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TBP FanDuel Fantasy Leagues

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I came across something on Twitter that I thought I would start here for the message board.  In full disclosure, for a few reasons:  I like fantasy sports games, the board will make a commission on registrations and I like pulling us together in these type of events since doing things outside the board in person is next to impossible.


Kayvon Webster tweeted an invite to a One-Day Fantasy Baseball League For Cash at FanDuel.comimage-1484022-11459464.  I looked up FanDuel and it is a short term fantasy league, usually for a day or a week in which you can build your own leagues/contests.  I thought it would be fun to have a TBP league where members could choose to compete.  FanDuelimage-1484022-11459464 provides a chance to play a fantasy game for as little as $2 and actually win proceeds from the pool.  Because it pays out, it is allowed in some states (gambling laws I guess), but Florida is not one of the states, hence I now live in Florida again.


FanDuelimage-1484022-11459464's partners include STATS and NBC Sports. 


I suggest you go there and check out.  When you register, for as little as $10, you get some bonus money too.  Use the link here, and the site should make some coin too.


One-Day Fantasy Baseball Leagues For Cash at FanDuel.comimage-1484022-11459464


We can start some one-day baseball leagues (I'm talking to you Sheriff!) as we wait for some NFL and CFB leagues.  I'll be happy to be commissioner and set up contests as tailored as they can be to what we want to play.  Check it out, and let me know if you are in already or plan to be.  Could be fun if we got enough guys involved.


Let me know if you have any questions.



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