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Live chat transcript [Selve, AJ Love, Sampson Genus, Grothe, and Jake Griffen]

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Selvie has already given us 10 minutes.  We're chatting with AJ Love and Sampson Genus now.

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That's a pretty cool thing...

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11:55 Hello everyone. This is Jeff Wuerth in the Athletic Communications office. I have George Selvie here with me now. Start with the questions. 

11:56 [Comment From Brian]

George, do you think you can repeat the same kind of monsterous numbers as last year? 

11:56 He is currently being interviewed by Joe Henderson of the Tampa Tribune.

11:58 I am good. He did just tell Joe that he wants to have 20 sacks this season. 

11:59 So he is obviously set some high goals for himself and is looking to have a better season than 2007. 

11:59 [Comment From Brian]

Ok. Well, how are you today Jeff? 


12:02 George: It will be hard to duplicate last year's numbers but that is what I am going to try and do. It will take a lot of hard work. 

12:02 [Comment From Stosh]

As a team would you say anything less than a BE championship would be a failure given all the talent we have? 

12:02 George: Our main goal is to always win the Big East championship and that is what we are striving for. 

12:03 [Comment From Billy]

George, you're obviously going to garner some extra attention this year, how have you prepared yourself to counter that? 

12:04 George: Just working on counter moves. And the coaches have done some things in practice that I will see in games so that helps. And the extra attention I get will free up other players to make plays. 

12:04 [Comment From Stosh]

Is there one particular team you are really looking forward to playing... Rutgers, KU? 

12:05 George: Tennesse Martin is the only game I am focusing on right now. It is easy to look ahead but we really are focusing on one game at a time. 

12:05 George only has 5 minutes left before he has to go to the podium. I am just giving everyone a heads up. 

12:05 [Comment From Carl]

How would you compare the energy level of this team to last years level that was so successful? 

12:06 George: We are looking to come out this season at a championship level. We want to come out fast. 

12:07 George: We are looking to come out fast. Come out at a championship level from the very first game. 

12:07 [Comment From Brian]

George, how are you dealing with the new celebrity type status? Everyone one from Playboy to ESPN has pictures and stories about George Selvie! 

12:08 George: It is a little bit different but I am trying to stay level headed. My mom won't let me get a big head. 

12:08 [Comment From Henri]

George, is this year's team much more prepared than last year's? What are some of the little things you've noticed? 

12:09 George: There is more urgency than in the past. Everyone is hungry for a championship. We have been really close the past few years. 

12:09 [Comment From Brian]

Name the OTs you'll face against TN-Martin 

12:10 George: We have looked at some of the UT Martin stuff. They have moved some guys around and the guy I may face could be a redshirt freshman. 

12:10 [Comment From Carl]

No question here, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your time with us. 

12:10 George: Thanks and thanks for the support. 

12:10 [Comment From Go Bulls]

George, which game are you looking forward to the most???? 

12:10 We answered this question above. 

Sampson Genus and AJ Love---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

12:11 George is heading to the podium. We have A.J. Love here with us. 

12:11 And Sampson Genus. Ask away. 

12:12 [Comment From PingBull]

Mr Love, Glad to see you've risen up in the depth chart...Did you expect your climb to be a starter to happen so quickly? 

12:13 A.J.: I didn't really give it a time frame. I just knew that if I worked hard that it would pay off. We have a bunch of talented receivers. 

12:13 [Comment From Brian]

AJ and Sampson, how's life on the 2-deep? 

12:15 Sampson: It is exciting. I got some playing time last year and I expect more this year. You have a lot of people depending on you so you want to do well.

AJ: It really is  a dream come true for me. I love the game of football. Every player wants to be a part of the two-deep and have a chance to make plays and be in the spotlight.

12:15 [Comment From Stosh]

Sampson how is your injury? You're a beast we'll need you! 

12:15 Sampson: I feel pretty good right now. A little tired from camp but you have to fight through your injuries and be ready to go.

