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  1. This team looks so flat on both sides of the field.
  2. Good News: 30 Streak lives on Bad News: It should have happened a looong time ago
  3. I can't wait until we make a game look easy...you know Clemson V. Louisville type game.
  4. For it to be this close after the dominance the D showed sucks. 21 points were left on the field in the 2nd in my opinion
  5. They have life on their sidelines and i don't like it
  6. Honestly think we let 14 points go by in the last two possesions
  7. They just missed a hold in the endzone...but ill take the int
  8. I didn't see this playing out as South Florida Vs. Illinois Vs. The Refs but here we are.
  9. Somebody get that Ref some water. his throat must be tired