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Does anyone else look back at the class that is graduating and wonder what if:

-Evan Landi stuck at one position, instead of playing QB, WR and TE? He was a hell of an athlete and I fell like his talents were wasted learning new positions yearly.

-Lindsey Lamar started more often than just a handful of times? He was the most explosive player on the field...

-Maikon Bonani getting hurt at work and missing a year....If he would have had been able to play without interruption, he would be maybe the best kicker in USF history.

I don't want to say that this group was a disappointment, but I wonder with better coaching, better decision making from the coaching staff, etc, how much better this squad could have been.

Bah...I can't wait for next season. The past two have left an awfully bad taste in my mouth.

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If Leavitt was kept around instead of getting fired and bringing in Skip, then we could have averaged a few 7-5, 8-4, and dare I say 9-3 runs out of this group.

I think why we have fallen apart these past few seasons is due to motivation and coaching, or lack there of by Skip and his ass clown assistants.

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im not gonna bother looking back and at the "what ifs". theres a bright future ahead and i am looking nowhere but forward!

I felt that way after 2011....Then I was a dummy and got my hopes up for 2012.

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I still think the 2009 Bulls are the biggest what if team in USF history.

What if Grothe never got hurt and we didnt rush BJD in?

Seriously that team had JPP Selvie Murphy (caused penalties but still had NFL talent) Carlton Mitchell Wilson Lamar Griffin Ford (lol) Nate Allen.

Most talent in any team history bar none, a senior playmaking QB wouldnt have hurt.

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