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Live Chat with T Mac transcript


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at 1:30 pm at gousfbulls.com

You can put in your questions now.

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USF Athletics -  Welcome to the new GoUSFBulls.com Live Blog.  This feature functions much like a "Live Chat", but allows for much more interaction and multimedia integration.

This is the first of what will be many live blogs during the upcoming 2008-09 athletics year.... So thanks for participating and supporting GoUSFBulls.com

8:28 USF Athletics -  The blog won't officially start until 1:30 p.m. Eastern, but we wanted to open up the chat early so that fans could sumbit their questions and comments.   

Tryone McKenzie  will hand select the best questions and comments and we plan on chatting for at least 30 minutes..........See you all in a few hours! 

1:23 [Comment From gobulls]

No Grothe on the next-blog poll? No Mike Ford? 

1:24 USF Athletics - 

Welcome to the chat.  Tyrone McKenzie will be on board shortly.  First off, we'll answer this question from GoBulls.... 

1:25 USF Athletics -  There is no Grothe on the live chat poll because we will work a few other players through before we get to the quarterback.  Don't worry thoguh, you can expect a live chat with Grothe before the season starts though. 

1:28 [image popup] tyrone mckenzie.jpg View

1:29 USF Athletics - 

The man picture above has entered the building. 

1:29 [Comment From Kevin]

What was your favorite moment from last season? 

1:34 USF Athletics - 

T-Mac's Response :  Sorry for the delay, everyone. Let's get going..

1:35 USF Athletics - 

T-Mac's Response : Kevin, thats a tough decision on the best moment of 2007.  Not much can top of the West Virginia game and the crowd during the game.  It was an unbelievable experience and a ton of fun to play in front of a packed stadium full of Bulls fans.

1:35 [Comment From Guest]

Welcome T-MacK 

1:36 [Comment From T-MacK Fan]

Do you have the highlight of you knocking the bejesus out of Slaton on a continous loop in your room? Great Hit! 

1:37 USF Athletics - 

T-Mac: Unfortunately no highlight loop but I do have a vivid memory in my head.

1:38 [Comment From Bill]

How will the defense make up for the loses of Ben Moffit, Trae Williams and Mike Jenkins to the NFL? 

1:39 USF Athletics -  T-Mac: Bill, It has been a tough transition without those seniors on the team but we are getting there.  Brouce and I are ready to go at LB, he has had a great off-season. And we are building depth at the two corner position as we speak. 

1:39 [Comment From Riverview]

Tyrone, who has the better jersies....USF or Riverview HS? How closely do you follow Riverview football now. 

1:40 USF Athletics - 

T-Mac: Riverview... USF has way better jersies than Riverview... unless they decide to retire my jersey. 

1:41 USF Athletics -  T-Mac: I pay attention week-by-week during the HS football season and I have bene back to talk several times...  Trying to share some insight into college life and the goals they need to have. 

1:41 [Comment From Kevin]

What game are you looking forward to the most next season? 

1:43 USF Athletics -  T-Mac: Kevin.... The first game of the season... that is what sets it off.  I am really excited for the Pittsburgh game.  I am looking forward to going up against McCoy. He might be the best in the league and we look forward to those challenges 

1:43 [Comment From Guest]

T-Mac, do you think the defense will be stronger than last season? 

1:43 USF Athletics - 

T-Mac: On the defense being better than last season..... We'll have to be better if we want to win the Big East. That's the goal.  We still have six weeks of work before we can start comparing.

1:45 USF Athletics -  T-Mac: Brian... I started at middle my sophomore year at Iowa State.  Moving back to the middel in the spring, I had to get used to seeing all the action in front of me... as opposed ot seeing it at an angle like you do from the outside.  So far the transition has been smooth, but there is still work to do. 

1:45 [Comment From Brian]

What has been the most difficult part of switching from the outside to middle linebacker position? What do you need to improve upon in order to fill the shoes of Ben Moffit? 

1:45 [Comment From Brian]

What is it like playing for Coach Leavitt? Is he as intense in "real life" as he appears to be on the field? 