12:15 [Comment From Go Bulls]

Hey AJ, how does the graduation of Amarri Jackson effect the receiving corps this season? 

12:16 AJ: Amarri prepared us to take over for him. He set the bar for us receivers for what we want to accomplish but we feel have a great group of receivers. 

12:16 [Comment From PingBull]

Sampson, How is the ankle (?) progressing? 

12:17 He said he is feeling fine and ready to go. 

12:17 [Comment From Mutt]

What's the greatest fear you guys have for this Saturday (other than another injuries and another hurricane)? 

12:17 AJ: Obviously losing. But we feel we are prepared and ready to go. 

12:19 [Comment From Guest]

AJ Love: How have you and Grothe connected with route running and just overall on the football field? 

12:19 AJ: We've connected very well. We have spent a lot of extra time going over plays and are looking to perfect things. 

12:20 I have Grothe here as well. 

12:21 Sampson left for interviews.


12:21 [Comment From FLAmarlins]

How do u guys like the new uniforms? 

12:21 Grothe: We love the new uniforms. Under Armour has done a great job with the uniforms. 

12:22 [Comment From PingBull]

Are you both going to be watching the NC State game this Thursday to study up on a future opponent? 

12:22 AJ: We will obviously be watching that game. 

12:22 [Comment From PingBull]

Matt, Do you feel that trimming your weight to 199lbs will make you even more elusive to defenders? 

12:23 Grothe: I feel quicker and feel that I am in the best shape of my life right now. 

12:23 He is munching on some good ribs right now.

12:24 [Comment From Brian]

How do you like seeing the massive Grothe bill boards around town? 

12:24 Grothe: My friends think its cooler than I do. But it is pretty cool to see stuff like that. 

12:25 [Comment From Stosh]

Matt, what is the main thing you've tried to work on to limit the picks from last year? 

12:26 Grothe: I just took my first two years and put them together and tried to analyze both seasons some of the mistakes I made. Just trying to think a little more and not always trying to force things. Telling myself "don't be stupid. Take what they give you." 

12:27 [Comment From Charles]

Matt, how do you feel about the cohesion of the offensive line? Are you guys meshing well? 

12:28 Grothe: Most of the guys up front are seniors and have experience. They have done a good job all fall against our defensive line so that has been impressive. 

12:28 [Comment From lui]

u bringing back the grothhawk? 

12:29 Grothe: I was actually thinking about that the other night. I am superstitous. And while we did well when we cut them, I hadn't thrown an interception until I cut it. 

12:29 [Comment From PingBull]

No question, Just wanted to say I appreciate you all answering these questions. 

12:31 [Comment From Brian]

How have you been working with the coaching staff and receivers to lower the interception total this year? 

12:32 Grothe: Coach Canales has done a good job with the receivers. They are learning a lot. And Coach Gregory helping me taking what the defense gives me. The more reps you get the better you will do with the receivers and knowing where they will be.

12:32 [Comment From FLAmarlins]

Yo matt, How do you think Mike Ford's season is going to be? 

12:33 Grothe: Mike is a talented back and everyone knows what he can do. But our whole running back group is capable of getting the job done and moving the ball. 

Best question of the event

12:33 [Comment From Charles]

Matt, Chick-Fil-A just released a new sauce that is almost like a BBQ and Honey Mustard combined. Your thoughts? 

12:34 He just let out a good laugh. Good question. 

12:35 Grothe: Actually I don't like the honey mustard. But everything I get at Chick-Fil-A I put ketchup on so I will just stick with that. 

12:35 [Comment From Seven]

Have you found your favorite receiver yet? 

12:36 Grothe: The way we spread the ball around so much I think it is tough to have one main guy. But I will say that I think A.J. Love is going to have a great season. 

12:37 [Comment From Stosh]

Play well Saturday, I don't know if my ticker can take another close one against a 1-AA. 

12:37 [Comment From Seven]

so what kind of diet are you currently on? or are you just monitoring your food intake? 

