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Conference realignment "Rumors" "tweets" "etc"

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13 minutes ago, SquareKnight said:

Not unless they have figured a way around the GOR which would cost them around $300 million. 

It seems like the SEC is reaching out to all of the major programs in effort to form a super conference. Or they're just stirring the pot in hopes of destabilizing a few conferences and picking off the valuable pieces... Should be interesting to see how all the chips fall.

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1 hour ago, Brad said:

Forming their own league:

Jack McGuire — who writes for Barstool Sports and is a producer on the popular Unnecessary Roughness college football podcast — is reporting that the Southeastern Conference is in “serious contact” with Michigan and Ohio State about joining the league. He added that he is unaware of whether or not this could actually happen but that there is at least interest from the SEC to poach two of the Big Ten’s biggest programs.”



Could you picture a Big Ten that doesn’t include Michigan and...



I dont see this happening. Both teams have an easier path to the playoffs in the Big 10 and they make money as well. Plus, every giant needs a rival. All these teams in the SEC will have to play each other and they will shoot each other in the foot. The new playoff format and transfer rules have changed the game. Everybody has the same "ceiling" and opportunity. 

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8 hours ago, Rizman said:

If OSU leaves then the whole idea of adding members to the Big 12 fails.  Bullsfan27 linking that article communicates that others are looking to leave as well.  

I think the other schools in the conference feel like maybe they have been held hostage long enough.  Gotta move first...

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Could this be UT and OU’s end game?



Grant the Longhorns and Sooners an additional half-share annually (1.5 shares each), bumping their payouts to approximately $56 million per year. The other eight schools would decrease their payouts accordingly. Big 12 schools currently average $37 million in annual TV rights earnings, including revenue from bowl games and the NCAA Tournament.

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