1:46 USF Athletics - 

T-Mac: Brain again... it is great playing for a coach that is as intense as his players are.  And yes he is that way 365, 24-7.... he always has his eye on the prize.

1:46 [Comment From Superfan]

Is it a lot of pressure for you to fill in Moffit's place? 

1:47 USF Athletics -  T-Mac: Superfan... I don't feel the pressure from outside, but I put plenty on myself.  I am my own biggest critic and know that playing in the middle takes a lot of responsibility. 

1:48 [Comment From DMGibson]

T-Mac how has the transition been with the additon of the two coaches Patrick and Hendrick 

1:49 USF Athletics - 

T-Mack Fan... Here is a link to the WVU game highlights on the USF Press Pass. Enjoy one the best games in USF history.


1:50 [Comment From Jake Ryan]

Who will have a great year on the Defense that may surprise some fans? 

1:51 USF Athletics -  T-Mac:  Jake Ryan, I'm not sure if this is the exact answer to your question but Carlton Williams is  the most underrated player on defense... hands down... That guy is a heck of a player and great teammate.  He gets the defense organized and will play a huge role for us this season. 

1:51 [Comment From Eddie]

Any freshman or redshirt freshman from last year really standing out? Any of them look like they are going to contribute a lot? 

1:52 USF Athletics - 

T-Mac:  Eddie.... Redshirt-freshman Quenton Washington has stepped up. He has learned his role on the team and he's worked hard all summer.  His best talent is his tenacity... the guy gets after it.  He's a fighter.

1:53 [Comment From T-MacK Fan]

How will the hype of last years success effect the confidence of this years team going in, since you guys gained so coverage from the media? And how bad is the loss in the Sun Bowl lingering? 

1:54 USF Athletics -  T-Mac: T-MACK FAN.... The hype of last year is past... We had success but we didn't reach our goals.  We still working towards the top of the mountain.  Last season show everyone that we can win the big game, now we just need to carry it through. 

1:54 [Comment From Janet in Panama City, FL]

I love to travel to see you play - does it help knowing fans are beginning to follow you both in Tampa and on the road? 

1:55 USF Athletics -  T-Mac: Janet in Panama City ... That's huge.  Every game to look in the crowd and see the fans supporting us.  We look up there all the time to feel that support and it plays a huge factor, especiallly on the road. 

1:55 [Comment From Jake Ryan]

How hard was Mike Ford to tackle in the Spring? Is he ready for a break out year? 

1:56 USF Athletics -  T-Mac: Jake Ryan, I have no problem tackling Mike Ford everyday .    I think he is ready to be the main man at running back, but he has plenty of competition from Ben Williams and Jamar Taylor.  We have some horses back there. 

1:56 [Comment From Mike]

Any concerns about changes in the defensive coaching staff (your old Iowa St coach leaving for UF)? 

1:58 USF Athletics -  T-Mac :  Mike, Coach McCarney is an incredible talent and we are going to miss him, but the new guys are no slouches.  We expect a higher level of play from ourselves and the new coaches will get us there. 

1:58 [Comment From Wes]

What's the atmosphere like for the players? Do you feel like the team will have a bullseye on their back because of the recent success? GO BULLS 

1:59 USF Athletics - 

T-Mac :    Wes, Yes we will have a  bullseye on our back, but we are okay with that if you are the type of team that has success. We have to walk around with a chip on our shoulder and know that every game could be our last.

1:59 [Comment From Troy]

Is there anything you have done (individually or as a team) to prepare for dealing with national attention if the team has early success again? 

2:00 USF Athletics - 

T-Mac: Troy.... I don't know that there is anything you can really do to prepare yourself.  We have to take it one game at a time.... I know that you have heard coach Leavitt say that plenty ... and be fully focused every time we hit the field.

2:00 [Comment From gobulls]

What's up with McKenzie not getting a billboard? Doesn't he deserve one? 

2:01 USF Athletics -  T-Mac:  gobulls......Heck yeah,  I do deserve a billboard.  I need one in Riverview. That will sell tickets!!! 