12:38 Grothe: I just cut back on a lot of fast food. Instead I have gone to somewhere like Subway. Just being more aware of what I eat. 

12:39 [Comment From Guest]

Grothe: do you feel any more confident about looking downfield for receivers and picking about secondarys? 

12:39 Grothe: I do feel more confident. I can't wait to get out there Saturday and start what I hope is a great season. 

12:39 [Comment From Brian]

Can we get a few more trick plays this year? I remember 2 years ago we had fake punts, multiple reverses, and recievers passing the ball galore. 

12:40 Matt's last question.

12:40 Grothe: I think we will have a mixture of all that stuff to make defenses play every aspect of the game against us. 

12:41 Matt said thanks and thanks for the support. 

Chat with host--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

12:43 We will have some more players joining us. 

12:43 I will be right back. I need to go grab my plate of ribs too. 

12:45 [Comment From Brian]

Get me one too please. 

12:45 [Comment From Seven]

can we request players? I would like to hear from our new starting corners, especially Jerome Murphy. 

12:46 I know Jerome won't be here.

12:46 And I don't think Tyller either. Depends on who is here. 

12:47 There is nothing better than the start of the college football season. I know, but does anyone else know how many games start off the season on Thursday night? 

12:48 [Comment From Brian]

I think it's 3 

12:48 That would be WAY LOW!! 

12:49 Yep. 14 games, including NC State vs. South Carolina. And also a Pac 10 opener. 

12:50 [Comment From Brian]

ok, according to ESPN it's 14!!! 

12:50 [Comment From Brian]

That's insane 

12:51 [Comment From Stosh]

I hope Gustav doesn't mess things up 

12:51 Who is Gustav?

12:52 [Comment From Stosh]

isn't that the name of the hurricane? 

12:52 [Comment From Brian]

Middle Line Backer for TN-Martin 

12:52 [Comment From Miles Lamoureux]

Jeff: Gustav is the new tropical storm heading towards florida 

12:53 Gotcha. I haven't kept up on my storms. 

Ticket people and USF student president------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

12:54 Hey folks. I have Angie Brewer with the USF alumni association and Greg Morgan the Student Body President here with me. 

12:55 We are talking about the newly intiated Be-Respect-A-Bull program. 

12:55 [Comment From Seven]

what's the atmosphere like around the players, can you sense the excitement? 

12:57 Greg: This weekend is highly anticipated. Students are getting very excited about it. The new student ticket policy has helped get students excited earlier in the week. 

12:57 The program is aimed at promoting a higher lever of pride, sportsmanship and honor. We just announced the program at our press conference. 

12:57 [Comment From Earl]

Do Alumni get tickets through the student ticket program as well? 

1:00 Angie: Everyone but students get their tickets through the USF ticket office. For alumni, key now is to participate through ticket purchases  and donations. Joining the alumni association gets you points,  donating even a small amount to the Bulls Club gets you points and purchasing tickets gets you points. As well as contributions to scholarships. All these things will allow you to have a higher priority number to purchase tickts.   

1:00 [Comment From Brian]

How many students do they think will be left out in the cold for a given game? 

1:03 Greg: As long as students continue to attend the other sporting events and increase their priority points, they won't get left out of the free ticket allotment of 12,501 for each game. If that does happen, then a student would have to purchase a single game ticket if available. 

1:04 [Comment From Brian]

I prefer a less tactful brand of signage at games. Does this program threaten that practice? 

1:06 Angie: The secret is, we want our athletes to know we support them. This program is not designed to damper anyone's enthusiasm. However, the Bulls have played at many other Universities where the fan support was tremendous but there were no derogatory remarks, language, or signage. That is the way we wan't fans to feel when they come to USF. 

1:07 [Comment From Andre Hall]

If USF does not sell all of the season ticket seats before game day on Saturday will those seats be available for purchase by the general public? 

1:07 Andre: Do you mean in the student ticket section? 

