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  1. SpeedBull

    Strong Ain’t Going No Where

    This is 100% true. Heupel was smart enough to not try to fix what wasn’t broken. Slowing down the offense was the beginning of the end for us. I have been in the keep Strong camp...now I’m swaying. Our brand of football is boring. The team just has an overall lack of excitement and enthusiasm. I don’t see excitement when we do things well and I don’t see any anger or emotion when we don’t. It’s boring and frustrating.
  2. This is absurd. If USF was doing what UCF is doing you’d never say these things. Give credit where credit is due. Aren't you one of the many that’s still clinging to a 2007 win against West Virginia?
  3. I’ve been in the keep Coach Strong camp, but I’ve become very frustrated. I can’t stand passionless leaders. Belichek will be the last of that dying breed. And obviously CCS is no Belichek. Leaders need to lead. Leaders need to be passionate to inspire loyalty and dedication. I’ve never seen joy or anger in CCS. He is not an inspirational leader. He can recruit, no doubt about it. But the game has changed. Talent alone isn’t enough anymore. Young men, now more than ever need to be lead. They need to be inspired. The days of the stoic head coach are gone.....Maybe that means CCS needs to move on.
  4. Sales rule #1...find something in common and expand on it. Boobs are wonderful, totally agree
  5. Agreed. An OCS won’t win individual games, but it will help build the program. In business, in sports, in life....there is no neutral. You’re either getting better or you’re getting worse. UCF is getting better....USF??
  6. We?? It’s not my problem. If WE want to matter THEY (USF) will figure it out. If not....YOU will continue to relive one game in 2007.
  7. The Britney smack is solid dude. You are a funny dude True. I laugh at your stuff on the regular and I actually enjoy the spar with you. We both love the Bulls, we both know I’m right and the world will still keep turning.
  8. There’s the substance-less snark everyone’s come to expect.
  9. Then why do we play there?
  10. Props for the effort. But if you’re truly honest with yourself you know that the live, college football experience at Ray Jay will never compare with our foes to the East.
  11. You do realize how pathetic it is to continually refer to ONE GAME that was 11YEARS ago right? Ever see Al Bundy on Married With Children? We are a 21 year old program that relies on 1 game in 2007 as our “glory days”. Anyone making this argument has literally never achieved any personal success in life. I’m convinced.
  12. You are good at snarky BS replies...what you are not good at is original thought. Tell us all 19 things more important than an OCS.