can work into that role.
  14. I was literally just typing 90% verbatim of this post. Fully agree, UF is likely our biggest concern. Isn't strong older though? Like 56 I thought? Even more to your point.
  15. He's better than Jackson, sorry, watching them play LSU now and Jackson has been bad in every big game outside of Clemson. QF wasn't great against FSU, but, I still think it's because tags kept him from running in the first half. Otherwise, QF put the team on his back every game. No way he should have won the Heisman this year, but, it's a slap in the face to the G5 that he wasn't invited to the ceremony this year. Keep fighting Quinton!