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  1. Notre Dame WVU when they stormed the field Auburn Also how would we stream all of these? It's not like Hulu has them readily available. If we can pull this off I will set up tailgate trailer and watch them with the full set up going.
  2. Question is what happens when some conferences play and others don't. How does the ranking system work. Will it be all SEC teams? Conferences like ours rely on OOC wins to prop up their ranking. How do you compare teams across conferences when none of them pay each other?
  3. I saw that. I am not sure what that solves. Conference only games still require travel to other areas right? I mean if AAC did only conference games we would have less games but would travel just as far for our conference games as our non-conference games.
  4. Maybe we set up an impromptu Tailgate for no reason. Jus set up tents grill some burgers etc. Everyone wear masks and use hand sanitizer.
  5. Well I have not been on the board much these past two months. I just finished reading this entire thread. This one went all over the place. I am exhausted and need a drink after seeing all of this. That said if there is college football this season my butt will be in my seats. We will tailgate and have a blast with friends and family. Hope to see you guys there.
  6. I have not seen these in years. Since I am working from home now I stumbled upon these in my office/man cave. Does anyone still do these?
  7. Truth be told our new coach, returning players and new recruits/transfers have all of the potential in the world. However that is all it is until we put it on the field. Conversations may change halfway through the season when we start making a splash. Looking forward to a great start to a new era. Go Bulls!!
  8. This all makes sense. College football revenue pays for shortfalls in other sports allowing those sports to continue.
  9. I will be there. Keep in mind the vaccine only helps to prevent catching it in the first place. It will not be available for 12-18 months. If it is as effective as the flu vaccine then it is only 50% effective. That said they are working on the right concoction of antibiotics to help fight it should you catch it. That should come around a lot faster than the vaccine. That being said. I will be there.... Lets go bulls.
  10. Thanks. He is still talking about it this morning. After All Pro Dad at Ray Jay in the morning and then this basketball game he had an epic kind of day.
  11. My son at 1 minute to go said “there’s no chance” I told him the world can change dramatically with 1 minute of basketball left.
  12. @Brad thanks again for the tix. My son had a fantastic time and the game ended with a three point shot at the buzzer to go up by one. It was crazy. We made the 1/2 time ESPN broadcast too.
  13. Thanks. That helps a ton. Looking forward to it.
  14. I have a few questions. I have been a football season ticket holder for years but I’ve only been to a couple basketball games and never had club access. How early should I show up prior to game time? Also I notice the parking pass has a number on it. Are the spots numbered or is it just for inventory purposes?
  15. Thanks for the Tix Brad. My son has never been to a USF basketball game and he is super excited for tonight.
  16. Looks like I missed my opportunity twice. If anyone else wants to give away tickets I can use them. I am taking my son to All Pro Dad event at Ray Jay in the morning and it would be cool to also hit up a game. Thanks.
  17. That would be awesome. I’d like to be on the list. Would you settle for a nurse that looks like a blowup doll
  18. I have been hunting for a few years so now I post here in hopes to find one. I need an inflatable Rocky for our tailgate. I feel incomplete without him. I know they were sold by Bulls Heaven that is now closed. Does anyone have one that they are not using they are willing to sell? please please please? Thank you.
  19. What are your thoughts? I think we wait until we have an OCS to display the retired numbers at. http://www.usforacle.com/2020/02/19/its-time-to-retire-a-few-numbers/
  20. I guess no one will see us coming until we sock 'em in the jaw. I like this position. Let's go.
  21. At least they have the National Champions sign up in their stadium to remember the time they spent on top...........
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