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  1. Newest practice report from Zebold - http://gousfbulls.com/news/2018/3/8/football-usf-defense-swarming-to-the-ball-in-year-two-under-jean-mary.aspx
  2. Whoa...pull the tampon out guys. Lets all pass around the hippy lettuce and chill. Darrell Scott from what I've heard is indeed a freak show. One of the RB's is a friend of mine, I won't mention which one but even he said he needs to do more "speed work" because Darrell "keeps getting faster"...Spring practice has just started and the NCAA is letting the coaching staff take the Ferrari 458 super liggera out of the garage and **** does it look good.. As far as what he did at UC, its seems to me that you failed to recognize the type of offense being run there. It was horrendous. Darrell was not the feature back and several times during his freshman season he was sharing the workload with *Rodney Stewart* as well as 5 other RB's. 4-12 was their record during Darrell's freshman year. Check out all the other guys with "ATT"....come on count chokula this guy was underutilized and glanced over. As for 2009 I consider it null and void because he was injured. As far as I am concerned Scott and Aycock only have one way to go and that's up. I can guarantee you Scott will have way more than 364 yards next season. GS ATT Yards Rodney Stewart 9 132 669 47 622 4.71 2 22 69.1 Darrell Scott 11 87 364 21 343 3.94 1 42 31.2 Tyler Hansen 5 63 322 61 261 4.14 0 24 52.2 Demetrius Sumler 12 63 266 15 251 3.98 4 36 20.9 Josh Smith 12 12 60 28 32 2.67 0 24 2.7 Kevin Moyd 12 7 34 4 30 3.33 0 21 2.5 Jason Espinoza 2 1 5 0 5 5.00 0 5 2.5 Cody Crawford 12 1 2 0 2 2.00 0 2 0.2 Scotty McKnight 12 2 5 3 2 1.00 0 5 0.2 Patrick Williams 12 2 2 0 2 1.00 0 1 0.2 Matt Ballenger 2 7 16 23 -7 -3.50 0 11 -3.5 Cody Hawkins 12 57 150 173 -23 -0.04 3 19 -1.9 Remember we are all Bulls....from the first alum to the most recent.
  3. He got picked in the 50th round as a catcher. So yes, he would've seen a $200 signing bonus and not much else. As for football, USF had actually listed him as a qb prospect, and he had interests from other major schools, just not scholarship interest. Glad he walked on at USF though.
  4. And now we're all the better for it. Had BJ not voiced his discomfort/pain we would all be wondering what if we had beaten miami? So thank you BJ for taking yourself out. This is the best decision you have made all season.
  5. "I thought we were wearing the white jerseys?!!!!" "If you'd just let someone else make the decisions this wouldn't be happening!" "Nobody told me I was being timed!!" "I'm missing true housewives of new jersey for this??!!" "Next time just pony up the dough for cam!!"
  6. it would only take about 25 carries for a TD no big deal....
  7. BJ just looks really frustrated. I think he can definitely be a pass first quarterback on the basis that we've seen him make the throws, short and long. He had a freakin cannon when Sterling was open in Tally. Right now it seems as though he is thinking instead of reacting to the play according to coverages and the play called. I think he is competitive because I do not think he chose to throw those picks. As for his quotes, I think he says he doesn't want to run because he thinks its the smart/right thing to say. I don't think he would've looked into the camera n said, " just lemme run the ball n ill throw someone open! whats with this learning plays crap?".. It's more him trying too hard and not having enough focus on what is important. He needs to just work on building confidence in his throws, and some remedial football 101 cuz this guy does not understand the game period. This is the same kid who needed to have Mike Canales' offense dumbed down...This whole time he's made it on athletic ability n making broken plays into big gains. Now that he can't just ad lib the whole game his numbers are in the crapper n he looks like a mighty mite qb playin college ball..
