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  1. Oh the good ole condescending post. Look my man I have been on this board for a lot of years and have a good conversation with many Bulls fans. I put this over here just because I know many of Bulls fans have been up for game and seen the stadium. I was just showing what it is supposed to look like after the expansion. I have posted other things UL related before without any issue. If you want to to have a conversation about how UK football is above UL football and you're a major troll because your princess is a UK fan more power to you. I could care less. Do I want to move this to some other board to continue? Not really...besides I wouldn't wan't my slowness to upset you. Good day my man.
  2. Welp at least we are expanding and not retracting. When UL is done with expansion that will be the biggest capacity stadium in the state but, regardless of capacity ...who cares....UK Football is garbage. UK football is retracting seats from the stadium, Mitch Barnhart is betting big that smaller will be better for UK football. When it debuts as a finished product for the season opener in 2015, the "new Commonwealth" will have shrunk to around 61,000 total capacity. Read more here: http://www.kentucky.com/2013/11/25/2953756/mark-story-shrinking-commonwealth.html#storylink=cpy
  3. I'm obliged. I married a UK princess and like eating Christmas dinner with her and her family. Catch up with UK in football? Think we caught up and surpassed them a long time ago my man. Not hard to do though since they are one of the worst college football programs out there.
  4. Doesn't really relate other than when I posted I knew USF fans had come up for games before so I was just showing what it would look like.
  5. Good morning my Bull friends. Last night Jurich announced thy are expanding Cardinal Stadium and closing in the open end zone. I know quite a few of you have been up to some games there in the past. I attached some pics of what it looks like now and what it will look like. Pretty cool.
  6. Be nice. I think though they will sign a home and home with Cincy first. I know a lot of fans miss that Rivalry.
  7. Miss heading down to Tampa. Headed down to Talley this year.
  8. I think we should be decent. Top 4 in the Atlantic. I know the defense should be really good. The offense we will have to see.
  9. Should be good. I think our women's hoops team had the #1 recruiting class this past year. We should have a pretty decent team.
  10. Good afternoon gents. Stopping by to say good luck this season.....it's almost here.
  11. I would think for sure think Cincy is in if they expand. If for nothing else to give WVU a regional travel partner. WVU has been complaining since they got in. Question is who is the 12th? If BYU, UCF, Memphis, Houston, USF
  12. Yeah he tore his ACL I believe twice. He was a good 3 point shooter but, he actually was a Student Asst on our title team he didn't play at all.
  13. Lol. I don't think the ACC will be bringing up any more Florida teams anytime soon. I know the ACC signed the Grant of Rights Deal that expires I think in 2024. If Miami and FSU defect then USF I could see coming up but, hopefully USF is out of the AAC before then. Only thing is the BIG 12 has no desire to add anyone it seems.
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