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hockey pundits say tampa is


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in for big year

what do bullightening fans say?

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I expect a similar year. Although I thought the Lightning made a rather big mistake in letting Prospal go for two reasons. One, the Lightning are coming off a huge high this past year, and being able to come into next season without losing any significant players would have sent a message to fans that this franchise is dedicated to winning. Two, he was a perfect point man for the many playmakers the Bolts have (Vinny, St. Louis, etc..). I know the contract would have been more than he's probably worth as a player, but like a said, it would have more valuable in sending a message to fans.

Anyway, expect the Lightning to win back to back division titles next year and hope the Bulin Wall can perform a little better in the playoffs.

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The Lightning will have a similar season as last though I do think they will take a little step back. They did not improve the club much but losing Prospal will not kill them.  He will be a big bust this year mark my words.  If Khabibulin plays like he did two seasons ago then the Lightning will have a very good season.

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