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Dear Trough Patrons,

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As we add new folks, and as a reminder to the old folks, I thought it would be a good idea to set the tone and environment of The Trough.

The Trough is the neighborhood bar where folks hang out to relax.  Think Cheers.  There are few limitations on topics here.  Generally this is where to post items that don't fit in the other Forums. 

A few things are not appropriate for The Trough.  No personal attacks.  Nothing that a reasonable person would find offensive.  Most vulgar language will be filtered out by the board, but I reserve the right to edit or remove posts that get much past PG-13 in nature.  I find that PG-13 covers a lot of ground.

No politics, that goes in The Mad Cow.  Jokes are ok, political commentary loosely resembling a joke will move to The Cow.

Please IM me if you have questions in general or concern about a post or a thread.

Kick back a chair, order a frosty beverage, and enjoy your stay in The Trough!

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