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@ JFK T5 returning from my extended weekend in the Northeast and...

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I just want to say how unbelievably disappointed i am with our team. 

First of all(this is not trying to be a rant or whatever...but it might be), this University and its athletics teams mean the world to me.  It pains me to see them lose.  But the amount of pain i felt thursday night at rutgers stadium(getting shut out) was just flat-out disgraceful. 

After a FANTASTIC alumni reception before the game...our contingent of (a few hundred) Bulls fans made our way to our section in the stadium...feeling pretty good about the game...though surprisingly COLD for how warm it was the DAY BEFORE(which had a big part in the outcome of the game IMHO).  Let me go into this...it was in the 60's the day before the game...and not windy.  Out of the 5 days I was up here...the coldest windiest night...was the night of the GAME!  How "tough luck" is that...?

Anywho...yes...i stayed to the end of the game, cause I just don't get to see much USF football(i travel with my job alot) and was in tears near the end.  I cannot believe that this team can go out there and perform like that when there is so much excitement around the match-up.  (defend ranking, nat'l TV, we hate Rutgers, etc...) As a musician...i just don't know how you don't THRIVE to perform with that opportunity.  This leads me to this...there is something seriously wrong with the way the players are prepped, trained and mentally prepared for games.  They just don't seem like true students of the game at all.  I know i am poster #3,459 with this same complaint...but, just wanted to put my 2cents in there since i witnessed the debacle first hand.

Let me also add that our fans are very passionate...and i was very pleased with the Universities appearance...great tailgating, great fans...DOUG WOOLARD GAVE A GREAT SPEACH!!!  (they still need to get HOT Band to some of these games though, :P)

I was so proud of my university...then the game started...and at the end...i was felt like i hit rock bottom. 

And heres the kicker...Rutgers fans didn't even give us sh!t...they were nice as hell...and i know that kind of nice.  Its the kind of nice we give SU fans or...IAA fans at Football Games.

Anywho...I just wanted to recap part of my weekend here on the board.

While in NYC i also saw some great Broadway shows, met up with some great friends, and scoped out some possible grad schools in the city for music.  Overall...great weekend.  However...the pain i felt in Piscataway was greater than any i've felt in a long time.

All you guys and girls on this board ROCK...and our determination and passion will get USF to where it needs to go eventually!



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Great post!!! I like the fact that it was not all negative and that you seem to see the big picture about rooting for your alma mater. In the end, it is all about the experiences that you had with the other USF fans and how you showed your support for the team. It is always nice to see USF win, but we as fans have to be able to move on from the loses. Life does not end, and I believe the USF program will be fine in the long run. GO BULLS!!!!

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Guest nybullsfan

Dude, great post. Good luck in NY, it's the center of the universe, fer sure.

Greetings from San Antonio / Austin, TX (on my way slowly to Tampa for the Miami game). If we're ever in the same town at the same place, let's get together!



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