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Guest BasketBull.

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Guest BasketBull.

1) Ranking: We've always been battling for recognition. "Why aren't we getting more respect?" Then, "Are we overrated?"

Well, I think this is the first time that we can say the Bulls are legit and deserves to be on the top 25.

2) Attendance: 12 years old, 58,000+ on a Friday where we bring our own fans. Not bad at all, not bad at all.

3) National appeal: I trolled most of the major program's message boards on scouts.com and they all had good things to say, for the most part. We went national, and we did great. This is how we gain fans and win over recruits.

4) Nothing too pressing to prove right now: We've got another non-conference game, so there's no rush to 'win the Big East'.

I only have one word: delicious. Being a Bull right now is Delicious!

Twelve years of football... Twelve years... :gobulls

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