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The early years...




This screen grab of the site about 15 years ago has some memorable meaning for me.  It was around 2002 and the site was beginning to take off a little.  A fan from another site of one of the early pay sites decided to insult the old SouthFloridaBulls.com site - the original host of "TheBullsPen".  So being a smart ass, I went ahead and gave the guy his own front page story.  We were going to seek venture capital to update the site to proper 2002 standards.

The other memorable part was directly related to the desire to form "The 12th Man Club" - the precursor to the Bull Backers Club.  Not too long after advertising a 12th Man Club, I received a cease and desist order from Texas A&M that I still have lying around somewhere.  We talked about renaming to the "12th Bull Club" but ultimately settled on the Bull Backers in order to support the program.. without jail time.  :6_smile:



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