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OT: Summer Fun - 2017 Edition




Was it really three years ago?  Out of boredom, I decided to be politically incorrect and attempt to get the attention of our board members by displaying pictures of scantily clad bikini babes.  My devious plan was to grab their attention and then test their NCAA logo knowledge.  

The fun lasted from June 2 - August 29, featuring 14 different attention grabbing logo discussions.  The eye-straining effort concluded just two days before the season kicked off with an embarrassing 53-21 beat down by McNeese State.  McNeese State just happened to be in the series a couple weeks before:

Three years later, it's time to revisit this Summer Fun theme.  Instead of on the main board, we'll tuck the potentially offense images (babes and logos) into the blog here. 

But beware ... the Stony Brook Seawolves come to town September 2.  



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