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Seems we're finally getting old enough as a football program or athletic program overall for people to start appreciating the retro or vintage Bulls logos.  I grabbed this page off the internet archive site.  It was created quite a bit ago from an old basketball media guide I bought.  Best part is it includes our boy, @smazza in it!  


Please allow load time for this graphics intensive page

A look back at Bulls teams of yesteryear



VinsubTitle3.gifIn this feature you will find selected pages taken from the 1976-77 USF Basketball Press Guide. 

The Bulls (known then as the Golden Brahmans) were entering their sixth season of basketball, the second under Head Coach Chip Conner - the Brahmans' third head coach in their brief history.  Sadly, the Brahmans would only manage a 9-18 record, losing 11 of their final 14 games, including a first round loss in the inaugural Sun Belt Tournament.  This followed a 19-8 showing just the year before. 

Led by Dave Niemenn, Penny Greene, Steve Sanford, Rick Wagner and Cal Glover, these Golden Brahmans were Bulls Basketball pioneers.

I encourage you to click on the thumbnails below to open up the full page scans.  They are easily readable and offer some outstanding history on USF Basketball.


fcov_small.gifA full color, full page scan of the front cover of the Bulls 76-77 press guide.

I1_small.gifThis is the first page of the press guide.  It provides a real feeling for the times as it discusses a range of issues from the formation of the Sun Belt Conference (who knew it was initially a six team conference that included New Orleans?).  Good reading, and who can resist the green bull?

i233tsm.gifHad to include a thumbnail of these middle pages.  If you click on the thumbnail, it will take you to the full size version of the right hand page.  Notice the finger image pointing to the green highlighted picture?  Click on this thumbnail to find out whose picture was in the "Name that Bull" contest at the message board!  He's a previous basketball manager, a member of our message board and an ardent USF Supporter.
i4_small.gifTo think that 25 years ago, USF games were carried on WFLA radio and on WUSF Channel 16 on a tape delay basis....is anyone getting any ideas here?

Check out the nice suit on Jack Harris, the original "Voice of the Golden Brahmans." 

i5_small.gifi61_small.gifA two-page pictorial that really places you back in the mid 70s.  Even the Sheriff will like a couple of these!

Some curious pictures here:  Head Coach Chip Conner performing Seth Greenberg poses before there was a Seth Greenberg.  And look at that Brahman mascot in the picture on the left...that is scary.  Both thumbnails open up to full size page scans. 

i7_small.gifThe Brahman Bull Horn Band, the Commuter Rooters, the Green Scream Machine, the Brahman Cheerleaders, the Herd and the Bullettes all led the way in rooting for the up and coming Brahman basketball program.

The Bullettes vs. Sun Dolls...who'd win?


A nostalgic Brahmans press guide cover, with the "Snortin fire and breathin' smoke" cheer.  A must read for any Bulls fan born after 1960.

Note the USF logo at the bottom of the page.



What do you think of this feature?  Would you like to see more "Vintage Bulls" pictures and information?  Player pictures?  Please complete this form with your feedback:




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