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  1. Supply and demand. There is a finite supply of players that are good enough to start at mid-level programs. There is competition locally for those players. I believe UCF is a much more attractive option for those players. No different than any other business trying to recruit talent. There has to be a reason for the better talent to choose USF. I just don’t see it. I hope CJS can figure out a way to do it, but he will have to be the best recruiter that this program has ever had. I really hope he can build it.
  2. I don’t think they caught us....there was nothing for them to catch. I think we disintegrated. But for arguments sake, let’s say they caught us. I’d say they did it by making better hires. By creating excitement around their program (building an OCS for example). By recruiting better players. By coaching those players better. As for my point, I’ll ask it again. Why would a kid that’s not getting recruited by the big boys choose USF over UCF? We were never getting the UF and FSU recruits. We were getting the next tier below. I believe that we are no longer getting them, and I believe
  3. Completely disagree. USF Football program absolutely lived. It was exciting, we were winning big games on the road. It was exciting and it felt like anything was possible...and we freaking owned UCF. The program was very alive and now it’s not. There is a direct correlation with the rise of UCF and the death of USF. Why would any kid being recruited by both schools choose USF anymore? This program failed to capitalize on the early momentum.
  4. I’m afraid it’s been dead for a while. We let UCF blow by us. USF once had all the momentum in the world. The state of this program is incredibly disappointing. It’s been a complete failure.
  5. Agreed....to me the biggest difference is Scott came from arguably the best program in the country and he was there as a part of the rebuild from the beginning of it. He was Swinney’s right hand man. There is absolutely no comparison to Taggart in my mind. This was an unbelievable hire for USF.
  6. This one feels different to me. There was some enthusiasm for those other guys, but to me this one feels different. Maybe it’s because we’ve fallen so far. I also think a top assistant from arguably the top program in the country feels different than Taggart coming from WKU for example.
  7. I just threw up in my mouth. The Golden Knights....what a horrible mascot and even worse logo.
  8. This was a great interview indeed! Really excited about this new era for Bulls Football. It feels so much different than anything we’ve had in the past. Everyone should listen to this interview.
  9. The dude has some heavy hands. He was throwing bombs every time. I am not too confident his boxing career will go very far, but wish him the best. He was fun to watch when he did play for the Bulls. I wish him luck.
  10. I said it’s part of the story. I already explained what I think the story is. Long story short...program was on record pace from the jump. We jumped up through conferences, fastest team to 150 wins, huge road wins. Lots of excitement. The excitement went away through a series of bad hires etc. Now we have a new coach, new AD, new excitement. A “story” is what you make of it. We were relevant at one time. We became irrelevant. We are making a commitment towards relevance again.
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