  8. This is the second time coaches have had to "simplify" things for BJ....last year it was with Canales' offense and this year it's with Fitch's offense..I hope BJ starts to get it because he's not going to have the time to learn it like he does now before they come back from Vero. Another sign he's not getting it is that he again had the most yards rushing during a "game". Granted this is a new offensive system but last years offense should have been nothing new to BJ because that was his second year under that offense. I hope he puts his whole heart and mind into this new offense and gets his accuracy back because if he doesn't I don't know how long of a leash the coaches will have on him. What is peculiar is that even though Daniels had a stellar Spring game most of his passes were long balls which makes me wonder if this kid knows how to check down or make reads? All of last year he shunned short passes and was more apt to throw the long ball...This made for some exciting games but also made for some INT's/numerous 3 and outs. On the other hand J-Gun looked more like the veteran yet not too long ago he was in a cap and gown/going to prom. Along those same lines Marcus Shaw looked more like a veteran as well apparently seeking out hits and putting that D-line/LB's on their heels. I hope that scrimmage was just a bad day but if BJ continues with the run first pass later motto then the coaches have got a serious problem. Also, Mo and Demetris need to get a nasty streak going and start groundin and poundin. Thank goodness there are two more scrimmages...17 days till stoney brook...
  9. So lets say hypothetically we get this guy...would he have to sit out this year? Just wondering..
  10. Zack Bullock a linebacker from Sebring is listed at 6'4" 195. he was also sought by Iowa State and Western Kentucky.
  11. Wonder if the big 12 will stay at ten or go out and get two more?
  12. ****... Well at least we get a kid with a lot of upside and 4 years of eligibility. At least we've got some talent coming in...let me refresh your memory Reshard Cliett- 6'2" 191 Terrence Mitchell- 5' 10" 165 Mark Joyce- 6'1" 200 Depth Chart as it stands today.... FS: Mistral Raymond/Jaquez Jenkins SS: Jerrell Young/Jon Lejiste LC: Quenton Washington/George Baker RC: Kayvon Webster/Daniel Bryant
  13. That is correct, juniors and seniors can transfer to anywhere but within the Pac-10...12...14...?? Anyways like GA said, Boyd is going to have to sit out for a year. The key decision on Boyd is whether to take him and lose a scholarship for another recruit in 2011... Or use a scholarship on Demar Dorsey or Nickell Robey(release?) and have an immediate impact player/potential starter for this season. For the coaches, the wild card is Demar because he is a risk(off the field) and isn't as familiar to them. He does have a bit of a track record but...http://recruiting.scout.com/2/943194.html he can play now..( He's #2, wait for the end it won't disappoint). Nickell has already been scouted and recruited by our new set of coaches and they have a relationship with him where as Demar was not on USF's radar. Yet they apparently like Demar enough to start talking to him first though.... Nickell Robey 5' 8" 160 or 165 (May or may not be granted a release...although I think if he wanted out he could get it.) Demar Dorsey 6' 1" 180 either way USF wins.
  14. Are u referring to the SEC? or in this years case the now defunct Big 12?
  15. We could see Demar Dorsey coming in possibly. He was rejected by the academic committee and is looking elsewhere to play. I know that he at one point was committed to play at UF but changed to Michigan. Apparently the writer for usf rivals says that USF coaches have been in contact with Demar. Another guy who could be coming in is Spencer Boyd from Notre Dame but he may or may not have to sit out a year. Of course now that USC has imploded Nickell Robey is coming out as a possible transfer( he is technically not a transfer but I don't know what else to call him...unlucky kid who committed to a school that just got pwnd for the next 3 years and is looking for somewhere else to go?????). I'm just glad USC didn't start their second session of summer classes earlier. I think this kid is our best shot at getting some depth and a realistic shot at actually getting him to come. He visited USF in January and had us on the top of his list. He's not like Dorsey or Boyd in that dorsey didn't get into Michigan due to an 18 act and a 2.5/2.6 gpa and Boyd has not been doing too well at ND schoolwise in addition he's also got a kid back home(though having a kid doesn't matter in my eyes). I am not sure how many Scholarships we have available because as many of you may or may not know Donald Bowens is also transferring to USF. So we could have Bowens and or Nickell Robey/Demar Dorsey/Spencer Boyd coming in. If Rick Smith was complaining about lack of depth he won't have to now. Out of those three DB's none were ranked lower than three stars and two(Robey and Dorsey) were ranked 4 stars or better. Now if you don't believe in the rating system or you take it with a grain of salt I suggest you take a look at their stats. Hopefully we get robey and dorsey to come in that way come Summer B we could have Terrence "T-Rex" Mitchell, Demar Dorsey, and Nickell Robey all getting ripped in the Weight Room and competing for a starting or back up job in the fall. But lets not get too ahead of ourselves...If we get just one of those guys our secondary will be MUCH MUCH improved. For the love of god we have an ex-WR with the back up job at corner. Lets hope for the best. GO BULLS!
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