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  1. My roomate and I both wish to attend the USF-FIU game this weekend, we have transportation to the game, however, we do not have $48 to purchase tickets, thus, is there anyone out there who doesn't wish to profit from their initial investment and cut a couple of poor college students a break? -chris
  2. I always felt NCAA was the inferior product as the defensive AI is just ****. -chris
  3. No lie there, I'll never forget that play and the whole stadium going silent save us USF fans jumping up and down and high-fiving one another. -chris
  4. Pats have the 9ers pick, which will be a Top 5 selection, possibly even top 3. -chris
  5. I imagine if an additional Bowl was added it'd be a lower tier bowl given the limited size. -chris
  6. per this morning's SPiT, "ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?: The new stadium could also hold about 35,000 fans for football, and the Rays have had some preliminary talks with officials of the Big East Conference about establishing a bowl game." Thoughts? -chris
  7. I believe they were intending upon changing the turf, dunno if the weather prevented it. -chris
  8. As a NEHI grad, that game was painful to watch, however, I wish Leavitt would've taken a look @ Brinson, guy is a beast and has a real shot to play on Sundays. -chris
  9. You aren't lying. Originally I'd sat up in the upperdeck in the section right next to the USF section, however, my buddy's mom works for the university of Auburn and he had her tickets for the game. We moved down there for the second half. I was on the goal line, two rows up on Auburn's sideline in the endzone opposite the student section. It was nuts to see that TD, hear the whole place go silent except for me and my buddies and a few USF fans around us. EASILY the highlight of any sporting event I've ever attended. -chris
  10. and Mofitt makes a huge tackle on cue. -chris
  11. The big time players have shown up in the 2nd half: Grothe, Murphy and Selvie have played lights out thus far. -chris
  12. I attend the St. Pete campus and about the only thing that ever draws a line or a good amount of attention is when the tix are being handed out. -chris
  13. The War Flamingos in the Student Section were inflatable...where can I acquire said inflatable Flamingos? -chris
  14. First, I goto the St. Pete campus, that being said, I went Monday morning got my ticket and the companion ticket that a friend asked me to grab. I later discovered Monday afternoon that the St. Pete Campus had an alotment of tickets which were not made avail @ the Tampus campus (it being a satellite campus, this makes sense), so I took $160 with me, went thru the line twice and had some of my friends who didn't need companion tickets buy one for me. I sold 4 tickets to one individual @ $75 each, he was a Grad Student in Pharmaceuticals, 2 tickets to a USF grad @ $75, and 2 tickets to a guy who already had student wristband on @ $100. -chris
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