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  1. Flowers passing

    You're probably right, I'm sure he just yelled at the receiver for running the wrong route so that the fans wouldn't blame him. He's not the most accurate passer on earth, but, he's not terrible either. There is no middle ground with some people.
  2. Flowers passing

    His completion percentage the last 2 years with a ton of deep balls would disagree with you. He started slow last year, but dialed in about game 4 or 5.
  3. Worst Feeling 9 and 1 Ever?

    I guess you are correct... on the other hand, it's also the best feeling 9-1 ever!!!! When there's only 1 in your history, it covers a broad spectrum of emotions.
  4. Quinton Flowers = Total Class

    Love this guy. Even his demeanor is endearing to me. he's never satisfied with less than perfection. It is going to be sad to see him play his last time for us. Special kid, special athlete, special leader.
  5. Flowers passing

    I agree, his accuracy has to be better next week... I do think that it looks worse than it is though. We have a lot of drops, I know, drops happen, but, it seems to happen to us a lot. There were also 2 plays in a row last night where Q's passes looked AWFUL, but, I think the blame was actually on the WR. One was a second down and McCants was running some sort of in route at the hash. Q threw and the ball landed behind McCants, looked like Q missed him badly. What I think I saw was that there was a safety in the spot where McCants would have been in Q hit him in stride. Most offenses have some "option" to the route where if the WR and QB read that the defense is in a zone, the WR settles down into the zone rather than running their route into a defender. I'll never know if our offense is that sophisticated, or, if Q just missed badly, but, to me, it looked like Q expected Tyree to settle down into an area of the field that was open and pick up the first. On 3rd down, I swear it was nearly the same play and the announcers even indicated that Q was telling the WR that they ran the wrong route. My point is, for Gilbert to come out and kind of single out MVS as finally learning the offense, I wonder how many of Q's horrible throws are really that far off vs a receiver not reacting to the defense the way they should. I said in the in-game thread, but, one of the biggest differences between this year and last is our WR play... Drops, blocking, routes, coming back to Q when he's scrambling. All of it seems pretty bad. Some could be WR coach, could be that Q is so inaccurate that they don't know how to react, could be that they have seen Q make so many great plays that they are complacent, they are expecting him to make something happen.
  6. How does you "star" receiver not get to the sticks!?
  7. Yeah, how on earth do they say that was recovered by Tulsa?
  8. I see Q putting the team on his back and winning against UCF... yes.
  9. That actually looked like the WR grabbed Nichols
  10. Our receivers are a real weak point. I think McCants is OK, and Soloman has a chance to be good, otherwise, hands are bad, body control is bad, blocking is way down. I think a lot of our struggles resolve around everyone waiting on Q to make a big play and not taking it on themselves.
  11. OK, help me out... throw to McCants... should McCants read the safety in front of him and settle down, or, was the throw really behind him? If Q throws in front, McCants gets killed.