2:01 [Comment From T-MacK Fan]

Thank You USF Athletics 

2:02 [Comment From Arnold]

Who is the biggest animal in the weight room? 

2:02 USF Athletics -  T-Mac: Arnold... Ben Williams is the biggest animal in the weight room and this one will surprise you.... but Grant Gregory is right up there too. 

2:03 [Comment From Brian]

You have now been exposed to Big Ten,Big 12, and Big East football. Which conference was the toughest to play in? What are the biggest differences between the three? 

2:04 USF Athletics - 

T-Mac: Brian....I think the Big 12 and BIG EAST are pretty similar. Both play at a very fast pace....The biggest difference is the speed in each conference.

2:04 [Comment From Houdini]

Do you think Grothe is an amazing magician sometimes the way he eludes tackles? 

2:05 USF Athletics -  T-Mac: Houdini,  Matt is a magician and I'm trying to learn his tricks.  he's a great quarterback and we expect more big things from him this season. 

2:05 [Comment From Brittany]

Hey TY...I know what the fans like to think...but what do the players think is our biggest rival? Who do they get most hyped up about? 

2:06 USF Athletics -  T-Mac: Usually it is the team we lost to last.  So a lot of guys are motivated to play Rutgers, because they have gotten us the last two seasons. 

2:07 USF Athletics -  T-Mac:  We won't miss Ray Rice either.  He was a heck of a player, the second best back I face.... right behind Adrian Peterson. 

2:07 [Comment From Janet in Panama City, FL]

USF Athletics - this is great! T-Mack good luck this season and GO BULLS! My fav game was the Auburn game - being in the panhandle, it's FSU, UF, AL and Auburn 24-7! Being in Auburn and witnessing the greatness that is the Bulls and then hearing the Auburn fans crying for the rest of the season was excellent. Hope this year is all that and more! 

2:07 [Comment From Brian]

You are stranded on an island and can only have three things with you, what three things would they be? 

2:09 USF Athletics - 

T-Mac: Brian, My three things for the deserted island are.... my playbook... a box of protein bars and some type of toy to keep myself entertained.

2:09 [Comment From Mike Salimbene]

Do you think growing up in Florida and now playing in Florida gives you and the BULLS an advantage over out of state schools, who are not use to the heat and humidity here. 

2:10 USF Athletics -  T-Mac: Mike Salimbene....It gives us a little advantage, but the biggest advantage is a packed house! 

2:10 [Comment From Mike]

I know you can't speak for other players, but do you guys like the Fan Day type of events? 

2:11 USF Athletics -  T-Mac: Mike.... Yeah, it's great to give back to the fans and see all that green and gold out to support us.  I think we all enjoy it. 

2:12 USF Athletics - 

Guys T-Mac has time for one more question.... Looks like Jake Griffin will be the subject of our next chat.......... Stay tuned to GoUSFBulls.com for a specific time.

2:13 USF Athletics -  T-Mac - Eddie... Sampson Genus is going to have an impact for us.  He's a space eater, he's a brick and super strong.  He'll be able to force his way through the line to get penetration up the field. 

2:13 [Comment From T-MacK Fan]

Good Luck with the season and stay healthy T-Mac! 

2:13 [Comment From Mike]

Best of luck in the upcoming season! 

2:14 [Comment From Sanjay]

Good luck 

2:14 [Comment From Troy]

Thanks for your time. 

2:14 [Comment From Fan of 27]

best of luck 

2:14 [Comment From Jake Ryan]

Thanks for your time and good luck, TMac! 

2:14 USF Athletics -  Thanks to everyone for participating.  Stay tuned to GoUSFBulls.com for latest in USF news and for updates on future chats.   

2:15 [Comment From #1]

Goooooooo Bulls! 

2:15 [Comment From Angel]

Thanks for talking to us! Go Bulls! 

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This was great. T-Mac answered a lot of good questions. Great job by gousfbulls.com!  

It said Jake Griffin was going to be the next guest.

Check it out!

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really cool stuff....i hope to get in on the next chat.....wish i didnt miss T-mac though i really like him.....he plays tough

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