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  1. Say Something Positive About The Upcoming Season

    "Something Positive About The Upcoming Season"
  2. Welcome Turd Ferguson

    Yes, he tanked on his predictions of Holtz. However, ol' Phil's unflinching optimism paid off when Taggart's squads finally starting putting things together over the past two seasons. He was, in the end, seen as some sort of savant.
  3. Welcome Turd Ferguson

    Has Phil Perkins registered an account here yet?
  4. Welcome Turd Ferguson

    His trademark phrase. If I had a dollar for every time he bragged about his own "football I.Q.," I'd be sitting in my summer retirement chateau on the Maine coast right now.
  5. Welcome Turd Ferguson

    Good day, Ned! Great to see you here. I'm looking forward to more of your insightful comments regarding Bulls athletics.
  6. Welcome Turd Ferguson

    Ah, well, good. Hopefully he'll be able to join in on the banter here once he emerges victorious from his latest battle.
  7. Welcome Turd Ferguson

    I don't believe Coach Gee has ever registered a profile here, Señor727. He's been battling some health issues. He's a fine gentleman -- one of my all-time favorites (and not in the way Steven J. O'Neal and BradentonBullCrap were my favorites).
  8. Welcome Turd Ferguson

    Ah, yes ... good ol' BradentonBullCrap (or BBC, as we sometimes called him). I miss that guy terribly. And, of course, the same can be said for the late Steven J. O'Neal. That guy was a hoot.
  9. Welcome Turd Ferguson

    Wouldn't say that, no. However, I do get a kick out of folks who take things too seriously and can't take a bit of humor and / or a viewpoint that cuts contrary to their own. Good stuff.
  10. Welcome Turd Ferguson

    Thank you, señor727. Good to see you here.
  11. Welcome Turd Ferguson

    And I see I'm already getting down-votes. Love it!
  12. Welcome Turd Ferguson

    I'm now officially considered Coach Emeritus.
  13. Welcome Turd Ferguson

    Hasn't been quite a half decade, Mr. Rider. More like two years. Major, major, major life changes (all good) have greatly reduced the time I once used to teach all you peons about football.
  14. Welcome Turd Ferguson

    Nice to meet you too, Sunshine.
  15. Welcome Turd Ferguson

    I see my reputation precedes me.