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Some rare looks at our coaches over the years




Looking through the archives of pictures taken, scanned or saved from the internet, I came across at least three right away that are worth re-visiting.  First we'll start with a very long tenured coach, Ken Eriksen, flashing back to his days on the USF Baseball team:




Per GoUSFBulls.com: In four seasons (1981-84) as a player on the USF baseball team, and while playing five positions, his career batting average topped .315 and he had an ERA of 2.48 on the mound. In 1982, he was named to the NCAA All-Region Tournament Team on a team that just came short of reaching the College World Series. 

In 1995, Jim Leavitt joined USF to head up its newly approved football team.  Leavitt retains the highest winning percentage of all USF coaches and sits atop the the career wins list.  Oft-maligned for his combination of Pepsi-fueled excitement and passionate competitive nature, Coach Leavitt occasionally found other outlets for his love for USF, including this game against UAB - in basketball:  





GoUSFBulls.com still has some pictures of Leavitt painted up for that game in December, 2007, you can see them here .  Here's a sample:




Lastly, from the Winter 2001 edition of the USF Magazine (I just happened to have it on hand because our long forgotten original site, SouthFloridaBulls.com, published ads in it) a picture of the highly successful Jose Fernandez in his "rookie" year at the helm of USF Womens' Basketball.  Jose has reached meteoric success compared to other USF Sports and did that as WBB was about to crater at USF.




I know I have some great Seth Greenberg images stored somewhere (none when he had hair).  If I find them I'll add them.  I hope you enjoy these slightly rare images of Bulls coaches.  



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