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  1. SpeedBull

    NFL Draft

    Congrats Deadrin!!! I loved watching you play and will enjoy watching you crush Jameis Winston 2x every year!!
  2. SpeedBull

    JPP To Bucs

    We have a winner!!! I literally laughed out loud at this one.
  3. SpeedBull

    Q Invited to NFL Combine

    Q is smart and has his head on straight. I think he understands this is a great opportunity for him to provide a quality life for him and his family. This is great news. I am not saying he can’t make it as a QB, but teams and coaches will like the fact that he’s willing to do whatever it takes. I will be rooting for him wherever he ends up!
  4. SpeedBull

    Senat Invited to NFL Combine

    Totally! I really like this young man, he’s a beast!
  5. SpeedBull

    Why Charlie Strong is Still Coaching at USF

    Congrats Wildrover, your last two sentences are the most juvenile and whiny anti-Bull garbage that I’ve read in a while. A great double shot of crap. Nice work! My “evidence” is stated in my initial statement. He’s a highly respected coach and by every account a GREAT recruiter. College sports are driven by recruiting. Do you remember the Skip Holtz era? He couldn’t recruit this state and he nearly single handedly destroyed the program. Oh yeah, We were 10-2 and won a Bowl game in Coach Strong’s first year. Not bad. The offense was pretty vanilla compared to last year, no question. But we still put up crazy offensive numbers. I would like to see some more innovative offensive game planning, I’m hopeful that he will adapt (as Taggart did) as the years progress. Every one on this board agree on 1 thing. Right now, and probably forever, USF will a stepping stone program for most coaches that come through. Coach Strong is a guy that has strong ties in this state. He’s a respected man that’s no spring chicken and has been around the block. Maybe, just maybe, we could keep this man around a while? Maybe he would like to plant some roots and build a legacy here? Maybe people like you will wake up and realize this?? Probably not. The fact that you would “win” either way next year if he has a good year or bad year tells me everyone one TBP all we need to know about you. Troll somewhere else dude, your argument was weak. Go Bulls!!
  6. SpeedBull

    Why Charlie Strong is Still Coaching at USF

    He’s a GREAT head coach for THIS PROGRAM. We need consistency. We need a guy that can recruit the state of Florida. Coach Strong is highly regarded by the High School coaching community in this state. People that are rooting for his exit are delusional.
  7. SpeedBull

    What Charlie Strong Did Before the Game...

    Great info! Maybe this bowl victory will help get him “more attached” to the program. On an unrelated note, as much as I hate the played out Gatorade bath, it seemed that Coach Strong and the players really enjoyed the celebration together after the game. It was the first time I saw some joy and real emotion from CCS and it was pretty cool. I, for one, am looking forward to a good season next year. We are losing a lot of great Seniors, but I have confidence in CCS recruiting abilities. GO BULLS!! 🤘🏼🐂
  8. SpeedBull

    Adidas is official

    LMAO...Russell Athletic is terrible. If USF ever goes with Russell, just shut the program down. Hell, my 7 year old son has Adidas gear for his soccer team.
  9. SpeedBull

    Adidas is official

    We need to get the white numbers back on the green jerseys. The beige on green looked pretty crappy to me. I doubt that we will see the ever changing, multiple unis of the pre-Strong Years. It will be interesting.
  10. SpeedBull

    $1 million dollar gift to football center

    Amen. Enough already. I’d like to see Coach Strong here for a long time. Stop trying to drive this guy out of town.
  11. SpeedBull

    Willie to FSU is official

    Are you saying it’s been done before?
  12. SpeedBull

    Willie to FSU is official

    I have been trying to sort out how I feel about all of this. I keep coming back to the same thing. I can’t help but to be happy for Taggart and Leavitt. I always liked FSU. I loved Bobby Bowden. I never liked Jimbo and still can’t stand Winston. He’s a scumbag. As a result I stopped liking FSU. Willie Taggart set his goals high. He wants to be the first black head coach to win a National Championship. It would/will be a tremendous accomplishment. I am rooting for him to get it.
  13. SpeedBull

    Strong interviewed with FSU on Sunday

    Passive aggressive??? I’ll call it active aggressive. It seems most on this board are trying to will Coach Strong out of town. It’s insane. There is massive inferiority complex that is somehow coupled with a false sense of superiority (over UCF in particular). Add in a healthy dose of unrealistic expectations of an invite to a P5 along with almost complete apathy about an OCS and you have TheBullsPen in a nut shell. This place is bizarre.
  14. SpeedBull

    USF switching to Adidas?

    That’s funny, the lighter green Nike jerseys are one my all time favorites. I like the white numbers on the green as opposed to the gold numbers we’ve had the last couple years.