1:08 [Comment From Andre Hall]

no, I mean the season ticket sections, if all of the season tickets are not sold by game day will they be available to purchase or will there just be empty seats? 

1:10 Andre: At some point prior to the game all those season ticket locations not sold will be released for a single-game purchase. I am not sure of the exact details. Call 1-800-Go-Bulls for details. 

1:11 We will continue selling season tickets up through the Kansas game. After that, we will sell four-game packages. 

Jake Griffen------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1:12 I have Jake Griffin here with me. Ask away. 

1:13 [Comment From Charles]

Wouldn't it just make sense to model the ticketing system after the current OASIS class registration schedule: handicapped, athletes, honors, seniors, juniors, sophs, fresh, incoming fresh? The seniors pay more into the university's athletic fees, etc. and the handicapped/athletes/honors should get first priority anyways. Freshmen, while excited, haven't payed nearly enough into the school to get one of the tickets before a senior, for example. 

1:13 The ticket folks have left. Sorry. 

1:14 [Comment From Brian]

Jake, I met your mother and step dad on the way home from the Rutgers game. You've got a great family. 

1:14 Jake: Thanks I appreciate it. 

1:15 [Comment From Brian]

Jake, how do you feel the offensive line is doing with all the pressure. People have said this could be the best o-line in program history. 

1:16 Jake: We just come to work. We have the same attitude we had last year. It is good to have Matt Huners back and we are starting to gel well. The focus is starting to set it as we approach the first game. Our expectation is to win. If we win I will be happy. 

1:16 [Comment From Charles]

Jake, how do you feel about the NFL after graduation? 

1:17 Jake: If the opportunity is there, great. If not, I graduated in May and I will move on to the next phase in my life. 

1:19 [Comment From Earl]

Whos your favorite rusher to block for? 

1:20 Jake: I enjoy blocking for Ben Williams. I had class with Ben even before he was on the football team. So we have a special relationship. 

1:20 [Comment From Brian]

What d-lineman (opposing team) scares you the most this season? 

1:21 Jake: The best one I would have to say is Terrill Byrd from Cincinnati. Just a fast twitch guy with a good motor. He is tough to block. 

1:21 [Comment From Charles]

Jake, you said some really great things about Ben Williams a few weeks ago and I'm wondering if his work ethic and other qualities are rubbing off on Ford, Taylor, etc. 

1:22 Jake: Everyone has a good work ethic. They may not be as mild mannered as Ben though. 

1:22 [Comment From janet from panama city]

Are you concerned about UT/Martin at all? I can't stand games like this, they can sneak up on you and can bite you in the backside!! 

1:23 Jake: I'm always concerned about a game. I will be just as nervous for this game as I would the West Virginia game. A loss hurts either way. 

1:23 Any last questions for Jake. 

1:23 We are wrapping things up. 

1:23 [Comment From Brian]

Good lcuk, we'll be cheering for you! 

1:23 [Comment From Andre Hall]

Good luck this season. GO Bulls! 

1:24 Jake: Thanks and thank for the support. 

1:24 [Comment From Earl]

Stay healthy Jake! 

1:24 I hope everyone enjoyed this today. We will be doing it every Tuesday as part of the press luncheon. 

1:24 [Comment From janet from panama city]

Go Bulls! WE LOVE YOU from the panhandle! 

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That is really cool.

They're doing a much better job keeping in-touch with the fans through the web.

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the level of interaction with the athletes this year seems way better than normal.  it's a really nice way to give back to the donors and fans.  plus, what else do people want besides MORE COVERAGE OF THE BULLS?!

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Best question of the event

12:33 [Comment From Charles]

Matt, Chick-Fil-A just released a new sauce that is almost like a BBQ and Honey Mustard combined. Your thoughts? 

12:34 He just let out a good laugh. Good question. 

12:35 Grothe: Actually I don't like the honey mustard. But everything I get at Chick-Fil-A I put ketchup on so I will just stick with that. 

That was me  ;D

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It was cool getting a chance to chat with the players, look forward to this again next week

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