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Marinatto first meeting with Tags

Atlanta Bull

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Just reading his forest gump-like quotes, its easy to see Marinatto is in over his head.  This is unfortunate for USF.

I also hate the fact he is a greasy, fat pig. . . . . sorry fat posters.  I mean the guy is in charge and, if that is how he takes care of himself. . . . what do you think he'll do to diligently take care of the BE during this uncertain time.

Where is his pride?  Its certainly not present in his dipsh!t quotes about seeking to learn the biz from Delaney and Tagliabue and his sense of pride is certainly not present when he reps the BE looking like a greasy, fat, slovenly pig.

These uncertain times are compounded by the fact the fact the BE currently has a do-nothing slob in charge. . . . . . I'm all for watching this trainwreck a couple weeks longer, but, at the very least, Woolard, Genshaft and Holtz better be prepared to go rogue if our BE leadership is as poor as I suspect it is.

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""He told me he had five consultants and that I needed five consultants," Marinatto said. "He said we need experts in fields like technology advancements, numbers [money] and legal aid.''"

The Big East definitely has a fight ahead, but if they follow through on ideas like this, they have a shot at succeeding with some luck. This is just smart business. Know your strengths and know your weaknesses. Once they are identified, fill in the niches where you are weak. If they bring in some smart tech consultants who are familiar with the college sports world, I'll be impressed. No conference, right now, is truly profiting from technology like some other companies are doing.

I mean, what about deals with Hulu or something similar? With Comcast purchasing NBC-Universal, there will be some definitive changes coming to Hulu. Maybe it means wiping it out. Maybe it means expanding Hulu's market to help recoup the $30 billion dollars it is spending to acquire NBC-Universal. If that deal is finalized, they will 100% be taking submissions for new ideas and will be up for trying a lot of new things. If the Big East can lock down its content and make some technology deals; it would put itself in a much better position from any negotiation standpoint.

There is a lot of money to be made through technology; especially in College Football. I would be the first person to sign up for a package that gave me every HD Big East Football game and Basketball game available on my computer. $150 a year? sure. $300 a  year? I'd pay it. I travel so much that it's nearly impossible to keep up with all the blackouts, regional selective game choices and lack of stations. What I can control, though, is having my laptop, headphones and access to high-speed internet. I once ordered ESPN Gameplan for a year while I was traveling. My selection choices were awful, I routinely ran into blackouts of everything I wanted to watch (with no access to the available television channel either)  and the game would just disappear due to technical difficulties. We have been doing live-broadcasts as a species for awhile now... I know, I have worked on them. It really isn't that hard to setup a reliable system if you actually care about making it work. Just charge what you need to charge, partner with the right companies and make a package that guarantees no blackouts while you are watching online. The deal shouldn't be overly hard to negotiate. If I have access to the a channel on a television that is playing the game, I am going to watch it on TV. You aren't losing a viewer by allowing me to watch it online. You are, though, creating negative press every time I curse your name (BrightHouse) for having blackouts on the game when you don't even offer it online. If BrightHouse wants to pay for the rights to exclusively broadcast the game locally that is their right to do so and it's my fault for not having BrightHouse to take advantage of that. If ESPN has the rights to broadcast the game on ESPN3, though, and your blackout in Tampa prohibits them from showing it online locally then that is just stupid. I'm not going to subscribe to BrightHouse because of your blackout and realistically, I'm just going to dislike the company more.

It may not be the answer but it might be part of the solution. Again, if these aren't just false promises, it could make for exciting changes. We'll see what they do with it.

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