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  1. Gruber, you are never happy with anyone. You are starting to sound like ostroff!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Spoke to the best source you can on sat night. He is def coming, just has not made it official yet.
  3. I was coaching high school in Tampa when he was a freshman at King, and the kid and family could not of been more shady. The father was trying to send his two sons to any school that he could and offered his sons to every program in the county. The boys had talent, but the father (similiar to woody) feels like he was a coach and told the kids to listen to him. I really hope things have changed for them, but if bulls fans think that he is a savior, I HAVE BAD NEWS
  4. After going to the basketball game last night, I can no longer make fun of UCF as being a worse place than ours. As we drove on campus the first thing we saw was huge fraternity houses- LOSS there. They have a great little downtown area close to the athletic district for people to go to before and after the game-LOSS there. They have their own football stadium on campus- say what you want LOSS there. They have a brand new 100 million dolllar arena for basketball, which is as nice as I have seen in college hoops- LOSS there. Their student section was easily 2000 strong and stood and cheere
  5. I have a friend who is a coach over there. We have no shot at all. >
  6. Any one notice how bad the offense and team chemistry looks ever since he has come back????????????????????????????????????????
  7. Death Row??? That was never be again, unless they want to give me the old seats back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. It will be bad for USF if he leaves, the only good thing would be to make the dance so kids think they can play in the tourney if they come here. we have never had that!!!!!!!!!
  9. If you know Jones or anyone that does, you have to do some begging to get him to come back for his senior year. This guy is going to lead the big east in scoring and has a real good shot to leave early. I think it would be a terrible mistake, but you never know with these guys. Can you imagine next year Crater Jones Gilchrist Anderson Famous There is no way that team does not make it to the big dance, I know I cant believe those words are coming out of my mouth. I think we can make a decent run in the NIT this year and then go dancing next year!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE SHOW UP TO THE GAMES
  10. holy crap, what a huge come back. jones can talk all the crap he wants to about his teammates. 46, 10, and 8. are you kidding me????????????????????????????/
  11. I was in death row and the school actually got rid of us because they started to sell those tickets. The students do not show and in my opinion they should be in the second level and the school should sell those tickets. Until the students show up in mass they should not complain. It is amazing how a school with over 40,000 students can not show up for games. Even five percent of the students would be great. I even slept out for a ticket a few times. Can you imagine that happening now????? This team is the most talented team I have seen in 18 years, but the big east is a beast.
  12. Thank you for coming to the game tonight. Please make it a habit, the guys could really use a home court advantage
  13. there is no way, we are in big trouble. two post players on the whole team means bad news. he was by far our best player this year
  14. get off of your lazy butts and get to the dome tomorrow night. for those of you who have not been in a while, you will be surprised by how well the team plays. this team has a chance to do something!!!!!!!!!!!! please come
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