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  1. This is the most

    And he is absolutely justified in so doing. We suck. We would lose this game if Temple didn't suck worse.
  2. Attendance is an embarrassment

    Say what?? This is a frigging conference opponent who beat us last year, not an FCS team. If that's not high enough stakes, then Tampa Bay cannot support an FBS football program.
  3. Attendance is an embarrassment

    Absolutely correct
  4. Attendance is an embarrassment

    Do not care if they were playing Sheboygan Community College. This attendance -- for a ranked team, no less -- is inexcusable and a total embarrassment to USF.
  5. Attendance is an embarrassment

    Yeah, but those 50,000+ empty pewter & red seats look awesome to the national TV audience, don't they. Really screams, "USF!"
  6. This is the most

    The penalties are humorous at this stage.
  7. Attendance is an embarrassment

    What an absolute disgrace. Are there even 10,000 butts in seats tonight? Why would any high school football player with offers to other good programs want to come play in a stadium that is 80% empty -- when the team is ranked?!
  8. Hurricane Irma (Off Topic)

    Ah-ha ... figured it out. Splendid. Only did that out of respect for you and your wishes, Brad. Dimwits like that fellow are difficult to ignore without an actual button.
  9. Hurricane Irma (Off Topic)

    Very good. Will do, sir. Thank you for the suggestion.
  10. Hurricane Irma (Off Topic)

    Seriously, mods -- I'm trying to be on my best behavior here. Hence the request for blockage of this imbecile. I noted one of you deleted one of my replies to him a couple weeks ago for a fairly tame comment, so I'm just trying to prevent any more interactions with what is clearly the most immature and one-dimensional contributor on this board.
  11. Hurricane Irma (Off Topic)

    Why am I still seeing this infant's posts? Little help, mods?
  12. Hurricane Irma (Off Topic)

    Aw, man ... all these down-votes are demolishing my self-esteem!
  13. Hurricane Irma (Off Topic)

    Ah, just found the "ignore" feature. Sweet. Life just got a little better. I have two beautiful infants at home that do enough crying -- don't need any more of it.
  14. Hurricane Irma (Off Topic)

    Do me a favor and show me where I've played "internet tough guy." How immature must you be to whip that accusation out just because someone who disagrees with you actually sticks to his guns and fleshes out a reasonable argument? Good grief, you are a pansy. Mods, is there an ignore feature on this board? Seriously -- I'm new so I don't know.