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Big East and Our Favorite Shows


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Since the Hurricanes, Hokies, and Eagles left the Big East for the "greener pastures" of the ACC the Big East has been fighting for respect and recognition. The College Football Guys are here to help. We have made it easy for you to get to know the Big East by pairing them with famous TV shows that we have all come to enjoy.

WVU - "Survivor." The first relevant show in the Big East. Recent drama and changes in format reek of desperation, which continues to make it fun to watch, but for how much longer? Will Bill Stewart and the program "survive" without Rodriguez? Might be destined for syndication in the near future.

Rutgers - "Biggest Loser." Was once a loser with low self esteem. Now healthy, hip and ready to be a winner the rest of their lives. We will see if they can keep their head "trainer" as ratings suffer without.

UConn - "Big Brother." Has origins in another league (England/Division I-AA). Desire to be an elite program. Voyeur nature makes it a guilty pleasure. Unfortunately the program serves as filler until the real season begins (basketball & fall viewing).

USF - "American Idol." New. Sexy. Every one's favorite. It is unbelievable how far this program has gone in such a short time. Randy Jackson could pull off the "Mohawk" but I can't see Paula in one. However, we would like to see Simon Cowell challenge Coach Leavitt.

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Pitt - "Deadliest Catch." Blue collar; salt of the earth program. They hope that their "catch" against WVU wasn't a fluke. Will interest and captivate viewers if they can pull in enough wins to compete for the Big East title.

Syracuse - "Who Want’s to be a Millionaire?" Has done well with good hosts - Jim Brown/Donovan McNabb/Regis. Without, they are stuck in syndication on the 4 o'clock hour making them relevant only to old alumni in Florida. "Ready for the early bird special Earl?"

Cincy - “Dancing with the Stars.†Show exploded on the scene last year with big wins thanks to nifty moves and great QB play. Can they make it a tradition moving forward or will their game be canceled?

Louisville - "Real World." Always a juicy story whether it’s Petrino or new head coach Kragthorpe. Alumni continue to fight and bicker about what might have been! Makes you wish Puck would come back to your TV.



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