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  1. This would possibly make sense. No way in hell that Leavitt is under Slick Willie or anybody else at USF.
  2. Dude’s balling. I guess that “news” will not be taken seriously.
  3. Does anyone know who this guy is? I hope this is true, but don’t trust a random tweet.
  4. Great minds think alike....we were posting the same thing at the exact same time.
  5. I’m over Willie Taggart. I saw that same deer in the headlights, fish out of water face at FSU as I saw here. I am not a fan. He’s a snake oil salesmen that was figured out. If you want to ride his jock, feel free to. Let’s agree to disagree because you’ve bored me with this.
  6. I’m over it...been over it. I just don’t want him back here. Period. Pretty simple.
  7. Excellent points. I can’t believe that Kelly would take Taggart back here. I like the idea of a true Bull as head coach. The pro-Taggart support is baffling to me. It’s like taking a girl back that cheated on you and laughed as she did it....then she screwed the next guy over. The third guy realized he made a mistake with her and kicks her to the curb. Now she “wants” to come back to you. Give me a freaking break. Have some pride. Willie Taggart is not a Bull. He never has been and he never will be.
  8. You say he was an average recruiter...I read the the other day that he was the ace recruiter on the staff. And I’ll say it again....I’m not saying King should be the coach. I never said he should be the coach. I said that I’d rather have him than Willie Taggart. I’ll say it again. I’ll take Matt Grothe over Willie Taggart.I don’t want Willie Taggart here. Period. It would be a ****** hire.
  9. All due respect....Jim Leavitt would never, ever work under Willie Taggart at USF. For the record, I am in the bring Leavitt back as head coach camp....I’m also in the never bring Taggart back camp....all this said it’s a long shot that Leavitt comes back at all...much less as an employee of Willie Taggart at the program he built. Head Coach or nothing for Leavitt.
  10. CWT will be a very bad decision. Period. I can live with Lane Kiffin. One thing that we agree on is that I believe that MK is a sharp guy that understands the gravity of this hire and I trust that he will make a good one. Therefore, I’m confident that it will not be Taggart.
  11. “Proven” HCs are over-rated. Just ask......well just ask USF. Skippy was a “proven” head coach when USF hired him. Charlie Strong was a “proven” head coach when Texas hired him...he was more “proven” when USF hired him.....I’m even willing to bet that FSU considered Taggart was a “proven” head coach when they hired him. How about Rich Rod’s failures after “proving” himself as a HC? I could probably come up with 100 more examples, but I won’t.
  12. I never said King was my first choice. I said I’d rather him than the other two. Why are you so enamored with Lane Kiffin? The guy that went from the Raiders to FAU. That’s your savior? Or you think Willie is the answer?
  13. No baggage. Local guy. Stronger ties to the Bay Area than Willie and Lane combined. He’s been loyal to USF and the Bay Area in general.
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