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  1. I actually appreciate their hatred and unified animosity towards us (if it in fact exists as you folks say it does) At least it shows passion. The more time I spend on this board, the more OUR “fan base” annoys me. At least UCF fans have a lively, raucous game day OCS experience. I bet UCF doesn’t have a 15 page thread about sitting or standing in their stadium during games (with a majority of them stating that being loud has no impact on home field advantage and people should not waste time or energy being raucous because it has absolutely no impact on the game). To me the UCF rivalry is real. Like it or not, its going to prove to be the best rivalry both of our schools will likely ever have. Why not embrace it? They have accomplished more than us in football. Period. We are no longer a superior program (and maybe we never were). I love USF. I love my alma mater. I love our colors. I love our logo. I love our uniforms. I love the Bay Area. I hate Orlando. I take pleasure in NOT liking UCF. I swear, I don’t understand a majority of you people. What motivates you? I actually have a hard time believing that many people on this board are actually sports fans or have ever accomplished anything in a competitive environment in their lives. It’s bizarre to me.
  2. Hence the use of the word “generally”. I didn’t say “always”.
  3. As with many things the answer is somewhere in the middle. Fans that sit through an entire game with little to no emotion are lame. Fans that stand the entire time with no regard to their surroundings are a-holes. I definitely like to yell and get fired up, so I’m closer to that side of the camp.
  4. SpeedBull

    True BULLS FAN!

    I would say she has to be “The Truest” Bulls Fan! And most likely one of the wealthiest.
  5. The K/P (D) is a proper grade and the one that concerns me the most. As a program we’ve generally been pretty strong in the kicking department. This is as bad as I remember ever seeing it. I hope we can get this sorted out by the end of the year or I can see it costing us a game or two.
  6. SpeedBull

    Blake Barnett

    Literally a perfect post and assessment here by Bull Dozer. I agree with every bit of it. The young man still needs game experience (a lot of it). He clearly has a massive amount of God given talent and tools. I will add that any conversation about his draft status at this point is wildly premature. Let’s enjoy watching him and the team grow.
  7. SpeedBull

    Do not miss this side of Willie

    True story, sign me up for that plan haha.
  8. SpeedBull

    Do not miss this side of Willie

    My thoughts exactly!!! Kick Willie’s A$$ Coach Strong!!
  9. SpeedBull

    Do not miss this side of Willie

    Willie is not a good coach. He’s a very good recruiter. He’s in the “big leagues” now and going against other great recruiters...the difference is that they can coach too. He needs to try to find his old high school coach to come bail him out again. He won’t be given the leeway at FSU that he had here, 2 years of horrific unwatchable football won’t fly.
  10. SpeedBull

    Do not miss this side of Willie

    Haha...so true. Dude is sub .500 and is the coach at Florida State. I’d say at this point he’s officially stolen the moniker “Slick Willie” from Bill Clinton. He’s the living definition of fake it ‘til you make it. The problem is he can’t fake it anymore.
  11. SpeedBull


    By my count the Bulls have played at ZERO on campus stadium home games. Hopefully this changes soon.
  12. SpeedBull

    Charlie is 1,000% right!

    Puc86 - I just read this entire thread and you are absolutely killing me. What world are you living in? All you do is crap on the AAC. Why do you waste your time watching the Bulls and posting 50 times each thread about a team in such a loser conference? You say the conference is “beneath us” and yet we’ve never won it. That statement alone is the most ignorant thing I’ve ever read on this board. Nothing worth having is given...it’s earned. What has USF Football done to earn a spot in a better conference? What has the program accomplished to prove that the conference is beneath them? My 8 year old son understands that to get to the next level in ANYTHING you must first win at the level you’re at. For the love of God, enough with the insanity.
  13. Hello All - I’m going to be in the Brandon area for my sons soccer tournament this Saturday and Sunday. I live in Palm Harbor, but I won’t have time to get home to watch the game. Is there a good sports bar in the area that fellow Bulls congregate to watch games? Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance.