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  1. My other I gave to my mother as a gift but yeah keeping being you bro
  2. Maybe on the offense but on the defense not going to happen
  3. Get away from CS and LS... they are not coming here and I was wrong to put PJ Fleck up there but **** let us get some realistic names going. Power 5 coordinators for the 2nd group or budding young Stars but at least not a wishes list of things we will never get,
  4. I have four things that go on your fingers and they say I can be on here
  5. Awesome Idea I like that a lot. He was super nice guy when I meet him and worked a Alabama camp. I would give a major thumbs up
  6. Fleck is a better then charlie strong....PJ FLECK is a reach I will give you that but he is like Urban at BG back in 2000s so maybe....
  7. so we are in play for Charlie, right? 1. we cant not even draw 50 thousand to a game 2. our Coaches salary pool is horrible 3. Our band has to sit in the student section to make it look filled out And I can go on forever and ever and ever and ever also I personally know that CS is taking year off so ha
  8. Charlie Strong is not coming to USF, and for that matter neither is any power 5 big name coach. Sorry that is the truth. Larry Scott is a possibility but no, why you may ask? he has never be a coordinator let alone and head coach so nope. Here is my realistic names....Also they are all Jimbo guys or proven coordinators of head coaches.... 1. PJ Fleck 2. Greg Frey 3. Calvin McGee 4. Lawrence Dawsey 5. Joey Jones 6. Neal Brown Those are realistic names not fantasy, all have been either head coaches or coordinators at winning programs. I would love to see PJ Fleck, LD, or McGee as the head coach.
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