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  1. As a Veteran using GI Bill benefits, they have made my life very simple. I hear plenty of horror stories from my buddies. Some even attend schools without a section for Veteran Affairs. They are constantly sending out job/networking opportunities and area always quick to help in anyway they can. Awesome resource.
  2. Murray - 9 rushes 97 yards.... nice
  3. Maybe plancher has realized he is gonna lose his job
  4. 4 new starters in WKU secondary and we can't get our passing game going.....
  5. you would think we would be working on our passing game to build confidence for BJ before big east play, we have seen we can run the ball during the Florida game and the first half of this game
  6. My wife can throw a better spiral then the WKU qb
  7. I wish we would take a shot down field
  8. MarineBull


    We should expect the same for next week
  9. MarineBull


    Well i guess we can make this our new chat, GO USF all the way from Netherlands
  10. MarineBull


    Is there a link to a chat that they used to do for every game last year or nobody does that anymore?
  11. "It said that USF's speed was a problem for the Tigers" - LOVE IT