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  1. Clemson does not take a commitment from a player who wants to keep visiting. When the player is finished visiting, they will take the commitment if they still have the space. The policy has worked well & prevents de-commitments (bad press). The no transfers/no JuCos is another matter. LSU & Ohio State were loaded with both. Dabo just does not like "rentals". It is unlikely that Jeff Scott will ever be in shape to institute the no transfers/no JuCos policy at USF. There is not much left in OLs in the transfer portal this year so it will be interesting to see who he can come up with. As far as trying to flip players, commitments are just commitments. They are all fair game until they sign. If Clemson winds up with an extra spot or a shortage in one area, they sometimes offer a player late. Travis Etienne is an example. Believe he was committed to TX A&M but wanted LSU. LSU was slow-playing him while waiting on a couple of other RBs. Clemson swooped in & got him.
  2. Pocket Passer vs. Dual-Threat: Getting listed as a PP does not mean that you can't run. All the QBs signed by Brandon Streeter have been PPs. Kelly Bryant (2015) was the last QB Clemson signed who was listed as a DT. He was signed by Chad Morris. The Chad also signed Deshaun Watson (2014) who was a DT. There was a world of difference between Watson & Bryant. QBs like Watson & Lamar Jackson are rare. I think that if your QB can run but can't throw, you'll never be better than mediocre. Taj Boyd (2009 ) came in as a PP but became a better runner every year. He was $ in the bank on short yardage, broke a few long runs & could throw the long ball. Spread vs Pro-style: I don't expect Jeff Scott to use the pro-style offense. About everybody seems to be running some version of the spread now. Even the pros are mixing it in. Dabo fired his original OC, Billy Napier (now HC for the LA Ragin' Cajuns). Napier wanted to run the pro-style. Dabo wanted the spread. OL/QB/LBs: Jeff seems to have already made progress on the QB problem. The OL could still be a major problem (à la FSU) since it's usually the 3rd year before an OL recruit is ready to contribute. Regardless, I believe that Scott will get the best out of what he has.
  3. 1000x recs. Otherwise, I'm ruined for life. Coach Scott is a finalist for the FootballScoop Offensive Coach of the Year. The award is selected by peers & the winner is selected by previous winners. Chase Brice would have been a great pickup. His uncle is the Safeties coach though so it is unlikely.
  4. Thanks. I never knew what he did in his spare time - or that he ever had spare time.
  5. Sounds as if Da'Quan Bowers is headed to somebody's staff - probably uSf. He is at Clemson now. Was the #1 overall prospect in the class of 2008 (ESPN). DE. It would not surprise me if Bobby Bentley came down as the OC. He hired Jeff at PC. Bentley went from PC>Auburn>SC. Don't know if he'd take a step down &/or a pay cut but he's a definite possibility. There are a # of ex-Tiger players around Clemson who could catch on. Deandre McDaniel (Tally), Rashard Hall (St. Augustine), & Xavier Brewer (Jacksonville) are 3 possibilities for the Safeties coach. Roderick McDowell (RB) is also around. Bowers & McDowell are from SC. The OL at Arkansas (now unemployed) & at GA State are ex-Clemson players. I have no doubt that Jeff Scott will hire the best possible staff available. Recruiter/Developer pt. 2: Not all of the Clemson receivers Scott had at Clemson were 4/5 stars. EX 1 : Adam Humphries was the #218 WR in the nation in 2011. Just signed a big contract in the NFL.
  6. Good one. Now I'd say that we are even.
  7. So sorry. My bad. Didn't mean to "mistaken" you for UCF. Was just looking at the transfer portal & saw a UCF on there. Must have stuck in my brain. Would have blamed it on my phone but I'm on a laptop. Btw, saw that USF had a couple on there. Jeremiah Stafford & Jajuan Cherry.
  8. I’m a Clemson fan. Here are my responses to some of the recent posts on your board. 1) Kissin’ Babies: Jeff Scott has been in Tampa since he was named Head Coach at USF. He has signed some new HS players & some transfers for USF. He will return to Clemson until their run for the Natty is over, which is NLT 1-13. The end of the dead period is 1-16. If Clemson gets into the NC game, he will not be at the AFCA meeting. 2) Recruiting: Coach Scott & his dad were both born in Arcadia FL. He has recruited FL ever since he’s been on the staff at Clemson (12 years) & can handle the recruiting until he has his staff together. He was the top recruiter at Clemson until he was taken off the road when he became Co-OC. He still recruited the WRs & often went out with area recruiters to “close the deal” on recruits who were “on the fence”. 3) Pro-style offense: Clemson runs the spread offense with a PP (Pocket-passer QB). They do not recruit DT (Dual-threat) QBs. It’s good if the QB can run but his #1 skill must be as a passer. 4) Transfer Portal/JUCOs: Clemson does not take either. 5) Commitments: Clemson does not take commitments from any recruit who wants to keep visiting. If they want to end their visits or have finished visiting & want to commit, it is then accepted. I expect that Coach Scott’s long-term goal will be to use the same system. 6) Calling Plays: Coach Scott & Tony Elliott worked on the game plans together every week, including scripting about the first 24 plays. Tony was in the booth & called most plays while Coach Scott was on the sidelines. Coach Scott had input on the plays. In the 2016 NC game vs. AL (1-09-2017), with just a few seconds left, the Watson > Renfroe pass which won the NC, the play was called by ……Jeff Scott. 7) Evaluator: Jeff Scott spent one year as a HS coach. He won the state championship at a brand-new school. That year, he plucked one kid out of the student body who had never played football. The kid came out, became a starter, followed Coach Scott to Presbyterian College the next year. There he was a 4-year starter at CB. From PC, he went to the NFL where he went to the Pro Bowl as a rookie. Justin Bethel. Fired/Leave: He might lose & get fired or he might win & leave. Or he might get picked up by a hurricane & dropped off in Fiji, never to be heard from again. Why worry? I don’t see him leaving for any job except Clemson. By the time Saban retires & if/when Dabo goes to AL, Clemson might call him home. Clemson likes to hire from within so, by that time, they might have another coach ready to take over. Jeff Scott is as loyal as a puppy dog. 9) Motto: The “All In” motto at Clemson applies to all players, staff, fans, alumni, boosters, and professors. Feel free to adopt it for your own use. It’s working very well so far for us.
  9. Welcome to TheBullsPen.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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