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  1. CFN on the AAC QB rankings & USF preview

    Why is there an assumption that "he's going to take several big shots"? QF has shown a pretty good knack for avoiding big hits.
  2. Best team ever

    IMO, Flowers is the offense. Doesn't matter too much about the other parts, they will be OK because QF is rock solid. I want to see an improved defense. QF may not put up the numbers he did last year as a result of losing Mack and Adams, but, I still think he wills us to wins with the pieces he has. If the defense can be a little better, we should be in good shape. I think the season has potential to give us the "best results ever". I still have a hard time with thinking that you can line this team up against the 2007 Bulls and win. Results for back then had a lot to do with playing a number of ranked teams and needing to be at our best week in and week out. When you only have to "get up" for a couple of games per year, it's a little easier to get that intensity. There are a number of players that I loved as a fan, Blackwell, Grothe, Allen, Selvie, Ean Randolph, etc... but, none for me have been as special as QF. If he improves even a little bit, no matter what happens, Bulls football is going to be fun this year.
  3. My Take (for what its worth)

    As a quick observation, the throw was fine. Genord wasn't looking, that's on him. If the runner is responsible for making sure the delivery is to the plate, so is the first baseman. It was a pinch runner, and a favorable count on the batter to steal the base I believe. It was a ho-hum "keep him honest" throw. Genord should have caught it basically in the chest, not even made a tag, and the game goes on. Perez did not respond well after the run though. Kid was pitching great and kind of let the wheels fall off after that. I don't fault him for the throw, or, the decision. Hitting was awful, and, game-knowledge seemed bad. Byrne was blatantly trying to get ahead on every hitter, guys were standing there with the bat on their shoulder for the first pitch. He seemed to frequent the change-up, up in the zone as the first pitch. I wish someone had just sat on it ready to go. If he throws something else, so what. Going down 0-1 basically every at bat was a waste. I fully believe without the botched pickoff attempt, Perez would have gotten out of the inning and we had some life in the bottom of the 12th, only needing 1 run would have been huge.
  4. Is our 2017 schedule really as bad as it seems?

    That is the key really... If we go undefeated and QF continues to ball out like last year, we'll get more respect than the TEAM probably deserves. If we go undefeated/QF continues to be a stud, he's in talks for the Heisman. Those talks lead to team hype, that hype leads to a jump in the rankings. Our only hope is that the offense continues to average 40+ and the defense steps up to make that give us 20+ pt wins.
  5. Just a thought... Is this judge more embarrassed by this than she was Sami al-arian being employed by USF and being accused of terrorist connections? Or another example of employee misconduct http://www.tampabay.com/news/education/college/usf-under-federal-investigation-for-handling-of-****-case/2215319 It's good that she is only embarrassed when an athlete screws up, I'd hate for her to really care about anything other than what gets her the most press.
  6. Perhaps Mack Should have Stayed?

    You can't discount the serious concussion that Mack suffered last year in his decision either.
  7. Perhaps Mack Should have Stayed?

    I don't know if that is true. Not sure if you ever got to see Hall play. I honestly won't say one way or another. They are different. I will say that Hall had a different situation. When the USF offense lined up in 2005, the defense set up to stop Andre Hall. I don't think people had to game plan for Mack the same way. Sure, he's a threat, but, with Flowers' running ability and the deep threat, defenses couldn't focus solely on Mack. Hall was also only a 2-year "star" for us in a time where we didn't get any press at all. No one knew really about him. Our offense the last 2 seasons got a ton of attention. Ironically, to me, Mack showed more of his NFL ability in his freshman year when he was a true between the tackles running back. Draft status or not, Hall never really got a shot because back then, the NFL was a workhorse RB league. In 2006, there were 10 guys that had over 300 carries. Last year, there was 1. In 2006, the average carries for the top-10 guys was 338, in 2016, it was 279. Teams are relying on more of a RBBC approach now and generally will draft to have a solid 3-deep lineup. Back then, teams had 1 guy and a decent backup. Honestly, the 1 game that Hall really got a shot, he did very well (150 yards total), but, I think he may have tweaked something and fell out of the rotation. I don't know about his work ethic and what he was showing the coaches, but, I felt like he had the right skill set to do very well, it just never materialized. Mack has the opportunity to do great things in Indy. It's a perfect situation. However, from this minute forward, he has to work on blocking for the QB. Luck has spent more time on his back than any other QB in the league since he's been there. If Mack really wants to get a great opportunity, he needs to focus on protecting the franchise. Indy is weird, they generally don't go with the best runner on earth, they want a guy that can pick up a blitz and keep the QB on his feet. If Mack can do that, I have no doubt that he will shine when he gets the ball.
  8. Perhaps Mack Should have Stayed?

