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Thorough Report?

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I kept hearing about how this Gonzalez guy was very thorough.  It took almost a month to complete this report does anyone really think it was very thorough?

- How many people were actually in the locker room at the time of the incident?

- How many people actually saw the incident or part of it?

- What were some of the questions asked? 

- Where are the follow up interviews?

- Why didn't they interview everyone?

- Was everyone given a chance to interview if they wanted?

- They don't ever ask any of the coaches not in the room on what they heard happened or what Joel or others talked to them about.

- Did they ask Joel why he thinks other players are saying that he told them that Leavitt grabbed by the neck and slapped, when he is saying this didn't happen?

This report seems to be more of a case against Leavitt then a report of facts.  In my opinion they either left important details out of the report or they really weren't that thorough.

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Guest nybullsfan

This report seems to be more of a case against Leavitt then a report of facts. 

Ding ding ding we have a winner. Like Leach at TT, the "issue" is a convenient pretext for getting rid of a coach without having to pay the buyout. It's not a new thing, btw.

"Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?" Henry II, speaking of Thomas Becket, winter 1170

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The "report" read like a cheap mystery novel. No substance, lots of he said / she said and no conclusive proof of anything. I don't understand how the university could of taken the action they did based on it. Leavitt got little consideration, yet we hear the input of lots of people who weren't in the locker room, like the dad's, a high school coach, and other players repeating Miller assertions like parrots. The author of the report should be embarrased to claim ownership of this "report."

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I'm glad someone brought this up. Fellas, I wrote better legal documents when I was in Student Government. This "report" looks like it was written by someone with barely a high school education. The conclusions are completely unsound, the investigation was hilariously incomplete, the methods were undeniably unscientific, and the write-up looks as much like a legal report (aside from formatting) as Smazza looks like a Victoria's Secret model. Seriously. I could have spent several hours fabricating a report that would look 10 times better. I am extremely disappointed. How could a LAWYER have produced that report? Where did that guy go to school?? Turn it in to one of his professors and see what they think about it...

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The press conference guy (always makes me laugh that PR people are the worst speakers) said he was an HR specialist I thought. He may also be a lawyer, I don't know. They interviewed like 20 players with direct and indirect knowledge over winter break. Wouldn't surprise me if there was some sort of deadline to finish this from the start.

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Tom Gonzalez is a **** good attorney. Probably one of the best in the state. So you can be assured that he did a through job.

Time to move on.

Then maybe he had a student or intern write the report. That's what it looks like to me. No offense to anyone personally, but that's a fair critique of a professionally produced document.

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