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  1. 38 years

    I found meaning in the game time and TV network.
  2. Now they’re really tearing me...down 2 in crunch time. 10 seconds left.
  3. A few truly terrible calls down the stretch here.
  4. Here comes the tease run...we’re “only” down by 4 with 14:00 left...
  5. Rodney Adams joining Marlon Mack

    So I’m a Colts fan now, huh?...welp, ok!
  6. Tulio Da Silva No Longer With Team

    Bummed about this...I liked DaSilva. Thought he had a lot of upside and showed some real flashes. My money is on him transferring to somewhere like VaTech or Texas A&T and blowing up (relatively speaking).
  7. Football NC State Series

    You know I’m charged about this one! Raleigh is close by and I have fond memories of the last game here, watching Grothe destroy the Pack.
  8. QB next year - who's your guy.

    Tbh it’s impossible to know at this point. All the more reason for this thread to go 20+ pages.
  9. Uh...why? Why would you assume that? Did you just wake up from a 15-year coma, or a cryosleep journey from Neptune? There are no “journalists” in sports media.
  10. Well now that all of the fun topics have...

    I’m a George Mason fan myself. The man, that is (not the university).
  11. Can Ucf

    They can claim to have won 3 out of 8 against us. And a national championship, why not?
  12. This...I understand why some are casting shade given the OP and general douchiness of UCiFers in general, but anyone who isn’t pulling for them to win over an SEC team isn’t being realistic about what’s best for USF.
  13. Gruden

    Raiders are reportedly offering him part ownership of the team, for crying out loud.
  14. Happy New Year...

    Here’s to a better year next year...and to the next after that one!
  15. Publix Subs best in US

    Just had my first Boar’s Head Ultimate in six months. Good stuff.
  16. Bulls Will be Ranked Again!

    If a 9-5 Stanford team with at least 2 bad losses stays above us, then...oh wait, of course that will happen.
  17. Texas vs. Mizzou

    Watching it but don’t particularly care
  18. MVS Invited to NFL Combine

    Nah, plenty of effort; just needs a chance to shine. He may well make the draft.
  19. SI: What Was the Best Game of 2017?

    This is what a rivalry is.
  20. Aside from MVS, who else got their degree?

    Great thread, thanks!!
  21. College bars near usf

    I’ll make it a point to check it out next time I’m in town.
  22. College bars near usf

    I concede the point.