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Super Conferences Coming Our Way?

Atlanta Bull

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I believe that under such a major Big Ten expansion, the first tier of teams the SEC would go after would be FSU and Miami, the same dynamic duo that eluded us for so long and had all those national championships as a result. They would finally get their chance in the big pond. It doesn't take a genius to see that the SEC would start raiding the ACC first, siphoning off the cream. Besides, the ACC would have to make room somehow for the remnants of the Big East to be folded into it, teams like West Virginia, Louisville, So. Florida and Cincinnati.


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good for usf

would big east still retain bcs slot -----i doubt it

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I still would like a good explanation from someone as to why the SEC would expand even if the Big Ten were to go to sixteen.

This article has this for a reason:

And what would we expect the SEC to do? Sit by idly as their drawing power on the national landscape is usurped? Not hardly. Would sixteen be the new twelve, or would it be every conference for itself and add all hands on deck? The remnants of the Big East might look to the ACC to shanghai them, but that would be after the SEC had it's own ideas

Sooo, the SEC is going to expand because everyone else is doing it?!? The SEC has their TV contract into like 2023. Each team is getting waaaay more money from ABC/ESPN than anything the BTN is producing as of yet and they don't have to hastle with running their own network. Why is the SEC going to rip that contract up and try to add teams and renegotiate in this present economic climate? Makes absolutely no sense.

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