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Thoughts on USF vs. UCF

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I've been reading through the posts today on the game on both this board and on the UCF site.  I'm pleased to see most folks being pretty level headed and realistic about what transpired.  On the drive home last night, I was sure both boards would be in total meltdown mode.

Take off the green and gold glasses, and this is what I see:

-BHNS, while it does feel like a cheap stadium, was a lot of fun. No I'm not jealous, but I don't blame UCFers for being proud. When USF fans were chanting U-S-F and stomping, it sounded very intimidating (I was sitting on the East sideline)

-Traffic management and parking was terrible, despite us hitting University Dr 3 hrs prior to kickoff

-UCF fans weren't as obnoxious as I expected. Yes, there were bad apples...but we have our own, too. Overall pretty hospitable and good sports.

-The "golden showers" chant was ridiculous, but it actually got this old UCF fan lady sitting by us laughing when she realized what was being said

-UCF's defensive line? WTF????

-I will be sorely displeased if UCF doesnt make a good run for the C-USA championship this year. Ok ok, ECU, but still.

-I'm not really into the band performances, but UCF's band taking the field at the pre-game was pretty cool. (how they marched on with nothing but a drum beat)

-The fact that UCF is non-BCS is the only thing that makes this game un-enjoyable. Imagine if they were in our conference...

-I will never disrespect a "lesser" team again. We ARE a better team (4-0), but we've had too many close calls against the UCFs and FAUs of the world

-Joe #19 gives me nightmares.

-Let this be a lesson to the players and coaches who denigrate lesser teams. We could have easily lost, and as one columnist pointed out...it would have been a PR nightmare.

-Going forward, I think it's a good idea to adopt the "confident, but humble" attitude.

-I love Grothe. He's not the best pocket passer in the world, sure, but nothing gives me more confidence in situations like last night than knowing he's under center and under control.

-The Selvie chant was awesome.

-Statistically, Ford hasnt seemed to have that much of an impact on the team. But I sure felt his absence last night.

Bottom line, I think the outcome was great. It was fun, our expectations are likely more realistic, we're still undefeated, we've identified weaknesses that need work, we're 4-0 against UCF. Someone will probably call me a softie on this one, but I'm glad the UCFers know their team played a good game. They have some decent, loyal fans just like we do and don't deserve to feel utterly humiliated. I'll be pulling for UCF in the future (until we play again--and we will), and I hope they feel the same.

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