    He'll get drafted, I hope he gets a real shot. Some people who's NFL opinion's I respect are saying that he is a legit NFL starter. If he gets that shot and proves it, it won't matter where he is drafted. I would have loved for him to stay, but, a draft grade in the top 5 rounds is worth a lot with a coaching change coming. He didn't know what Strong really wanted to do. He also recognized that Flowers is going to get all of the hype this year if we're successful. I believe he made the right decision for him and I can't wait to root for him on Sundays.
  9. Differences in offensive philosophy from '16 to '17

    Temple's offense kept us off the field though... the point was, yards/TOP was on-par with the rest of the season. Temple played keep-away, it worked.
  10. To add to the BJ/Skip discussion... stats are crap. Show me wins. As BJD's passing stats "improved", the team started losing more games. I hope that CCS understands who QF is, and, I hope that QF knows that his future as a potential NFL player is not at QB. I think he can be a RB at the next level. Let the kid showcase his freakish athleticism and keep doing what he is doing. The point of the game is to do what it takes to win, not to improve anyone's stats.
  11. Tags gets credit... but, really, this team lived on the back of Quinton Flowers last year. I don't know that CWT would have brought long-term success. We'll never know. Hopefully QF is able to carry the team again this season while CCS builds a solid foundation (defense). Say what you want about his time at Texas, but, he left UL in a great spot. Coaching and QB are the most important thing in College Football. Lets see if CCS can replace QF after this season. For 2017, we know we have that locked down.
  12. Softball

    Hey Mike, yep, I remember you, we spent a lot of time in the "press box" together at that old field. It has been forever, hard to believe really. I agree with your assessment on Ken, he is a Bull as long as he wants to be by my book.
  13. Softball

    As others have said, pitching is huge. My sister played at USF for Eriksen and I worked for the team for 3 years. Those saying that he can't recruit are wrong in my opinion. Also, for us having great facilities, most don't understand that those were 10-years too late. In the late 90s/early 00s, USF was the go-to softball program in the state along with FSU. It was harder to get to the WCWS at that time, but, Eriksen took his team very close on a couple of occasions in 97/98 I believe. During that time, he had Mo Triner and Jennifer Thompson, a lethal 1-2 punch pitching. My sister was on the 98 team as a freshman, they lost out to a crazy good pitcher in the regionals to keep them from getting to the WCWS. In 2001, Jesse Kowal was the stud pitcher, also, 2 games from the WCWS that year. Kowal graduated that year, the next year was awful, and the following year Leigh Ann Ellis came in and the team was great again. But, starting in 97ish, UF got a program and out of the gate built a phenomenal stadium. They also had the budget to recruit nation wide. Back then, softball was bigger on the west coast. From day 1, they had great pitching. USF was getting the best of the best locally, but, suddenly it was getting diminished by a few going to UF. Then UCF gets a program with a nice stadium. If you never saw a USF game on the rec fields, you missed out. If you knew what Coach Eriksen did with teams on that awful field, you would understand how good of a coach he really is. All great coaches have personality "quirks" and Ken is not above that, but, if you're looking for a reason that this team isn't "elite", look elsewhere. Look at lack of support when his program was the best thing at USF. Look at the fact that the man worked for years without a guaranteed contract and just kept winning. He turned down good jobs to stay at home. He was promised facilties for years before he had them. Why is this team not elite today? I already said AAC. Other reasons... 1. Softball has become a rich-kid sport. Parents pour probably 6 figures into their kid's career by the time they are making a college decision. Those same parents don't see USF as prestigious enough for their "investment" 2. We don't have SEC money to spend recruiting. 3. Current rankings, you have to get down to no. 12 before you have a non power conference school (JMU). They are also the only non power-5 in the top 25.
  14. Softball